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Never go shopping without a list!

In our small area within the world of equipment and support, we meet many interesting individuals and teams. All are enthusiastically involved in technology, equipment and capability delivery for many applications. These teams are procuring systems selected based on a wide variety of reasons, often including: brand preference, politics, trends and even the level of technology packed… Read more »

Aerial Survey Support – Spring 2011 Update

Spring is here in Wiltshire and so far this year AJS small Unmanned Aviation System (sUAS) commercial pilot has clocked up some 10 flying hours. We admit that the figure does not sound note worthy on the face of it, and certainly may well not be a lot to some sUAS pilots reading this. We… Read more »


PROVIDING IMPROVEMENTS TO BATTERIES, BASE STATION AND MORE … Recently we at AJS have had a number of very useful discussions with a customer focussed company from Denmark. Its approach shows signs of maximising the return on current and future microdrone operators investments. This company is DAS Danish Aviation Systems. They are approachable and keen… Read more »

MD4-200 Experience Queries Response

Introduction Since our commercial decision to drop the use of the microdrones MD4-200 from the development of our Remote Aerial Imagery support service, we have had a steady stream of queries about our experiences and findings. This interest may be because the UK Distributor continues to have a link to our website. We have put… Read more »

April Update – Remote Imagery Survey Service Development

We have been researching and trailing UAS equipments to deliver aerial survey support. When we originally started research there were very limited commercially available VTOL SUAS. We started this challenge back in March 09 with a microdrones GmbH MD4-200 delivered and supported through their sole UK distributor MW Power Ltd. After 7 months of service… Read more »


Reports from Carvec Systems Ltd suggest that in spite of the windy conditions around Hull, the setup of our sUAS Kestrel 100ES is going well.  Seen here 2 days ago in the skies ‘up North’.   The system is currently being tested with cannibalized batteries while the systems own batteries are shipped over the pond. We have our initial cameras… Read more »


Our latest sUAS acquisition the Kestrel 1000ES small Unmanned Air System (sUAS), is delivered with actuated camera mount and camera remote control using LANC control. This has led us to Canon and Sony camera solutions. The solution should have both LANC connection and Liveview for continuous monitoring on the ground. Our initial selection is for A stills CAMERA is a Canon G11. our… Read more »


AJS Support Limited has plans to continue with its Remote Imagery Support service development early in the New Year. This will initially be centered around its latest acquisition the Carvec Systems Limited Kestrel 1000ES. We continue to seek for suitable land to continue the developement flights. This week AJS has ceased its use of the microdrone MD4-200 sUAS, due to a… Read more »


AJS has heard today from Carvec Systems Ltd that the initial construction of our latest Remote Imagery Support sUAS is complete. During the following stages they are planning to set up the autopilot to the airframe, then some preliminary test flights to electronically trim everything and check the system is working as it should.  After that, a phase of… Read more »


AIRFRAME AND CAMERA MOUNT There has been progress with our latest procurement. CARVEC Systems Ltd has the production of our latest small unmanned air vehicle in hand. The air vehicle is based on the minicopter Joker 2 air vehicle.   So far the main airframe and camera mount have been assembled. It is starting to… Read more »