Drones – Commercial – Fly Safe


This Commercial Fly Safe & Fly Legal session is a basic introduction to the safe and legal commercial use of drones. This session outlines the range of legislation and the key legal responsibilities of an operator in UK. It will very briefly touch on obtaining a UK CAA Permission For Commercial Operation (PFCO). The format of the session is tailored to the customer but generally follows:

♦ A brief introduction – To AJS Support and the site facilities available to customers.
♦ Areas considerred:
    ◊ Manufacturer Constraints
    ◊ Health & Safety
    ◊ UK CAA
    ◊ Insurance Underwriters
    ◊ Data Protection Act
    ◊ CCTV Operator


This session duration depends on customer interaction and customer requirements. But will usually allow 2 hours.


Price – £ 70 ex VAT (Based on a 2 hour session)


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