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Never go shopping without a list!

In our small area within the world of equipment and support, we meet many interesting individuals and teams. All are enthusiastically involved in technology, equipment and capability delivery for many applications. These teams are procuring systems selected based on a wide variety of reasons, often including: brand preference, politics, trends and even the level of technology packed… Read more »

CAA Approval

Yesterdays great news was that after 4 weeks nervously wondering if we will be successful, we now have CAA approval to operate our small unmanned air system. We were ‘aiming off’ by learning to fly using a conventional helicopter without auto stab for skills to support the operators in the unlikely event of failures of the… Read more »


As potential commercial drone operators, over the past 6 months we have been closely monitoring the CAA rules with respect to this type of equipment. More recently we have been working towards gaining approval to operate through the CAA. Recently small drones have been hitting the news sites with one missing in flight in Edinburgh through to Merseyside… Read more »


Dear Readers, This not the usual blog entry we intended to publish but it is very relevant to our continued experience as UAV operators, dealing with the UK microdrone distributor Microdrone (UK) Ltd.I started to pen a reply to Alistair Fox’s (Microdrone (UK) Ltd) comment when I realised he had brought comments from a different… Read more »


I have just bumped into information about the successful deployments and use of the Kestrel as a Remotely Operated Observation Platform on the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service website: Here   “The helicopter has proved so successful that Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service hosted a Remotely Operated Observation Platform seminar early in 2009.” The Specialist Response… Read more »


Well well well……. you can never tell what time will eventually unearth. What a couple of days we have witnessed here at A J S Support Limited.   The first interesting event was an e mail from microdrones GmbH, telling us that our Twitter account is causing their customers confusion and we should stop using… Read more »


We have been experiencing random closure of the md cockpit application for our MD4-200 drone. Because of this we had been keeping an eye on the microdrones GmbH website and updated our mdCockpit application with the latest version (website current – mdCockpit V2.4.4.6) to see if this would help with a number of issues with the system.   We… Read more »


  Today for a fee, our MD4-200 microdrone has had a firmware upgrade to the latest version. This includes the Dynamic Position Hold functionality. We at AJS are looking forward to carrying out our own airtests this weekend. It is hope that this will improve control in windy conditions. It is however a pity that we will be… Read more »


Previously, the MD4-200 pilot would have to compensate for wind influence when manually directing the drone away from GPS Hold function. Once an operator had input a manual control movement, the GPS Hold function would disengage completely.  We are looking forward to the microdrone GmbH Dynamic Position Hold (DPH) upgrade to the AJS Remote Imagery Support service microdrone . Its… Read more »


Today I took to the skies around Westbury in order to rebuild my confidence with the operation of our microdrone. It has been many weeks since I last flew it. We have been suffering with erratic battery performance then we could not fly at all while the batteries were recalled by the supplier. I am guessing that the new… Read more »