Drones – For Hobby Users

Helping Hobby Users To Fly Safe & Legal

We are focused on the delivery of cost effective support to promote safe and legal recreational use of Drones. Although we have been operating Drones commercially since 2009 we have also had the pleasure of flying as a member of the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) for the same length of time. Over 11 years ago we set out to gain Drone experience from two main streams – learning the basics of radio controlled flying from seasoned RC club members; and also investing in commercial lessons from very experienced commercial pilots. Since then we have gained UK CAA approval for commercial operation and for carrying out Drone pilot assessments. We are happy to help all Drone flyers, here are some of the packages that we offer:

Basic Introduction To Drones

A basic introduction to the worldwide range of manufacturers and off the shelf systems available. It provides an explanation of what a Drone is, its basic components, the range types and their potential uses. No prior knowledge needed. More Info.

Price – £35 inc VAT

A Hobby Drone Experience

Try before you buy – A chance for a customer with no experience to experience operating a drone. This will include a simulator session and using our checklists and includes flight operating time on a Drone. No prior experience is necessary. More Info.

Price from – £55 inc VAT

Buying A Drone

An introduction based on our experience of hobby flying and drone purchase.  Covering an independent introduction to understanding what you want from your Drone and then selecting a system based on requirements and budget. More Info.

Price – £35 inc VAT

Hobby Fly Safe

This is a basic introduction to the safe and legal hobby flying of Drones. This session outlines the range of drones and their systems and key legal responsibilities of a hobby flyer in UK. If you don’t fly at a club, we will help you get started on the right track. More Info.

Price from – £35 inc VAT 


Hobby Pilot Mentoring

We provide a value for money and structured support to improve drone pilot knowledge, experience and safety while undertaking mentored drone flights in a range of practical scenarios and environments. Book an initial 1 or 2 hour session.  More Info.

Price – £ 35 inc VAT per hour

Gift Vouchers

Need a last minute gift solution or are you not sure what to buy a tech lover – why not buy them a gift voucher and let them choose from a range of sessions including the popular Drone Experience Session.    More Info.

Price – £ See Product & Services

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