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We have taken the microdrone UAV out on the edge of Salisbury Plain behind the White Horse. The weather has been ok with it being bright and clear.  The wind was 0 – 4.2 m/s Today’s challenge was to continue to gain experience with operating around structure that may require surveying. We also wanted to… Read more »


We carried out a remote imagery support service developement trial for structure surveys using our own house roof. Using the microdrone UAV during this task we identified serious faults which required trhe chimney to be rebuilt.


Today we were developing procedures for operating the microdrone UAV for unpopulated and limited area tasks. We chose a mill in Somerset and the weather conditions were fine and clear but with gusty winds. The location had high trees and the target house was very close to the trees.  Pilot error caused contact with a tree… Read more »


We continued developing task planning and task execution procedures today. We used the limited space of Portchester Castle as an ideal location. Arriving very early and using the car park surrounded by trees gave us the ideal microdrone UAV take off and landing site with just the right amount of difficulty. Using the car park… Read more »


Spent a few days and a number of flights developing skills to follow lines of flight on various headings. During the supplier training for the microdrone UAV I was taught to control the microdrone with it orientated to me. I have rapidly realised this is ok to start off with, but I now need to… Read more »


Just returned from microdrone UAV flying out on Salisbury Plains – Clear. Wind 3.2 m/s – Basic flight control with video on board. A good flying session to develop support services. Video used to develop experience with video editing. On return to the office I experienced problems getting the microdrone batteries to recharge. During supplier training… Read more »


My microdrone MD4-200 official structured training took place in the Midlands at the UK Distributors offices and a local cricket ground. The weather was poor with it raining most of the time but we still managed to clock up a few hours in the air.. The training was great for me as I have never… Read more »


Welcome to this A J S Support Limited Unmanned Air Vehicle operators log. This log is exclusively our operators of the microdrone MD4 range, to follow our successes and failures during our developement of our Remote Imagery Support Service. Let the challenge begin!!! Al Stevens