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Never go shopping without a list!

In our small area within the world of equipment and support, we meet many interesting individuals and teams. All are enthusiastically involved in technology, equipment and capability delivery for many applications. These teams are procuring systems selected based on a wide variety of reasons, often including: brand preference, politics, trends and even the level of technology packed… Read more »

Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs in 2011

The end of another year at A J S Support Ltd approaches. As with many small businesses in the current climate, 2011 has brought the usual Trials and Tribulations, but we have had our share of Triumphs too. We have emerged better qualified, more experienced and with improved business resilience. Looking back we view 2011… Read more »

Aerial Survey Support – Spring 2011 Update

Spring is here in Wiltshire and so far this year AJS small Unmanned Aviation System (sUAS) commercial pilot has clocked up some 10 flying hours. We admit that the figure does not sound note worthy on the face of it, and certainly may well not be a lot to some sUAS pilots reading this. We… Read more »

Performance in Fog and Frost

Remote Survey Support Service Development Update We are making the most of the wintery conditions to test and monitor our aerial delivery platform performance. This week we were operating within line of site and at a reasonably low level (50 feet) in short flights to monitor ice build up and the effect on controls and performance. Very useful trials our knowledge… Read more »


SEEKING CLARIFICATION OF WHAT IS REQUIRED AND HOW IT IS ACHIEVED For some time we have struggled understanding the CAA approach to governance and guidance for sUAS. This was partially due to a level of ignorance on our part in tracking rule changes. Contributions to the confusion also cam e from published information presented by ‘think… Read more »

UAS Training

We have completed our second week of desk top simulator training for our rotary winged UAS. The basic airframe is a tried and tested radio controlled model with enhancements including a suite of auto stabilisation and auto flight control systems. We have therefore chosen to spend some initial training time on a desktop rc simulator… Read more »

Simulator Training Begins

  Today I bought a copy of Phoenix RC Flight simulator. Looks like a good bit of kit to stay dry and do some basic training. I did however spend my first hour getting frustrated at why the program loaded with error messages. I reloading the software a couple of times then moved on. Another… Read more »

CAA Approval

Yesterdays great news was that after 4 weeks nervously wondering if we will be successful, we now have CAA approval to operate our small unmanned air system. We were ‘aiming off’ by learning to fly using a conventional helicopter without auto stab for skills to support the operators in the unlikely event of failures of the… Read more »

RC Flight Simulator

After my first experiences with RC Helicopter control without the comfort blanket of the Carvec systems, I decided to look around for a useful flight simulator so that I can devote more time to learning the basic stick feel and control of a conventional helicopter system. I should have done this months ago!!! On advice,… Read more »