Support Services – Doing Business With Us


We are focused on delivering agile, value for money support solutions to our customers. This requires a simple engagement and engagement process. This page outlines the basic process.


Prior to any formal engagement for support from A J S we will discuss your requirements, scope the support activity and clearly define the proposal in work package descriptions. These descriptions will define inputs, outputs, delivery dates and constraints.

The process to agree a specific work package generally takes a matter of hours for most basic guidance type support work. For more complex support requirements this may take a little longer.


All sizes of work packages and contracting arrangements will be considered. We predominantly deliver work packages for resource effort from 1 day through to 6 months.


We are experienced at working to defined and agreed work packages, delivering Firm Priced deliverables. We will consider all pricing approaches, the common approaches are:

• Firm price engagement.
• Flexible budget.
• Limits of liability resource budget.

We  have a pricing structure based on a standard price per hour for:

• Principal Consultant.
• Drone Operator / Consultant.
• Aero engineer.
• Administration.

Drone operation is charged per flight  specific to the type of Drone being operated.


Engagement of our services is flexible and rapid. Dependent on work package complexity this can take hours not days. Engagement outline steps:

1. Discuss requirements. (Free no obligation)
2. AJS Scope tasks. (Free no obligation)
3. Present Quote and Terms. (Free no obligation)
4. Customer Signoff engagement.
5. Start work.
6. Updates.
5. Completion.

All engagements will be resource tracked, so for customers on flexible budget and Limit of Liability support, we will aim to provide a resource expenditure sheet with each invoice.


Subject to agreement at the time of engagement, we can agree payment by Invoice payment subject to 14 Days NET payment by Bank Transfer or we are also able to accept card payments by:



For more information on how we may assist you in support of your specific project needs, contact us.