Drones – Commercial Procurement


In our specific area of specialism within the world of aviation and support, we meet many interesting professional business people and teams. All are enthusiastically involved in technology, aviation equipment and aero capability delivery for a wide range of applications.

These businesses are often procuring systems selected based on a wide variety of reasons, including: brand preference, politics, trends and even the level of technology packed into it; often sadly not based on a logical procurement strategy.

We have many years of experience in supporting businesses that are developing optimised aviation based capabilities. We assist with initial concept and strategy development through to integration and in service commissioning.


You may have heard advice like:
1. Never go shopping without a list!
2. Never go food shopping on an empty stomach!

Why is this advice given? Because if we do not follow this advice:
1. We over spend against our budget.
2. We come back with purchased items or services that were not essential.
3. We purchase items or services that we will never use.

In our opinion this advice is just as relevant to Drone equipment capability procurement, as it is to domestic procurement whilst admiring the Drone sales and marketing machine that is successfully focused on the client’s attraction for new technology and gadgets.

Our recommended “best practice” is not to focus on a solution (Drone System) before you know your requirement and understand when you will realise a return on the investment. Our advice is develop a shopping list first, before you go shopping, or before you engage with a salesperson.


We provide a very brief over view session to describe our experienced based advice and guidance to assist customers to deliver their new or upgraded capability. These 6 basic steps are the basic areas described in our briefing session:

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Pricing Example* – This is aimed at a session delivery duration of approx 4 hours and will cost as little as £135 ex VAT per person.

Note: If a customer does not need all of the subjects we are able to deliver a single subject session of approx 1 hour for as little as £70 ex VAT per person.

*All prices are shown as a guide and maybe subject to revision depending on a customers specific requirements – Please contact us to confirm your requirements and the delivery cost.


We also prove assistance to businesses applying this best practice approach. We provide this support to customers against firm priced work packages, agreed before commencement; or support against an agreed budget limit of liability.

Any questions or queries – please Contact Us. Or use our Web Chat Facility – Here