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Drone Pilot Assessment – The Criteria

What’s in a UK Commercial Drone Pilot Assessment? There are a growing number of National Qualified Entities (NQE) and Restricted Category NQEs. All operate to a UK CAA minimum criteria standard set out in CAP 722. We see and receive a number of queries about what to expect on a Drone Pilot Assessment. Our potential… Read more »

UK CAA – SRG 1320 Issue 7

PLEASE NOTE – PFCO Application Form Is Up-issued to Issue 7 A quick heads up to UK Commercial Drone operators as we have received an email today to inform us that the UAS Application Form SRG1320 has been up issued to Issue 7. This is to reflect changes concerning Insurance and payment methods when applications are… Read more »

AJSSL 2017 Permission For Commercial Operation (PFCO)

We have just received our 7th annual renewal for our Permission For Commercial Operation (PFCO) #38 We are once again able to commercially operate fixed wing and rotary winged (Single and multi) unmanned aircraft systems up to 20 kgs in Night and Day operations. It was great to receive the paperwork back from the CAA within… Read more »

SUSA Operating Safety Case (OSC) Information

After a number of email and chat queries regarding developing an Operating Safety Case (OSC) to support a Permission For Commercial Operation (PFCO), in particular the content and where the CAA guidance templates are; please read the following and if you have any further queries we would be happy to assist. The guidance is now… Read more »

UK CAA PFCO – SUA Pilot Assessments

We are able to provide assessments for pilots of fixed and rotary winged aircraft systems up to 20 kgs AUM. Subjects covered in this article: a. Why Do You Need A Practical Flight Assessment? b. The Assessment Criteria c. The Assessment Process d. About Flight assessments e. About Concessions f. When Should You Call For… Read more »