Supportability Engineering – Technical Support

Project – Future Air To Surface Guided Weapon. (FASGW)

Customer – MoD Defence Equipment and Support Future Anti Surface Guided Weapon Capability Integration Teams.

Equipment Type – Missile System

Support Delivered

With Supportability engineering, rotary wing engineering and recent weapons operating centre experience I won a contract to lead a team of 4 external Supportability Engineering contractors delivering key activities and products under a firm priced technical support contract over a 12-month period.

This was supporting a complex weapons programme in its Demonstration and Assessment Phase under the management of the MoD DE&S Light & Medium Attack Systems (LMAS) Project Team (PT). The PT is manging 5 subcontracted projects focused on delivering a single weapons capability integrated onto a number of rotary winged platform and on a range of maritime vessels. This has elements being delivered as a joint programme with the French Government.

Contracted Products and Services:

Successfully delivered all 32 task elements outputs, on time. The key areas were:

• Support Options – Review, report and recommend on evidence for support options study.
• ILS Programme Planning – Develop new and update old strategies and plans for the Demonstration and Manufacture phases of the programme and projects.
• Meeting Support – Initiate communication between stakeholders, develop meeting structure in concert with the programme meeting drum beat.
• Industry Advice & Guidance – Review Industry products and provide timely advice and guidance on behalf of the project team.
• Supportability Case – Develop and manage MoD Supportability Case and Industry evidence generation.
• Supportability Evidence – Develop 3 projects support solution development tools and their evidence with the support assurance organisation.
• Support Strategy – Develop a UK and Fr support strategy/
• Supportability Report – Provide a support solution development summary report to the project team.  – Provide advice guidance with recommendations.

Advice and guidance on:

Throughout the contract delivery we provided a focal point for Supportability Engineering advice & guidance for the PT and the new MILSM developing the support solutions aligned to the Defence Equipment and Support Best Practice – Including DEFSTAN 00-600, DEFSTAN 00-40, DEFSTAN 00-42, DEFSTAN 00-44, DEFSTAN 00-45, JSP 886, MoD Acquisition System Guidance (ASG), Defence Logistics Framework (DLF) and Support Solutions Envelope (SSE).