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On 22 Oct 2009 – some current and interested future microdrone operators gathered for a demonstration of the Ascending Technologies Falcon 8 unmanned air vehicle in the Midlands. Unfortunately, although we made initial contact with the company to set up and attend, we had to later cancel. As our Remote Imagery Service development has been… Read more »

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association

Today we became members of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association “The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association represents the UAV industry in UK in the interface with Government and is a conduit for information on what is happening within the industry and the regulatory framework especially within the UK.” Our intention is to be as actively involved as… Read more »


Integrated Operational Support contract announced at Wattisham today – Augusta Westland to support Army Apaches AJS have started today at Wattisham on a contract to provide short term Due Diligence support to the Apache Integrated Operation Support (IOS) solution.


AJS has qualified as an MoD supplier within the terms of MoD’s Framework Agreement for Technical Services (FATS3). This is a 24-month agreement which commences Apr 2009. FATS3 enables MoD clients to identify appropriate suppliers, who have provided evidence against a broad range of capabilities including: technical studies, research, project management and support as well… Read more »


The company is embarking on a planned approach for service developement and marketing for the new Remote Imagery Support service. The service will be developed initially to support areas which align with AJS experience, then at a later date develop into other Imagery Support areas. Today saw AJS launch the initial operator continuation training and… Read more »


Today we completed our initial manufacturer delivered training for commercial operation of our Unmanned Air System (UAS). We also took ownership of a microdrones GmbH MD4-200 system. The company aim is to diversify our its support services. The equipment is very quiet and has low intertia blades which means we can fly in built up areas. If… Read more »


In the latter part of 2008 we as a company were looking for an investment opportunity and diversification of the company support services. We looked around for interesting support service opportunities linked to our experience and knowledge. It was a long and complicated decision making process but the area we decide on was security and… Read more »


Welcome to this A J S Support Limited Unmanned Air Vehicle operators log. This log is exclusively our operators of the microdrone MD4 range, to follow our successes and failures during our developement of our Remote Imagery Support Service. Let the challenge begin!!! Al Stevens


Welcome to the A J S Support Limited Blog. From time to time we will update with entries for interested parties.