Remote Survey Support Service Development Update

Customers may be aware that over the last year AJS have been busy delivering support to our key Equipment Support clients. They might not be aware that we have been equally as busy developing an engineering survey support service. This potential service aims to deliver a range of imagery outputs to a wide range of commercial and domestic customers.

We have been procuring, operating and developing a range of systems and imagery techniques to deliver this service which is planned to roll out in April 2011.In March 2010 we sold our Microdrones UK MD4-200. This was after an unsuccessful 6 months trial. With this £25,000 system we experienced poor battery reliability, poor downlink quality, very poor wind tolerance and limited payloads. From March 2010 one of the types of system we have been trialling is a more traditional helicopter system.

Since commencing trials we have gained valuable experience of operating vastly different systems in a wide range of conditions and scenarios. Currently our pilot has over 46 solo flight hours on a range of rotary systems, 3.5 flight hours dual instruction training on basic rotary and over 70 hours simulator experience and training.Over the next few weeks we will make best endeavours to publish snippets of our development activity here on our blog.

As a start to blogging our experience again, this is a video we took way back in Sep 2010 whilst trialling the Canon G11 stills camera payload set up for video.


We have also been busy researching fixed wing options for imagery platforms and some options for ground based solutions. More to follow about these on this blog.