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I am gradually realising that investing in an equipment that has a wind tolerance of 6 m/s is not one of my better ideas when we operate in the South West of England with an average wind speed between 5 and 7 m/s !! We took the microdrone UAV to a local farmers field to… Read more »


Is it Sods Law? There is a much quoted law that says when you need to demonstrate a fault it wont occur! Yes it happened. I drove all the way up north with the microdrone UAV to the suppliers MW Power Systems Ltd and we could not replicate the fault. They said that it was too windy… Read more »


I had time for a quick check flight post yesterdays adjustments. Although we didn’t fly for long, we did actually manage to get in the air without any MDCockpit issues. I am still going to go to the microdrone UAV suppliers to see if they can spot anything. Chances are that it will work perfectly.


I have been out flying the microdrone UAV on the edge of Salisbury Plains to confirm that the MDCockpit issue is resolved or to isolate it further. During flight phase the video camera bracket detached from camera front face. Luckily the flight was in open fields without population. During drone a battery change between 1st and… Read more »


We took the microdrone out after suggestions from the supplier that the power settings might need adjustments on the laptop and this might be causing the MDCockpit collapse. We took the kit out to see if the adjustment made any impact to the issue. The video camera was again found detached from the mount in… Read more »


I am so pleased that we as a company decided to set aside service development time before attempting to provide a professional service with the microdrone MD4-200 UAV to support a fee paying customer. I have just had another frustrating trip out with the microdrone MD4-200. After travelling miles to fly for training, we could not… Read more »


A bright sunny Sunday could not be wasted. So I took the microdrone UAV over to the local trading estate. This was an ideal place for built up area training, roof survey practice etc. I must say that it was another frustrating flying session, with a number of the common issues appearing together which in… Read more »


August approaches and we had originally planned to be demonstrating to potential clients in August. This has slipped to the right until we are confident we can provide a professional support service to our clients. We took the microdrones MD4-200 system to our usual training area to continue to fine tune our operating procedures and service… Read more »


We responded to a call from a family selling their reasonably sized house. They had engaged the services of  a mast photographer for marketing images of their home and asked if I could take some more images from alternative view points with our microdrone UAV. It was a great location and we took many photos. One of which is… Read more »


As it was sunny, I took the microdrone UAV out to the edge of Westbury. I went to an open playing field to try for pictures of the Wiltshire White Horse from the other side of Westbury. Having taken some stills from a reasonable height it is beginning to dawn on me how the weather will… Read more »