Remote Survey Support Service Canon EOS 550D Video and Stills trials

Remote Survey Support Service Development Update

Still catching up on blogging our progress – As part of our more advanced service development we have been taking the opportunity to fly on as many sites as possible, with various service scenarios and conditions.

One of the first of these was having the pleasure to fly over a’Beckett’s Vineyard in Wiltshire.

We combined these flights with trials of a Canon 550D for use with stills and video.This visit provided us with an ideal opportunity to gain equipment confidence and pilot experience for operating at up to 300 feet high and at a range of 1000 feet. This was also in the very high winds experienced of over 25 mph when  out above the valley.

We learnt that the 550D for video panning is a challenge but the stills produced even under the extreme windy conditions were definitely a step in the right direction.