Ever wondered what happens to our old warships?

What does the MoD do with its old warships?

Well, some are sold by the Disposal Services Authority (DSA) to be used by other Navies and some are sold for recycling…

The MoD has released a report on the recycling of three of its Type 22 frigates; ex-HMS Chatham, Campbeltown and Cumbernauld.

ex HMS Chatham  (picture from MoD)

ex HMS Chatham
(picture from MoD)

The report includes some very sad looking images of the ex-warships on the slipway being dismantled.

ex HMS Chatham in the foreground in final stages of dismantling

ex HMS Chatham in the foreground in final stages of dismantling (picture from MoD)


Impressively, it took just over 5 months from arriving at Leyal Ship Recycling Ltd,  for all three ships to be fully dismantled, with 96% being recycled and only 4% being disposed of.

(and noticeably, the actual figures for everything except ferrous metals were much higher than expected)

(All figures in Tonnes) Expected Actual Destination
Ferrous Metals 8,100 7,772.190 Recycled
Non-Ferrous Metals 830 1,148.487 Recycled
Cables 75 191.080 Recycled
Other Products 150 375.660 Sale/Recycled
Waste 150 365.000 Disposed
Total 9,305 9,852.41
Final Destination Tonnes %age of Total
Sold or Recycled 9,487.41 96%
Disposed 365.000 4%
Totals 9,852.41 100%

For more information and pictures, see the DSA’s report here.