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Competitive Drone Pilot Assessments

For Commercial Drone/SUA pilot/operators that have either a valid and current aviation qualification or have completed an NQE ground school; we are offering to provide you with your Practical SUA Flight Assessment at a very competitive price. Only £200 EX VAT for the assessment and recommendation. There is also an option of a 1 hour pre-assessment… Read more »

UK CAA PFCO – SUA Pilot Assessments

We are able to provide assessments for pilots of fixed and rotary winged aircraft systems up to 20 kgs AUM. Subjects covered in this article: a. Why Do You Need A Practical Flight Assessment? b. The Assessment Criteria c. The Assessment Process d. About Flight assessments e. About Concessions f. When Should You Call For… Read more »

New Service – Drone Pilot Assessments Now Available

A J S Support Ltd (AJSSL) are professional, independent and experienced drone operators who are a UK CAA Restricted – National Qualified Entity (NQE); able to assess drone operators and make recommendations to the CAA. We have over 30 years of experience in aviation including currently over 6 years experience of commercial operation of Drones…. Read more »

A Summer’s Day Filming at a Vineyard in Wiltshire

We recently had an opportunity to provide support to a small business at a vineyard in Wiltshire. a’Beckett’s is the Langham family vineyard and was celebrating 1.5 decades in the business. We have had the pleasure of flying the site a few times in all seasons, so with a little bit of planning and the… Read more »

Als Day 4 Of 22 Push Ups Daily For 22 Days

Al is currently attempting to help to raise awareness of combat stress and suicides in veterans by supporting the online Facebook campaign. #hiddenwounds #combatstress #22kill #22pressup Are you aware that 22 US Veterans commit suicide everyday (yes, you read that correctly!) Sadly, this situation is echoed in the British former-service community with 1 suicide a week. Furthermore,… Read more »


BACKGROUND On 12th of August the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) published Information Notice Number: IN–2016/073 – entitled “Small Unmanned Aircraft – Air Navigation Order 2016” – Issued: 12 August 2016 and published here: This Information Notice describes the UK introduction of The Air Navigation Order 2016 which will supersede its predecessor which was The ANO… Read more »

Support To ASG & SeaDog

We had an enjoyable time supporting our customers Aviation Systems Group. On their behalf we delivered a bespoke DJI Inspire 1 Pro safe operation and lessons learnt brief to Seadog Productions. This was based on our DJI Inspire systems analysis and our own practical operational experience. A big thank you to ASG for the opportunity and to the… Read more »

Updated website content!

While Al’s been busy developing Drone operational experience, improving our Drone operating procedures and also defining some standard support packages these past weeks; I’m working on refreshing our website content. Whilst we’ve had a web presence for many years, its not something that was essential for our work in defence.  We had our website designed and produced… Read more »

A Knowledge & Skills Investment

Al’s thoughts for the day on investing time in continuous training Understandably, as commercial drone operators we are focused on the initial capital cost and wanting to rapidly see the return on that investment. This investment includes the equipment, insurance, professional memberships, the training and of course, the approval outlay. The temptation is to select the cheapest route to… Read more »

Permission for Aerial Work (PfAW) 5th Renewal

For the 5th time since the UK CAA introduced the requirement, A J S Support has successfully renewed its permission to commercially operate rotary and fixed wing RPAS in UK. We are moving forward with our development of knowledge and experience and are now concentrating on developing services utilising upto 20 kg aircraft which we will… Read more »