Drones – Pilot Practical Assessments


Pilot/Operator Practical Assessment – for those operating a Drone / RPAS as part of their business

You may wish to consider a practical flight assessment as part of your Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) evidence that you will present to the CAA. Or, if you have been flying for a while you may wish to have a check flight in your logbook/records.

A J S Support Ltd (AJSSL) are professional, independent and experienced operators who are a UK CAA Restricted National Qualified Entity (NQE); able to assess operators and make recommendations to the CAA.


Drone operators may wish to consider a practical flight assessment as part of their Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) evidence that they will present to the CAA. Or if they have been flying for a while they may wish to have a check flight in their pilots logbook/records. If a pilot has not been able to maintain currency they can use this service to assess competency with a confidential report being produced for the operators Accountable Manager.

New operators with previous aviation qualifications may wish to consider an AJSSL practical flight assessment as part of their Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) evidence that they will present to the CAA.


We can assess your operator/crew and make recommendations to the CAA. This assessment would take place on our site and consist of 3 main phases over a 3-hour period:

Phase 1 – Planning, Systems Knowledge/Safety: A briefing by the operator on the plan and clarification questions from the assessor on plan and system.

Phase 2 – 2 Flights: A standard flight to a customer brief. A second flight with up to 3 emergencies e.g. Fails Safe, GPS fail and Avoidance (tailored dependent on aircraft type and control systems).

Phase 3 – A Debrief Phase – Debrief by operator and an AJSSL Debrief to operator

If this is to support an application for Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) AJSSL would then make recommendation to CAA based on the operator/crew performance. A detailed assessment record will be produced during the assessment. The CAA will be informed by AJSSL using the CAA agreed with them.

If this is for a company’s internal review then the recommendations will be to the Safety Manager or Accountable Manager.

Need Help developing your Operating Procedures (OP), Flight Reference Cards (FRC) or your Operating Safety Case (OSC) ? Call us – we are currently assisting a number of large and small companies to develop their evidence and procedures. More information.


To book an assessment you will need to contact us and provide some details about the operator, the drone and the operating procedures. We will then send you a planning scenario for you to undertake and send back to us. All we will need then is to book a date for your assessment. On the lead up to your assessment you will need to keep an eye on the weather for the area around our flying site (BA3 4QF). If you do not have your own preferred site we have a widget here or you could use XCWeather.  If you have any queries on the forecast conditions please get in touch.

To receive a successful recommendation from AJSSL your operator will need to:

– be 18 years old or over

– have a safe and fully setup system

– have a set of usable operating procedures

– have practical knowledge and awareness of the CAA regulations and other important aspects of aviation: Meteorology, Principles of flight, Air Law, Human factors/ Crew Resource Management, Navigation, Flight Planning. Civilian Aviation Publications,

– have detailed systems knowledge for the drone

– have experience operating the drone to the limits of the operating procedures

– have experience of operating the drone in all system flight modes

– have experience of operational emergency drills in the operating procedures

If you choose to take your assessment through us, we will guide you through the following simple steps:

Basic Drone Pilot Assessment Administration Process

If you do not yet have an Operational Safety Case (OSC) then we can support you in your development of this critical document and any Flight Reference Cards (FRC). More information here.


The price for an assessment regardless of outcome =   £200.00 ex VAT (£240.00 Inc VAT)

(A FREE reassessment may be offered for those that require one)

Optional pre practical refresher 1 hour =                     £45.00 ex VAT (£54.00 inc VAT)

Note – Pre booking is necessary and full payment is required in advance. Full terms and conditions are available before purchase.


If you wish to know more, have questions or wish to proceed with an assessment; please contact us.


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