UK CAA – SRG1320 Application Issues

If You Are Applying For A UK CAA PFCO SeeBelow:

As a CAA UK Restricted Nation Qualified Entity (R-NQE) we receive information by email from the UK CAA regarding drone operation and the Permission For Commercial Operation (PFCO) applications process, to help the process move smoothly. Today received one such email. The email contained current issues that the CAA are experiencing with regards applications for PFCO.  Applications that have anomalies cost the CAA in resource time and may delay your application, while the operator ensures that issues are rectified. To assist operators about to apply for a PFCO, we have extracted the core content of the email to us:

“We are currently experiencing problems with applications regarding legal entity names not being identical on all aspects of the UAV applications received at the CAA. I have summarised the issues below:

1. The applicant must only fill out section 2 or section 2a of SRG1320. Section 2 if the applicant is a sole trader or partnership and Section 2a if a registered company (as referenced on the application form).

2. The Company or Sole trader name must be identical to the Insurance Cover. E.g. If ‘ABC Limited’ is on the application form, this needs to be the exact name on the Insurance Policy received.

3. Furthermore, the Limited Company name on the Application Form and the Insurance Policy, must match what is stated on Companies House. Additionally, a sole trader cannot trade as a Limited company. We will put the application on hold and ask for all three items to be identical.

We are receiving many Applications where the applicant has filled out the Sole trader section and the Limited Company section. Also, the applicant has different names on each part of the Application. E.g. ‘ABC Limited’ on the SRG1320, ‘DEG Ltd trading as ABC’ on Companies House, and just the pilot name on the insurance Policy.  

We have been instructed by the Authorities Legal and Financial departments to enhance this part of our assessment process for the issue of a permission/approval. Therefore, you may receive a few applications returned to you ‘on hold’, as well as applicants who have applied in their own right to the CAA.”

Our summary:

♦ Check that you complete the correct section of the SRG1320 for your specific organisation type.

♦ Ensure that the organisation name is accurately completed in all areas of your application – SRG1320 and the Insurance cover document.

♦ Ensure that if operating under a Limited Company that your company name used in Section 2a of the SRG1320 and Insurance documents accurately match the name on Companies House.

If you are not sure, then ask. Either through the CAA standard enquiries email  or, get in touch with us and we will point you in the right direction or the direction in which to find the answer.

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