Drones – Commercial User Services

Providing Support Services To Commercial Operators

We are focused on the delivery of value for money support to promote safe and legal commercial use of Drones. A Drone commercial service development for a modern complex system is time consuming and therefore expensive in terms of resource effort. Using over 30 years aviation experience and industry best practice, we assist customers to develop and optimise their Drone service to realise a Return On Investment (ROI). We are happy to help all Drone operators and are flexible in our support delivery and pricing. Here are examples of some of the packages that we offer:

A Drone Experience

Try before you buy – A chance for a commercial customer with no experience to experience operating a drone. This will include a simulator session and using our operating procedures and includes flight operating time on a Drone. No prior experience is necessary. More Info.

Price from – £ 75 ex VAT

Safe & Legal Operation

This is a basic introduction to the safe and legal commercial operation of Drones. This session outlines the key legal responsibilities of an operator in UK and the key steps to obtaining a UK CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO). More Info.

Price from – £ 70 ex VAT

Operations Development

An introduction based on our experience of developing professional Drone management operations. Covering an introduction to understanding the UK CAA minimum requirements of evidence and our experienced based best practice from over 30 years in aviation. More Info.

Price – £ 70 ex VAT

Drone Pilot Assessment

We are professional, independent and experienced operators who are a UK CAA Restricted National Qualified Entity (NQE); able to assess Drone Pilots and make recommendations to operators or the UK CAA. More Info.

Price from – £ 200 ex VAT (Free re-assessments)

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