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Making Changes To Your System May Change Your OSC

We are suggesting some basic considerations for those operators that are making changes to / modifying their PFCO specified drone aircraft systems. No matter why you are changing the aircraft system or payload – you should always reconsider the validity of your Operating Safety Case or Operations Manual and your associated Permission For Commercial Operations… Read more »

Renewing MoD Certificate of Competencies

Since 1997 we have been delivering support Supportability Engineering support in the constantly changing and developing world of Defence procurement. We need to ensure that we remain current and coherent with the current policies and strategies of our customers so even as a very small company we undertake regular refresher training and certification. This ensures that… Read more »

Seasons Greetings & Best Wishes For 2016

As we once again relax and experience seasonal cheer at the end of another busy year, our thoughts turn to our Armed Forces serving worldwide who are not so safe and relaxed for this seasonal period. We will be thinking of them and raise a glass to those and all our absent friends. A J S has experienced… Read more »

Never go shopping without a list!

In our small area within the world of equipment and support, we meet many interesting individuals and teams. All are enthusiastically involved in technology, equipment and capability delivery for many applications. These teams are procuring systems selected based on a wide variety of reasons, often including: brand preference, politics, trends and even the level of technology packed… Read more »

The Framework Agreement for Technical Support (FATS) Extension option to 2012

On 1st April 2009 A J S qualified as an MoD supplier within the terms of MoD’s Framework Agreement for Technical Services (FATS3).  FATS provides a faster and more efficient contractual route to procure Technical Support as it offers pre-agreed contract terms and conditions, rates and discounts, and it uses standard Tasking Forms. FATS/3 was… Read more »

Our sUAS experience may save your business time and money.

A brief post for anyone considering setting up an aerial photography or survey service using micro/small unmanned aircraft systems. You may be a business owner who is considering setting up a service or a hobbyist that is considering using a hobby to earn money. What ever your scenario is, if you need help,  we may be… Read more »

Performance in Fog and Frost

Remote Survey Support Service Development Update We are making the most of the wintery conditions to test and monitor our aerial delivery platform performance. This week we were operating within line of site and at a reasonably low level (50 feet) in short flights to monitor ice build up and the effect on controls and performance. Very useful trials our knowledge… Read more »


On previous years AJS have been unable to attend this event due to essential contracting commitments. So this year we made a special effort. Cooperative clients and ninja diary juggling this year meant we have squeezed in a valuable visit. For us, this trip was about a combination of keeping up to date with developments… Read more »

MD4-200 Experience Queries Response

Introduction Since our commercial decision to drop the use of the microdrones MD4-200 from the development of our Remote Aerial Imagery support service, we have had a steady stream of queries about our experiences and findings. This interest may be because the UK Distributor continues to have a link to our website. We have put… Read more »

US Apache Increases Its Battlefield Reach

A percentage of the US Army’s AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopters will be equipped with a communications system called the Unmanned Aerial Systems Tactical Common Data Link Assembly (UTA). The UTA’s antenna would be fitted inside a dome over the aircraft rotor blades in place of a radar on some Apaches. With the UTA antenna and… Read more »