Drones – Hobby Buyer


This Hobby Drone Buyer session is an introduction to Drone purchase based on our experience and our tailored best practice for a hobby flyer. Covering an introduction to developing the Concept of Use, developing the system requirements and then selecting a system. The format of the session is tailored to the customer but generally follows:

♦ A brief introduction – To AJS Support and the site facilities available to customers.
♦ Areas discussed:
    ◊ Understanding the intended use
    ◊ Legal aspects of flying Drones
    ◊ Compare Ready To Fly v Self Build systems
    ◊ Current Manufacturers and popular systems.
    ◊ Safety functions


This session duration depends on customer interaction and customer requirements. But will usually allow 1 hour.


Price – £ 35 inc VAT (Based on a 1 hour session)


Contact us for more information. You can use the online chat on this website, call or email us. Contact