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Our Quick Guide To Flying A New Drone

Slow & Steady First Flights If you have been lucky enough to have a new drone, our simple guide for safe and enjoyable flying is to follow these 5 basic points: Tip #1 Read the manual and learn the system flying control modes Initially set the system up for a beginner and set all available… Read more »

UK UAS Services – Customer guidance

If you are considering engaging the services of a UAS Service provider in UK either as a commercial or as a domestic customer, you may wish to read on. A service provider delivering a service in UK that utilises small unmanned aircraft systems for collecting data and imagery commercially, are legally required to apply to the… Read more »

Aerial Survey Support – Spring 2011 Update

Spring is here in Wiltshire and so far this year AJS small Unmanned Aviation System (sUAS) commercial pilot has clocked up some 10 flying hours. We admit that the figure does not sound note worthy on the face of it, and certainly may well not be a lot to some sUAS pilots reading this. We… Read more »

Our sUAS experience may save your business time and money.

A brief post for anyone considering setting up an aerial photography or survey service using micro/small unmanned aircraft systems. You may be a business owner who is considering setting up a service or a hobbyist that is considering using a hobby to earn money. What ever your scenario is, if you need help,  we may be… Read more »

sUAS pilot reaches 50 hours flying hours

In March this year we reassessed our approach and the support equipment for our potential Remote Survey Support Service (R3S). The result was a change from a microdrones quad rotor system, to a more conventional rotary winged system based on a radio controlled airframe with an integrated auto stabilisation and control system (Carvec Kestrel 1000 ES)…. Read more »

Thales UAV achieves 30,000 hours.

The British Army’s Hermes 450 (H450) unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) supplied by Thales UK under an Urgent Operational Requirement contract have achieved the outstanding milestone of providing over 30,000 hours of support to UK forces on current operations in Afghanistan. An achievement that demonstrates that the technology of small and UAS can deliver a reliable capability in… Read more »

Remote Survey Support Service Canon EOS 550D Video and Stills trials

Remote Survey Support Service Development Update Still catching up on blogging our progress – As part of our more advanced service development we have been taking the opportunity to fly on as many sites as possible, with various service scenarios and conditions. One of the first of these was having the pleasure to fly over a’Beckett’s… Read more »

Remote Survey Support Service Development Update

Customers may be aware that over the last year AJS have been busy delivering support to our key Equipment Support clients. They might not be aware that we have been equally as busy developing an engineering survey support service. This potential service aims to deliver a range of imagery outputs to a wide range of… Read more »


Whether you are a keen hobbyist or a commercial operator of small unmanned air systems, legally you cannot simply buy a system, build it and fly it where and when you would like. Many systems are certainly not toys and have the potential to present risk to life, health and property. There are rules for… Read more »


SEEKING CLARIFICATION OF WHAT IS REQUIRED AND HOW IT IS ACHIEVED For some time we have struggled understanding the CAA approach to governance and guidance for sUAS. This was partially due to a level of ignorance on our part in tracking rule changes. Contributions to the confusion also cam e from published information presented by ‘think… Read more »