Supportability Engineering


Experience has taught us that the key to the optimisation of operating costs for major equipment’s is the consideration of the through life support costs during the early concept and design phases of the equipments life cycle. It becomes more challenging to influence support costs later in the equipments life cycle.


Design For Support | Design The Support | Support The Design


We are able to assist equipment teams by providing them with invaluable advice and guidance on the development of cost effective support solutions. This will focus on optimum performance and availability whilst driving down through life support costs. We have many years experience of supporting equipment and procurement teams. See Support Experience examples to summarise how we assisted equipment capability teams that we have supported previously. And see our Services pages to see how we deliver cost effective, value for money flexible support to our clients.


Security cleared, experienced and qualified independent equipment and support specialists. Our consultants have been involved within Defence Equipment and Support since 1983, and have been assisting Industry and MoD customers in the research, design and implementation of major defence equipment based capabilities and their support solutions since 1997.  Since 2009 we have been involved in the development of commercially operated Unmanned Aircraft Systems services in UK. Utilising this practical experience and our skills from operational equipment management, we have been providing advice and guidance to clients looking to procure unmanned capability and providing advice and guidance nationally and internationally. See more about our experience here and the list of key projects we have experience of here.


From experience, no two projects we support are the same; we therefore tailor the type of work to suit a clients project and budget. This ensures the client is provided the most effective value for money level of support for their project requirements.


We are focused on delivering agile, value for money support solutions to our customers. This requires a simple engagement and engagement process. This page outlines the basic process. Prior to any formal engagement for support from A J S we will discuss your requirements, scope the support activity and clearly define the proposal in work package descriptions. These descriptions will define inputs, outputs, delivery dates and constraints. All sizes of work packages and contracting arrangements will be considered. We predominantly deliver work packages for resource effort from 1 day through to 6 months.

Doing business with A J S is simple, cost effective and responsive to customers requirements and schedules. We are experienced at expeditious development of all phases of capability procurement and support. More information is available on our Doing Business page of this website.