Drones – Gift Vouchers

About Our Gift Vouchers

What They Can Be Used For:

With hobby Drone popularity continuing to grow and the rapid increase in commercial businesses starting up, our vouchers are a quick and easy solution for a gift for someone wanting to find out more or to improve there current knowledge and experience of drones.

Vouchers can be purchased for any of the defined sessions on our website of leaflets handed out at events. They can also be purchased for a number of hours which can be converted to consultancy or mentoring session time.

For more information or to get advice from us please get in touch.

How Purchase Vouchers:

Vouchers are pre-purchased serial numbered and once purchased are not refundable. The voucher will define the nature of the session purchased and a validity date.

it is however possible for the recipient of the voucher to tailor the session to their wishes within the bounds of its value. We will also consider extensions to the validity date for valid reasons.

We accept a range of payment methods. Please see our payments page here.