Drones – Pilot Mentoring

Drone Pilot Mentoring

An opportunity for recreational and commercial pilots to gain practical experience of how to fly their drone safely and responsibly from our experienced CAA drone pilot assessors, in a friendly and flexible environment whilst undertaking a range of structured practical flight and debrief sessions.

Aims Of Mentoring Sessions

To deliver a flexible value for money and structured support approach to improve drone pilot knowledge, airman-ship, experience and safety; while undertaking mentored drone flights..

About Mentoring Sessions

Based on many years practical drone operational experience we will mentor pilots to develop new practical knowledge and instill good habits. For recreational drone pilots this will improve safety and enjoyment, for commercial drone pilots this will act as external independent guide for pilots to ensure good habits and develop new skills.

The first session will usually be a mixture of simulator and practical flight assessment and mentoring. This will allow us to be able to propose areas for the pilot to focus on.

From this initial session the pilot may choose to take this advice forward themselves or they can request us to propose a structured mentoring programme against a budget.

Typical Sessions:

M01 Drone Experience Session
M02 Understanding Drone Flight & Systems
M03 Basic Drone Simulator Control
M04 Basic Drone Practical Control
M05 Flight Planning Theory
M06 Intermediate  Drone Practical Control
M07 Aircraft Maintenance & Updates
M08 Advanced Drone Practical Control
M09 Advanced Control Night Flying
M10 Drone Business Start-up
M11 Operating Procedure Development
M12 Safety Management System
M13 PFCO Application

Customers can book an initial 1 or 2 hour session for only £35 (inc VAT) per hour.

If a customer wishes to then undertake a fixed priced tailored mentoring programme based on the initial session and budget, we would be happy to propose a programme.

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