Onwards and Upwards into 2011

2010 was another successful year for A J S Support Limitmoukeyed. Throughout the year we have continued to build on our previous years success, delivering on large Business and Equipment Support Services contracts. We have also begun to recover from our initial slow progress with the planned Survey Support Service.

equipBusiness and Equipment Support – In 2010 we were delighted to have the opportunity to support MoD and Industry support teams involved in managing key Defence capabilities. This last year we have delivered Business Management Support to the industry contingent of the Apache UK Team and Equipment Management Support to the MoD contingent of the Chinook Team.

New Support Service – In March the company decided to take its lessons learnt from the previous years Survey Support service development using a Microdrones MD4-200, and continue this work, with a larger more robust and traditional rotary winged sUAS solution from Carvec systems. On paper this appears to match our requirements better.

In Jan 2010 we saw the CAA bring in the rules to control the operation of sUAS for ‘Aerial Work’. We successfully received the CAA permission to operate the new Carvec system, after successful development and submission of our sUAS safe operating procedures based on the CAA guidelines.

The new air vehicle has integrated stabilisation and control systems which include stabilisation of the payload survey sensor mount. This sUAS can be operated in a number of system operating modes which must be fully understood and experienced by all potential pilots. We embarked on a planned  period of pilot training to ensure its safe effective operation. Included in this training is basic remote controlled helicopter control skills.

Training started with professional instructiservicedrone2on from two commercial training providers and much appreciated support from a Carvec approved System Training provider. We have purchased a simulator system and a 600 sized training radio controlled helicopter system, to enable us to cost effectively build on the foundation instruction. Our Pilot now has 80 hours simulator, 35 hours Carvec and RC Helicopter flying hours. This on top of the 16 hours microdrone flight time brings our pilot experience up to over 50 hours.services1


In 2011 our aim is to continue to build on our recent Business and Equipment Support Service successes and to prioritise our limited resource in an effort to achieve a limited launch of our new Survey Support Service in April 2011. This will achieve our planned 3 support service portfolio by the end of 2011.

We wish all our customers and suppliers a successful and prosperous 2011 and look forward to having the opportunity to work with you this year.