Drones – Safe Pair Of Hands



A drone business, like any other business, relies on finding the right level of professional personnel that are suitably trained, qualified and experienced.

Professional qualified aviation professionals on the drone company payroll are an expensive overhead that needs to be keep kept to a minimum. This logical approach can often lead to occasions when the operator is struggling to adequately resource a flying task.

With 35 years back ground in manned aviation, 9 years experience of operating commercial drones and 2 years commercial drone pilot assessor experience, A J S Support Limited is ideally situated to provide interim support to drone operators for either a single flight, or short periods.


We are flexible in the roles and levels of support we are able to provide. A few examples are:

– Flight Task Planning Assistance
– Flight site pre-site visit
– PIC (Under customer logo but working to AJSSL procedures/insurance)
– Pilot 2 (Possibly for Endurance flights)
– Observer Support
– Marshal Support

You can engage our qualified and experienced support with a potential for knowledge transfer during practical operational environments.


This support can be structured into defined firm priced or flexible packages of work. We would be happy to provide a free quotation for potential customers. Please contact us with your requirements.


Pricing Examples – We base our Safe Hands support on a price of £45 ex VAT per hour. This may require travel and accommodation expenses. This will all be agreed prior to commencing delivery of the support.

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