Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs in 2011

The end of another year at A J S Support Ltd approaches. As with many small businesses in the current climate, 2011 has brought the usual Trials and Tribulations, but we have had our share of Triumphs too. We have emerged better qualified, more experienced and with improved business resilience.

Looking back we view 2011 as a successful year. We have continued our support to Defence customers, we have made some progress with our commercial use of unmanned air systems and we have emerged better experienced and qualified in all areas of our business.

We are particularly pleased with this year completing our first contract at the MoD centre at Abbey Wood. We continue to be optimistic about our future support for the defence industry despite drastic MoD cuts and tightening funding constraints. We are already engaging in discussions for potential contract opportunities for 2012.

A J S considers short and long-term planning as essential to its business. This assists us to maximise the use of limited resource and to continue to work towards our overall business aims.  A large proportion of 2011 was set aside for us to focus on our training and qualifications. This activity included: training and experience in Defence procurement, accountancy and elements of sUAS certification and operation.

Internally we were investing in accountancy training. Partly driven by individual employee goals but also as an investment for the skills to be utilised in future as a business support service providing book-keeping assistance.

With our reliable and wind tolerant air system we have successfully maintained an effective flying rate and our pilot currency throughout 2012. sUAS Pilot confidence and experience has improved drastically on the back of our continuous pilot development plan incorporating basic rotary and aircraft system specific training. Most importantly we have gained valuable knowledge and experience of deployed operational support and maintenance of the systems.

In 2011 we have continued to monitor for changes to the law for operating UAS commercially in UK. This year has seen new operators springing up and others fading away. With rumour and conjecture rife in the industry, we continue to witness new operators commercially exploited during this time of change, with some organisations providing inflated performance claims and misinformation regarding the legal requirements, all to suit short-term aims. This remains for us an interesting and challenging market to be involved in. Bring on 2012 !!!

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