• Drone Hobby Users

    We provide independent support and advice to Drone hobby pilots. As aviation professionals for over 30 years, commercial Drone operators for over 10 years, CAA R-NQE and members of the BMFA for 11 years; we use our experience to promote having fun whilst flying safely and legally to continue to enjoy the hobby. picture1

  • Drone Commercial Users

    Drone commercial service development for a business is time consuming and therefore expensive in terms of resource effort, especially if it is not your primary field of expertise. Using over 30 years aviation experience and industry best practice, we assist customers to develop and optimise their Drone service to realise a ROI.picture1

  • Drone Pilot Assessment

    As a UK CAA R-NQE and having held a UK CAA PFCO since 2009, we are able to assess Drone/SUA Pilots against agreed UK CAA competency criteria as part of an application for a Permission For Commercial Operation (PFCO). We cover fixed and rotary winged SUA upto 20 kgs AUM.picture1

  • Notices

    UK CAA PFCO List  – Use our searchable version of the latest UK CAA CAP 1361 – Full extracted list of operators who hold a current PFCO. V113  published 6 December 2019