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DSA – Watchkeeper Reports

Defence Safety Authority (DSA) – Service Inquiry reports into the Loss of Watchkeeper Unmanned Air Vehicles over Cardigan Bay. As Commercial operators of Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) we are always interested in learning from experience. That is both our experience and other operators experience. We are by no means operating Watchkeeper scaled systems, but… Read more »

Ever wondered what happens to our old warships?

What does the MoD do with its old warships? Well, some are sold by the Disposal Services Authority (DSA) to be used by other Navies and some are sold for recycling… The MoD has released a report on the recycling of three of its Type 22 frigates; ex-HMS Chatham, Campbeltown and Cumbernauld. The report includes some very… Read more »