Equipment & Support – Continuous Improvement


During the introduction and In Service phases of a customers equipment procurement process, and introduction to service it is essential that the support solution is monitored and optimised during the life of the equipment capability.


A J S can collate information and data, review, analyse, report and make recommendations for efficiencies for equipment support solutions. Example service areas:

• Acceptance testing – Supportability, Test Evaluation and Verification.
• Reliability demonstration.
• Review support system against achieved capability availability.
• Review support system against achieved capability readiness.
• Review support costs against Through Life Cost predictions.
• Review component reliability and spares availability against predictions.
• Spares optimisation and reduction analysis.
• Defect and Failure Reporting and Corrective Action Systems
• Monitor Obsolescence and support performance.
• Technical documentation maintenance.
• Updates to equipment and support management plans.


From experience, no two projects we support are the same; we therefore tailor the type of work to suit a clients project and budget. This ensures the client is provided the most effective value for money level of support for their project requirements.


We are focused on delivering agile, value for money support solutions to our customers. This requires a simple engagement and engagement process. This page outlines the basic process. Prior to any formal engagement for support from A J S we will discuss your requirements, scope the support activity and clearly define the proposal in work package descriptions. These descriptions will define inputs, outputs, delivery dates and constraints. All sizes of work packages and contracting arrangements will be considered. We predominantly deliver work packages for resource effort from 1 day through to 6 months.

Doing business with A J S is simple, cost effective and responsive to customers requirements and schedules. We are experienced at expeditious development of all phases of capability procurement and support. More information is available on our Doing Business page of this website.