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UK CAA – ANO Amendments

The 2019 key changes are: 1.Deletes the ‘over 7kg’ airspace restrictions 2. Changes the distance limitation from aerodromes that was introduced in 2018 3. Introduces some additional definitions in order to accommodate the aerodrome limitation This is the 2019 amendment to the Air Navigation Order. and replaces the previous CAP 1687 which was the 2018… Read more »

UK Airprox Drone & Airports

With the recent increased media interest in drones causing nuisance around airports, I was interested to see what the current UK Airprox Board data indicated in terms of : Incident frequency, the current trend, the UK airports most affected. The following chart is extracted from the UK Airprox Board information. The UK Airprox Board chart… Read more »

UK CAA PFCO List Trend

Whether you are a potential or current sUSA operator or customer, AJSSL would like to take this opportunity to wish our reader a Happy and Prosperous New Year. All the very best for 2019 from us. This post is prompted by the latest UK CAA PFCO List published 11 Jan 2019 and our observation that… Read more »

UK CAA Commercial Drone Operators List

Are you engaging the services of a UK commercial drone operator? Dont forget to check for the basics – 1 – Ask to see a copy of their Permission For Commercial Operation (PFCO). Each of us has a unique ID on our certificate – confirm it is still valid, as these are renewed annually. (See… Read more »

UK CAA Update – ORS4 No.1277

        If you are a current RPAS operator that is operating under a UK CAA PfCO you may wish to read this current amendment that allows flight at night and in a congested area with specific caveats. For information, a general permission has now been published regarding night flying and operations in… Read more »

UK CAA – ANO Update

CAP1687: Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2018 – Guidance for small unmanned aircraft users Extract: “This document has been written with the aim of providing readers, particularly those who are less familiar with the layout and structure of ANO amendments, with an outline of the revised regulations as they now appear in law; to provide guidance… Read more »

Royal Bath & West – Safety Zone

The Royal Bath & West Show 2018 We are privileged to be supporting the Royal Bath & West Show 2018, providing a drone safety focused stand within the shows Safety Zone. We are passionate about supporting recreational and commercial drone fliers to fly Safely, Legally and considerately; so come and say hi to Al, Helen… Read more »

Our Quick Guide To Flying A New Drone

Slow & Steady First Flights If you have been lucky enough to have a new drone, our simple guide for safe and enjoyable flying is to follow these 5 basic points: Tip #1 Read the manual and learn the system flying control modes Initially set the system up for a beginner and set all available… Read more »

NATS Visualisation Of Drone Flight At Airport Jul 2017

A useful reminder from NATS about the impact of illegal drone flying near to airports. This is a visualisation of the impact to air-traffic of a drone incident from Jul 2017 at Gatwick airport. Gatwick drone incident – 2 July from NATS on Vimeo. Interesting visualisation, with a serious message about the impact of irresponsible… Read more »

Ignorance Is Not An Excuse – Check

We Assist Hobby And Commercial Drone Operators To Fly Safe And Legally. A local group page on social media that we have on our feed recently added a post form a drone pilot, proud of their imagery captured of the USS George HW Bush. When you see footage like this it makes you start to… Read more »