Our sUAS experience may save your business time and money.

A brief post for anyone considering setting up an aerial photography or survey service using micro/small unmanned aircraft systems.picture11

You may be a business owner who is considering setting up a service or a hobbyist that is considering using a hobby to earn money. What ever your scenario is, if you need help,  we may be able to save you time and money.

Over the last 3 years we have been researching and developing an opportunity to diversify our support services using our 15 years experience of designing, managing and supporting major high value rotary winged aircraft capabilities.

We have been developing all aspects for this service, including equipment options analysis and selection, Health and Safety and hazard risk analysis, standard operating procedures, maintenance and documentation process development and successful CAA approval to operate.

img_2661Our service provides a commercial Remote Survey Support Service using small unmanned aircraft systems to deliver a national capability providing low level (below 400ft) aerial platforms (<7 kgs) for aerial imagery and sensor deployment.

During the last few years we have seen changes to the technology available and a subsequent inccaa11rease in competition in control and ground systems. We have seen the CAA bringing in much needed controls and we continue to review and monitor impacts of CAA changes to our service delivery. Learning expensive lessons, researching and then practically operating systems during development have added, and continues to add, valuable knowledge and experience to our support portfolio.

This knowledge and experience has been specifically accumulated with the certification and operation of airvehicles less than 7 kgs in weight. In many cases this experiences can be applied or associated to upto 20 kgs vehicles including fixed wing systems.

To put this knowledge and experience into an abbreviated list of examples it would look at high level like this:

  • Technology availability.
  • Aircraft options.
  • Aircraft system options.
  • Payload systems options.
  • System Safety analysis.
  • Maintenance analysis.
  • Spares analysis.
  • Technical publications development..
  • System operating procedure development.
  • Service business process development.
  • CAA regulation knowledge for this type of service and system.
  • CAA compliance matrices development.
  • CAA approval process and subsequent approval to carry out aerial work.
  • Pilot training and qualifications.
  • Quad and Standard rotary winged <7kgs systems.
  • Through life costing of operating the systems.
  • Many more.

Under our Business Support Service we can now offer assistamoukeynce to businesses during their development of a current or potential service using similar systems for associated services.

As with all our support services, our business assistance is totally flexible to suit our customer’s requirements. This assistance could be an hour chatting about key issues or it could be that a customer considers that the most efficient and effective method is to have us deliver processes and/or documentation to a work package description in order to have their service up and earning as fast as possible.

Contact us to see if we can help and add value for money effective support for your business. Contact Information.