Drones – Hobby Fly Safe


This Hobby Fly Safe & Fly Legal session is a basic introduction to the safe and legal use of your drone. This session outlines the types of drone systems available, outlines the legal responsibilities of a hobby flyer in UK. This session also describes the typical failures and the measures to prevent or reduce the occurrence. It will very briefly touch on the differences between hobby and commercial operation. The format of the session is tailored to the customer but generally follows:

♦ A brief introduction – To AJS Support and the site facilities available to customers.
♦ Areas considered:
    ◊ Drone aircraft types and their systems.
    ◊ Drone simulator session.
    ◊ Flying a drone legally.
    ◊ Flying a drone safely.
    ◊ Other considerations.
♦ Brief questionnaire (Optional) – To confirm that the student knows the basics for safe & legal flight.
♦ Certificate of Attendance (Based on Basic Rules Questionnaire – Result of 7/10 or more correct) – To record that the student has demonstrated basic knowledge for safe & legal flight. Please note that this is not a UK CAA examination!.

Minimum age -14 (under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult)


This session duration depends on customer interaction and customer requirements, but will usually allow 3 hours.


Price – £ 35 inc VAT per person

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