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Onwards and Upwards into 2011

2010 was another successful year for A J S Support Limited. Throughout the year we have continued to build on our previous years success, delivering on large Business and Equipment Support Services contracts. We have also begun to recover from our initial slow progress with the planned Survey Support Service. Business and Equipment Support –… Read more »

sUAS pilot reaches 50 hours flying hours

In March this year we reassessed our approach and the support equipment for our potential Remote Survey Support Service (R3S). The result was a change from a microdrones quad rotor system, to a more conventional rotary winged system based on a radio controlled airframe with an integrated auto stabilisation and control system (Carvec Kestrel 1000 ES)…. Read more »

Thales UAV achieves 30,000 hours.

The British Army’s Hermes 450 (H450) unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) supplied by Thales UK under an Urgent Operational Requirement contract have achieved the outstanding milestone of providing over 30,000 hours of support to UK forces on current operations in Afghanistan. An achievement that demonstrates that the technology of small and UAS can deliver a reliable capability in… Read more »

Remote Survey Support Service Canon EOS 550D Video and Stills trials

Remote Survey Support Service Development Update Still catching up on blogging our progress – As part of our more advanced service development we have been taking the opportunity to fly on as many sites as possible, with various service scenarios and conditions. One of the first of these was having the pleasure to fly over a’Beckett’s… Read more »

Remote Survey Support Service Development Update

Customers may be aware that over the last year AJS have been busy delivering support to our key Equipment Support clients. They might not be aware that we have been equally as busy developing an engineering survey support service. This potential service aims to deliver a range of imagery outputs to a wide range of… Read more »


Whether you are a keen hobbyist or a commercial operator of small unmanned air systems, legally you cannot simply buy a system, build it and fly it where and when you would like. Many systems are certainly not toys and have the potential to present risk to life, health and property. There are rules for… Read more »


PROVIDING IMPROVEMENTS TO BATTERIES, BASE STATION AND MORE … Recently we at AJS have had a number of very useful discussions with a customer focussed company from Denmark. Its approach shows signs of maximising the return on current and future microdrone operators investments. This company is DAS Danish Aviation Systems. They are approachable and keen… Read more »

MD4-200 Experience Queries Response

Introduction Since our commercial decision to drop the use of the microdrones MD4-200 from the development of our Remote Aerial Imagery support service, we have had a steady stream of queries about our experiences and findings. This interest may be because the UK Distributor continues to have a link to our website. We have put… Read more »


We are looking to invest in additional equipment to replace or complement our current Remote Imagery Support service system. Support service developement identified some key shortfalls with the current equipment capability for the Survey and Security Support services we aim to provide. With our recent experience, knowledge and lessons learnt from operating the microdrone, we have… Read more »

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association

Today we became members of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association “The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association represents the UAV industry in UK in the interface with Government and is a conduit for information on what is happening within the industry and the regulatory framework especially within the UK.” Our intention is to be as actively involved as… Read more »