UK CAA Drone Pilot Competency Assessment


We are looking to tempt potential Drone pilots to venture out into the cold to take their pilots assessment; with a money saving seasonal offer – £150 ex VAT to take your UK CAA Commercial Drone Pilot Assessment.

Who Is This For?

If you have other private or commercial aviation qualifications, or if you have completed your ground school and are now looking for a drone pilots assessment – for £150 ex VAT, we will provide you with a UK CAA Drone Pilot Assessment and if successful, you will leave us with the pilot competency evidence to take to the UK CAA.

This, with your Operations Manual (OM) or Operating Safety Case (OSC) will allow you to apply for a Permission For Commercial Operation (PFCO) (we can assist with guidance on these too).

To find out more watch this brief video advert or visit our website.

We are always happy to help you should you require it.

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