Drones – Service Development


With our experience of developing and operating full sized aircraft capabilities, this knowledge has been tailored for designing safe Drone based capabilities and operating procedures. Key to a safe and sustainable service is the development of the management, maintenance and operational procedures for the Drone system, and its integration into an organisation’s Safety Management system.

AJSSL has over 6 years practical experience of developing and operating as a UK CAA compliant commercial operators. This is from initial capability concept through to in service implementation. We have experience of developing Drone standard operating procedures and safety management system planning in consultation with external safety management consultants analysing operational risk and safety for Drone delivered service.


Although we are happy to assist in all areas of Drone operation, we have described some common areas and have created packages of guidance sessions aimed at the potential operator interested in finding out more. The sessions include:

– DG Session 1 – Understanding your Drone – This is a beginners session for an operator to start to understand their Drone. This includes its control functions and how to assess potential failure modes, their effects and analyse associated hazards and risks. This is a corner stone for developing a practical maintenance schedule and operating procedures.

– DG Session 2 – Understanding developing a Drone maintenance schedule – This is a beginners guide to developing, documenting and following a Drone maintenance schedule.

– DG Session 3 – Understanding developing Safety Management and Operating Procedures – This is a beginners guide to developing a good strategy for Safety Management and Operational Management. This will touch on the requirements for UK CAA permissions whilst focusing on our lessons learnt over the last 6 years.Providing practical solutions to issues we encountered. We also provide specific Operational Safety Case support  – more information.

– DG Session 4 – Understanding developing your  initial and continuation Training Plan – This is a.guidance session aimed at setting an operator off understanding the need for developing a Drone based service based on sound initial Pilot Training and planned and scheduled continuation training. This includes an overview of AJSSL approach and lessons learnt.


All of these sessions are introductions and are aimed at a customer with no current knowledge. These sessions are structured into 2 hour sessions including time for a short discussion and are deliberately time limited to ensure affordability whilst providing the customer with the critical information. We would be happy to quote for a more detailed support package for specific customers requirements and their situation. Please contact us with your requirements.

A customer can select one or more sessions from these to create their tailored support package.


After these guidance sessions you will be better placed to understand on how to develop a service based on the use of Drones. We are always happy to discuss areas you feel you require independent assistance with.

If you are already developing a Drone based service you may wish to consider our information sessions covering Drone Service Continuous Improvement sessions. More information here.


Pricing Examples* – A single 2 hour session will cost as little as £70 ex VAT. There are discounts for combinations of sessions delivered on the same day up to a full day including all 4 sessions costing only £250 ex VAT.

Share The Cost – Share the cost with a friend – bring up to 2 additional friends at no extra cost.

*All prices are shown as a guide and maybe subject to revision – Please contact us to confirm your requirements and the delivery cost.