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MoD Competition – Autonomous Last Mile ReSupply

Autonomy on the front line: supplying Armed Forces on the battlefield.  We have just seen that the Defence Minister Harriett Baldwin challenges industry and academia to design autonomous systems that can resupply our front-line troops. Information on the .GOV website here. Are you involved in this Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Defence and Security Accelerator… Read more »

Did you know…

…that before weapons enter service, they must be reviewed to make sure they comply with international law? There’s an interesting article in this month’s DESider magazine about a part of the weapons procurement process that many may not be familiar with. There are a team of military lawyers based at Shrivenham whose job it is to review… Read more »

Ever wondered what happens to our old warships?

What does the MoD do with its old warships? Well, some are sold by the Disposal Services Authority (DSA) to be used by other Navies and some are sold for recycling… The MoD has released a report on the recycling of three of its Type 22 frigates; ex-HMS Chatham, Campbeltown and Cumbernauld. The report includes some very… Read more »

USS Fort Worth makes history

The USS Fort Worth Littoral Combat Ship left for a 16 month Asian deployment on Monday 17th November; the first ship to deploy with both unmanned and manned helicopters working together.   She carries a Northrop Grumman MQ-8B Fire Scout that will work alongside a standard piloted helicopter; the MH-60 Seahawk. For more information see this… Read more »