Project Experience Summary – GPS Receiver System

Project – Robust Global Navigation System (R-GNS).

Customer – MoD Defence Equipment and Air Platform Systems Project Team..

Equipment Type – Global Positioning System.

R-GNS will deliver a precise source of position, velocity and time information, which will be resilient to electromagnetic interference, for defence and broader exploitation (OGDs, industry, critical national infrastructure etc.).

The initial aim is to focus R-GNS on systems that are constrained for space, weight and power (SWaP). The capability will comprise:

• a core Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver capability, which will be available for incorporation within application systems
• a network of signal Monitor Stations
• Post Design Services to manage the design upkeep of the core products and support integration in the application systems.

Support Delivered – Supportability Engineering advice and guidance.

Contracted Products and Services:

Responsible for the delivery of all Supportability Engineering / ILS aspects for a range of new GPS technology products for applications into Land, Sea & Air capabilities. This programme was for delivery on an incremental acquisition approach with separate work stream products at differing life cycle stages; to deliver a range of products from civil use through to secure Defence variants.

The project commenced a very sporty 8 weeks from the planned issue of an ITN. This task was to expeditiously develop all ILS aspects of the ITN and the subsequent supportability evidence for the Main Gate Business Case. This included:
• ILS Elements of the Statement of Work + Deliverable Descriptions
• ILS Strategy development
• ILS Plan development
• Use Study update
• Initial Supportability Case production
• SSDT Development – Support Solution Report evidence
• Initial Supportability Case Reports
• Drafting Plans for In Service Support.

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