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April Update – Remote Imagery Survey Service Development

We have been researching and trailing UAS equipments to deliver aerial survey support. When we originally started research there were very limited commercially available VTOL SUAS. We started this challenge back in March 09 with a microdrones GmbH MD4-200 delivered and supported through their sole UK distributor MW Power Ltd. After 7 months of service… Read more »

UAS Training

We have completed our second week of desk top simulator training for our rotary winged UAS. The basic airframe is a tried and tested radio controlled model with enhancements including a suite of auto stabilisation and auto flight control systems. We have therefore chosen to spend some initial training time on a desktop rc simulator… Read more »

CAA Approval

Yesterdays great news was that after 4 weeks nervously wondering if we will be successful, we now have CAA approval to operate our small unmanned air system. We were ‘aiming off’ by learning to fly using a conventional helicopter without auto stab for skills to support the operators in the unlikely event of failures of the… Read more »

Back To Basics

When we took the decision to purchase a more conventional air vehicle as a camera platform, we where aware that it would require some integrated auto stabilisation systems. The concern was that the operator would, as with the microdrone, be wholly reliant on those systems. If an incident occurred that meant that the systems were not available, the result… Read more »


Our Kestrel 1000ES operator training is booked for the beginning of March 2010 at Carvec Systems Limited. We will be collecting the system immediately after the training, and will move straight into our service development phase for the new equipment. Service developement is planned to commence early March 2010. Our camera selection is with Carvec… Read more »


For use with the Kestrel 1000ES UAS we have purchased a small very portable ground station tablet for displaying the downlinked onboard video and air vehicle flight information overlay. The current solution is tried and tested by the supplier but we have doubt about the survivability of it during our rough handling and transportation. We… Read more »


Normal Service Will Be Resumed …… For the usual followers of this blog who wish to continue to share our commercial UAV operator experience, we are planning to continue the recording of our operator experiences, when we collect our new system at the end of this month. Thank you for your patience. Regards,  AJS


AJS Support Limited has plans to continue with its Remote Imagery Support service development early in the New Year. This will initially be centered around its latest acquisition the Carvec Systems Limited Kestrel 1000ES. We continue to seek for suitable land to continue the developement flights. This week AJS has ceased its use of the microdrone MD4-200 sUAS, due to a… Read more »


AIRFRAME AND CAMERA MOUNT There has been progress with our latest procurement. CARVEC Systems Ltd has the production of our latest small unmanned air vehicle in hand. The air vehicle is based on the minicopter Joker 2 air vehicle.   So far the main airframe and camera mount have been assembled. It is starting to… Read more »


KESTREL 1000ES We have finally selected the sUAS to enhance our Remote Imagery Support Service. It is  a Kestrel 1000ES. The Kestrel is in use with Scottish & Southern Energy and has been in operation with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service for 20 months, successfully completing over 130 flights.   Specifications: Take off weight :… Read more »