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Weekend Drone Humour

We have just come across this play on the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds”….. only with Drones. Have a great weekend. Another MOB project just released…a great spot for Audi that is a play on the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds”. Posted by Aerial MOB on Friday, 6 March 2015

The Season for Chinese Sky Lanterns

This is a popular time of year for Chinese Sky Lanterns being released into the night skies. Sky Lanterns vary in size and performance and when released can travel considerable distances from the point of release at unpredictable heights on the prevailing winds. Chinese lanterns consist of a paper-covered wire or bamboo frame and an… Read more »

Hawkeye meets Helicopter UAV

The Hawkeye technology that we would usually associate with tennis line judging and other sports, is now being used as part of a helicopter UAV auto landing system. The developers of this system Roke Manor, have picked up an award at The Engineer Technology and Innovation Awards 2010 in the Aerospace category. The Hawkeye systems was developed in… Read more »


SEEKING CLARIFICATION OF WHAT IS REQUIRED AND HOW IT IS ACHIEVED For some time we have struggled understanding the CAA approach to governance and guidance for sUAS. This was partially due to a level of ignorance on our part in tracking rule changes. Contributions to the confusion also cam e from published information presented by ‘think… Read more »


PROVIDING IMPROVEMENTS TO BATTERIES, BASE STATION AND MORE … Recently we at AJS have had a number of very useful discussions with a customer focussed company from Denmark. Its approach shows signs of maximising the return on current and future microdrone operators investments. This company is DAS Danish Aviation Systems. They are approachable and keen… Read more »

US Apache Increases Its Battlefield Reach

A percentage of the US Army’s AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopters will be equipped with a communications system called the Unmanned Aerial Systems Tactical Common Data Link Assembly (UTA). The UTA’s antenna would be fitted inside a dome over the aircraft rotor blades in place of a radar on some Apaches. With the UTA antenna and… Read more »

Mysterious UAV in Afghanistan

Spoof or scoop? We came across this intriguing article on the Shephard website. It is suggesting that a new UAV type has been spotted operating in Afghanistan. Amongst the distinctive features of the type is the ‘fat’ wing chord, and a large central fuselage fairing.


As potential commercial drone operators, over the past 6 months we have been closely monitoring the CAA rules with respect to this type of equipment. More recently we have been working towards gaining approval to operate through the CAA. Recently small drones have been hitting the news sites with one missing in flight in Edinburgh through to Merseyside… Read more »


A few days ago a number of news sources covered the claims from Merseyside Police that they had used a drone to catch a thief in thick fog. The media coverage pictures seem to indicate that this is an AirRobot drone. Article We originally thought that at last we were seeing some positive coverage for… Read more »


I have just come across this story on a number of news sites. It appears that a business man from Edinburgh purchased a £20K Draganfly X6 and out on his first flight in the middle of Edinburgh he lost the drone in the air. This does little for the publicity for responsible use of micro UAVs as a… Read more »