• Equipment Procurement

    We provide independent advice and support to customers who are planning to either purchase or upgrade high value equipments and capabilities (including Drones). We offer support to the requirements development, and a supportability sustainment focus during initial design/selection phases of the system and its operational development. More.

  • Equipment Supportabilty

    The Operating and Support costs of complex equipment (including Drones) often significantly exceed the cost of acquisition. Using over 30 years experience and best practice principles we assist customers to optimise through life support costs during the system design/selection and its operational development. More.

  • Equipment Optimisation

    We continue to provide independent support and advice to customer teams with equipment in service. This assistance can be to review, analyse, report and recommend changes to the equipment design and/or its support solution; to improve performance, profit and therefore reduce through life costs. More.

  • Spotlight on...


    Knowledge & Skills – A well-known aviator Wilbur Wright pointed out ‘It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill.’ Our experience suggests that this is still relevant today.  More Information.