Drones – Commercial Use Strategic Brief


AJSSL has over 30 years’ experience in development and procurement of critical aviation operational capabilities throughout the systems lifecycle – from initial conceptual analysis through to disposal and capability sustainment programmes.

The quantity and variety of UK commercial drone operators has been rapidly expanding over our 10 years in the industry. Throughout this period we have been assisting large and small companies to optimise the use of their drone investment that they have already procured.

Buying the latest Drone tech and looking to see what your business can do with it, is a costly approach and in our opinion not necessarily the best strategy for a business to achieve a return on its investment.


We are assisting business development teams to understand the opportunities and constraints of integrating commercial drone service delivery into a new or current business operational model.

We deliver support to customers who are in a range of phases of the procurement and implementation activities for their drone capabilities. The best time to engage with us is when a business is considering integrating drones into their business. We can tailor a briefing to suit a customer’s specific requirements but as an example we have delivered briefing and discussion sessions covering:

► Drone Types – Types and examples of drones currently available.
► UK Drone Operators – Overview of current operators.
► Operational Constraints – Considerations for:
– Technology – including expected step changes.
– Obsolescence for commercial drones and costs.
– UK CAA Legislation – including insurance.
– UK Data Protection – Rules and guidance.
– UK CCTV – Privacy rules and guidance.
► Procurement Lessons – Examples of drone capability procurement lessons learnt.
► Procurement “Best Practice” – Overview of our experienced approach to capability procurement and business integration.
► Return On Investment – Our guide to a professional approach to assessing viability of a Drone capability in your business.
► Discussion Commercial Drone Operation – Questions, answers and discussions.


The answer is as early as possible, ideally before you have invested in Drone equipment and training. If you are already further down the line – we can support your optimisation of your current operational situation. Contact us – it will cost you nothing to ask and we may be able to save you time and money.


Pricing Example* – This is aimed at a session delivery duration of approx 4 hours and will cost as little as £180 ex VAT per person.

Note: If a customer does not need all of the subjects we are able to deliver a single subject session of approx 1 hour for as little as £75 ex VAT per person.

*All prices are shown as a guide and maybe subject to revision depending on a customers specific requirements – Please contact us to confirm your requirements and the delivery cost.