Aerial Survey Mapping Service

mg_1746_stitchDuring A J S service developement for the Remote Survey Support Service, we have been proving our ability to use our Aerial Platform for aerial mapping of large areas of land.

This skill has many applications. There is of course an established range of free worldwide earth mapping and viewing services eg Google Earth. These are as accurate as the last time the area was mapped and there is an associated limit to the detail shown in the area of interest.


mg_1746_boatThe level of detail available from our surveys is higher. The above image in reality is 8362 x 13975 and 19.7 MB in size. This means it is usable at a large scale for boundary review, but the supporting detail is also available for other survey situations. The image on the left is an extract in detail from the same image above.

We are able to provide a service delivering up-to-date, lower level imagery at cost-effective prices at the time when a customer requires it. This can be carried out carried out periodically to survey and record progress or degradation of an area.mg_1750_stitch3


Another service discovered during the same period of trials is that the same equipment has the ability to produce stunning panoramas using the system at various heights. Various effects produce images upto the CAA ceiling for our operation at 400 ft.

One Comment


I should have also explained that this mapping service is transferable to other types of imagery and sensor data collection. The air vehicle is designed to provide a safe, stable and controllable aerial platform. This platform has a payload bay that can be adapted to carry other sensor modules subject to size and weight restrictions.

If you have other sensor requirements that may well suit this system, we would be more than happy to discuss how we support you.

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