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We are looking for help in searching for local land for sale or rent to use to operate our drones during service developement and training. We can operate from most types of land and are looking for between 1 – 3 acres. Our air vehicles are environmentally friendly and near silent. They are small and lightweight… Read more »


Remote Imagery Support Service (RISS) developement.   Whilst we have been awaiting the return of our batteries, we have been preoccupied generating funds to finance additional or replacement equipment. As a parallel activity we have been looking at some options for future equipment. I am writing this entry in hope that interested parties may feel the urge… Read more »


Today, I continued the search for an Unmanned Air System (UAS) to enhance or replace our current Remote Imagery Support Service equipment. I travelled 6.5 hours by road to a demonstration of a Kestrel 1000ES and a Kestrel 500. A more traditional design of air vehicle than our current quad copter.The trip was definitely well worth every… Read more »