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With our experience of developing and operating full sized aircraft capabilities, this knowledge has been tailored for designing safe Drone based capabilities and operating procedures. Key to a safe and sustainable service is the development of the management, maintenance and operational procedures for the Drone system, and its integration into an organisation’s Safety Management system.

AJSSL has over 8 years practical experience of developing and operating as a UK CAA compliant commercial operators. This is from initial capability concept through to in service implementation. We have experience of developing Drone standard operating procedures and safety management system planning in consultation with external safety management consultants analysing operational risk and safety for Drone delivered service.


UAS OSC Requirements

3.17 Formerly known as the ‘Congested Areas Operating Safety Case (CAOSC), the UAS Operating Safety Case (UAS OSC) has been devised using the ConOps methodology to give a flexible method by which the applicant can provide the CAA with a safety argument for intended operations. Each application for a permission to operate must be accompanied by a UAS OSC (templates for the separate volumes of the UAS OSC are at the Appendices).

3.18 Table 4 below provides UAS OSC requirements guidance when applying for a permission to operate.


Congested Areas

3.22 ANO 2009 Article 255 defines the meaning of ‘Congested Areas’. The definition states that a ‘Congested Area’ means any area in relation to a city, town or settlement which is substantially used for residential, industrial, commercial or recreational purposes. Operations of SUA within congested areas may be permitted in specific locations on the basis of a UAS OSC being submitted as part of an application for aerial work. Separation distances from persons, vessels, vehicles and structures (dependent on whether or not they are under the control of the Remote Pilot) must be specified in the UAS OSC.


Drone operators operating Small Unmanned Aircraft SUA of 0-7 kgs operating over 50m from congested areas, are only required to present a Volume 1. For all other occasions, the operator is required to produce a full OSC evidence set when applying for a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) .

CAP 722 Appendices C, D and E provide guidance on OSC structure and guidance to operators applying for a PfCO.

AJSSL uses its extensive aviation experience to assist customers to understand the CAP 722 guidance using a customer friendly graphical format of the CAP 722 guidance with additional guidance notes, to support their OSC development.. The follow image is a screen capture of the top level of our graphical OSC structure aide.


We assist customers to adapt CAA templates (and bespoke solutions) and associated guidance, into their operational situation and to support their application for a PfCO.


We are experienced practitioners in FMECA and Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) we offer support to commercial drone operators who are operating larger drones and/or are looking to operate pushing the boundaries of a standard UK CAA exemption. For more information see here.


These sessions can be structured into defined sessions including time for a short discussion and will be deliberately time limited to ensure affordability whilst providing the customer with the critical information. We would be happy to quote for a more detailed support package for specific customers requirements and their situation. Please contact us with your requirements.


After this guidance sessions you will be better placed to understand on how to develop a service based on the development of a practical Operating Safety Case. We are always happy to discuss areas you feel you require independent assistance with.

If you are already developing a Drone based service you may wish to consider our information sessions covering Drone Service Continuous Improvement sessions. More information here.


Pricing Examples* – A single 2 hour guidance session will cost as little as £70 ex VAT. There are discounts for combinations of sessions delivered on the same day up to a full day including all 4 sessions costing only £250 ex VAT.

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