UK CAA CAP 1361 – PFCO List

A list of ALL extracted UK CAA Permission For Commercial Operation (PFCO) CAP 1361 records. This extract is sourced from UK CAA CAP 1361 @ V92 Published 31 May 2019 see this link for the published document – (UK CAA CAP 1361)

CAP1361 Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) operators holding a valid CAA permission – on line is a pdf format alphabetical listing of Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) operators holding a valid CAA permission under ANO 2016 articles 94(5) and 95(1).

Published on 7 June 2019 V93 has 4994 operators listed and the last CAA ID is PFCO ID #9196. The list below has been extracted so that it can be searched and ordered using the basic functions shown.

IDCompany NameCAA IDExpiry Date
1Robert Watson Trading As High Spy502/08/2020
2William Walker Trading As Atom Air1812/04/2019
3Upper Cut Productions Limited3315/06/2020
4The Drone Aerial Operators Group Ltd3613/07/2019
5A J S Support Limited3827/03/2020
6Mike Garner Trading As Arc Video4115/06/2020
7Cyberhawk Innovations Limited4226/02/2020
8Horizon Imaging Ltd4610/05/2019
9MRL Eye Limited Trading As MRL Eye4729/08/2019
10Dataq Technologies Ltd5018/09/2019
11Skylens Photography And Video Limited5306/09/2019
12Suave UAV Enterprises Ltd Trading As Suave Aerial Photographers5518/11/2019
13Bridgeway Aerial Ltd6213/06/2020
14Roke Manor Research Limited7027/02/2020
15University of Worcester7631/10/2019
16Callen-Lenz Associates Limited7930/10/2019
17Steve Marsh Trading As SKM Studio8006/11/2020
18Phoenix Model Aviation Ltd Trading As Phoenix UAV Centre8220/04/2020
19Essex police9314/11/2019
20Sky Futures Partners Ltd Trading as Sky-Futures10129/04/2020
21Exegesis Spatial Data Management Ltd10611/09/2019
22Digital Mapping And Survey Limited10902/07/2020
23Out Filming Limited11625/08/2019
24HexCam Ltd11725/07/2019
25Jonathan Malory Trading As Sky Filming12124/08/2019
26Cameron Young Ltd Trading As Helipov12626/07/2019
27Costain Group PLC12706/05/2020
28Phil Bailie Trading As Skyline Aerial13127/03/2020
29Simon Hailey Trading As QnH Drones13304/10/2020
30Andrew Charlton Trading As Aerial Imaging Pros13408/02/2019
31U.M.E (NI) Ltd Trading As TrimVale Aviation13514/02/2020
32Skypower Limited13606/09/2019
33Aerosight UAV Ltd13706/08/2019
34Avellana Systems Limited Trading As Blades Aerial Survey17510/03/2019
35Scottish Environment Protection Agency17924/08/2019
36Universal Sky Pictures Ltd18217/01/2020
37Lec Park Limited Trading As Lec Park Aerial19024/05/2020
38Flying Camera Crew Ltd Trading As Flying Camera Company19502/08/2020
39Proaction Creative Ltd19721/12/2019
40Extreme Facilities Limited Trading As Extreme Facilities20204/09/2020
41Furness Engineering And Technology20530/05/2020
42Redcopters Ltd20818/10/2019
43Cineworks Limited21527/04/2020
44Desire RC Ltd Trading As SkyPan21631/07/2019
45Flyonix Limited22107/11/2019
46The Helicopter Girls Limited22719/01/2020
47S N Media Limited Trading As Photodrones23309/07/2019
48Steven Law Trading As Smooth Pixels23410/03/2019
49Skyhook Media Ltd23504/09/2020
50Light Colour Sound Limited Trading As Light Colour Sound23726/09/2019
51Land And Minerals Consulting Limited24419/03/2020
52Skyvantage Ltd24807/10/2019
53Steve Shearn24906/04/2020
54Chris Wood Trading As HoverViews25412/10/2019
55Blades Property Developers Limited25529/05/2020
56Flying Pictures Group Limited25721/03/2020
57ECP Video Limited Trading As Go Aerial Photography And Video26513/12/2019
58Defence Science and Technology26925/06/2019
59Highline Aerial Media Limited27901/04/2020
60Alexander J Baker Trading As Droid-Cam28203/02/2020
61Kurnia Licensing Consultants Limited28729/11/2019
62Andrew Thoirs Trading As Aerial View Scotland29017/01/2020
63Joshua Edkins And Harry Clifton Trading As DroneScope29406/04/2020
64Alan Taddei Trading As TDi Media30118/01/2020
65Rogue State Media Ltd30229/01/2020
66Hopgrove Productions Limited30330/05/2020
67Philip Fearnley Photography Limited30412/10/2019
68J motion Limited31102/08/2020
69Mark Wingad Trading As UAV Aerial Services31206/11/2020
70ATEC-3D Ltd31327/11/2019
71Duncan Armstrong & Steve Cooke Trading31712/04/2019
72DTM Technologies Limited31920/05/2020
73Eagleisystems Limited Trading As Eagleisystems32014/06/2019
74Yonda Aerial Systems Ltd32413/02/2020
75Richard Allitt Associates Limited Trading As Remote Aerial Surveys32630/08/2019
76Bees Knees Media Limited32803/10/2020
77Mulholland Media Limited33017/05/2020
78Kingfisher APS Ltd33313/02/2020
79Dependable Productions Ltd33525/07/2019
80Zaid Al-Obaidi Trading As Seahawk AP33922/06/2019
81Geocurve Limited Trading As Geocurve34028/08/2019
82Podchains Limited Trading As Bexcopter34510/12/2019
83Grinlor Productions Limited Trading As Grinlor Productions35424/08/2019
84Dragonfly UAV Technologies Limited35719/06/2019
85Cine Media Limited Trading As Cinecopters35921/09/2019
86Northern Bear Safety Limited Trading As Survey Drones36020/07/2019
87Dragonfly UK (Stone) Limited Trading As Dragonfly Aerial Image36429/04/2020
88Rothamsted Research Limited36824/07/2019
89Samuel Jackson Trading As Sarija37407/10/2019
90Peter Keith Limited37829/11/2019
91Roar Films Limited Trading As Arcade Aerials38211/06/2019
92SP Films Ltd38302/09/2020
93Paul Gibson Trading As Sussex Air Imaging38406/04/2020
94Skyfly Video Ltd Trading As The Drone Co and Skyfly Risk Management38607/10/2019
95Turkey Red Media Ltd Trading As Turkey Red Media39525/06/2019
96Proxymus Limited Trading As Aerialworx39920/02/2020
97Horizon 51 Limited40420/07/2019
98Thomas Callander Trading As Cloud Vision Pro40517/10/2019
99Robert Howarth Trading As Fairway Flyovers40714/06/2019
100Lenslifters Limited Trading As Lenslifters40821/06/2019
101Brian Abram Trading As Premiere Aerial Films by Red Carpet Video41010/10/2019
102Patrick Cummins Trading As Apex Aerial Imaging41118/10/2019
103Stephen Hancke Trading As Captured Motion41318/09/2019
104Papercut Media LTD Trading As Papercut Media41730/06/2019
105Surrey And Sussex Emergency Services41816/06/2019
106Matthew Wild Trading As AltiVision41929/01/2020
107Trigger Image Limited Trading As Trigger42016/05/2020
108Caintech Limited Trading As Caintech42109/05/2019
109James Harvey Trading As Hampshire Aerial Photos42730/06/2020
110Skycamwales Limited43308/09/2019
111Mark Hiscutt Trading As Aerial Technics43521/06/2019
112Ultimate Aerial Video Limited43808/12/2019
113SG Photography Limited44010/04/2019
114Immersive Pictures Ltd Trading As Bee Aerial44216/07/2019
115Skyglide Limited44301/11/2020
116Gerald McGivern44513/09/2019
117Foundation Productions Limited trading as Skypod Aerial Media44818/04/2020
118Grey Moth Ltd45115/11/2019
119357 Limited Trading As Ads-Up Elevated Photography and Aerial Photography Services45328/09/2019
120Aquila UAS Ltd45714/09/2019
121Conan Lavery Trading As High Perceptions46125/09/2019
122Push4 Audio Visual Limited46213/07/2019
123VR Vistas Ltd46609/02/2019
124ITV PLC46709/09/2019
125Vertech Imaging Ltd Trading As Vertech Imaging47109/07/2019
126Michael Macmillan Trading As Macmillan Media47819/10/2019
127Topcon Positioning (Great Britain) Limited47927/11/2019
128Pixelwork Limited48011/12/2019
130Vertex Air Ltd48725/02/2020
131Aerial Video Guys Ltd Trading As Aerial Video Guys48831/08/2019
132isky Unmaned Systems Limited49119/06/2020
133Dragonfly Motion Pictures Ltd49423/11/2019
134JonesMillbank Limited49528/06/2019
135Future Aerial Innovations Limited49621/03/2020
136Fleye Ltd Trading As Fleye49910/05/2019
137Air-Frames (UK) Limited50118/02/2020
138Adam Tate Trading As DroneAerialSurvey50216/11/2019
139John Shelton Trading As Mi360 Virtual Tours50416/09/2019
140Heli-Tele Ltd50726/03/2020
141Peter Box51023/10/2019
142S2a Media Limited Trading As Surface 2 Air51205/09/2020
143Jamie Brightmore Trading As Jaybee51424/04/2020
144CloudVisual Ltd51805/06/2020
145Overdrones Limited52001/04/2020
146British Broadcasting Corporation Trading52306/09/2019
147Ten4 Production Services Limited52414/11/2019
148Frontier Agriculture Limited Trading As SOYL52519/11/2019
149Happen Productions Limited52713/06/2019
150Phil Harris52917/11/2019
151Woodland Solutions (Northern) Limited53023/12/2019
152Richard Elliott Trading As Richard Elliott Aerial Filming53210/08/2019
153University of South Wales - Network7553609/12/2019
154Aspect Film and Video Limited53830/01/2020
155Media Inventions Limited53926/01/2020
156HiPoint Visual Limited54021/11/2019
157Skytask Aerial Imaging Ltd54502/04/2020
158Flythru Limited54911/03/2019
159Neil Ewins Trading As Ewins Aerial Photography55119/09/2019
160Blurred Media TV Limited55501/08/2020
161Bristol Drones Ltd Trading As Bristol Drones55720/10/2019
162Aerial Video TV Limited55822/11/2019
163AirPixa Ltd56020/01/2020
164Clwydian Films Limited56203/08/2020
165Geodime Limited56623/01/2020
166Paul Lindup Trading As Airbourne Imagery56729/10/2019
167Jack Johnston56813/10/2019
168John Duncan Trading As John Duncan57006/05/2020
169The Bionic Eye Limited57326/02/2020
170Humanoid Productions Ltd57618/09/2019
171Unmanned Aerial Technology Ltd57916/01/2020
172Picturewise Productions Ltd Trading As HellyTelly58204/12/2020
173Graham Hay Trading As Helicam International58801/02/2020
174Cloudbase Images Limited59127/11/2019
175Darren Winwood Trading As AeroCapture59220/05/2020
176Drone Camera Hire Limited59330/01/2020
177Helishots Limited60231/07/2019
178IDP-Film Ltd Trading As IDP-Film.com60721/12/2019
179Thames Water Utilities Limited Trading As Thames Water60815/12/2019
180Geo Geo Limited60920/02/2020
181Skeye Aerial Survey and Inspection Limited61403/03/2020
182XCell Aerial Surveys Limited61723/12/2019
183Cinecosse Limited61801/08/2020
184H Tempest Limited Trading As Jolt Media61907/12/2019
185William Selby Trading As Will Selby Project62226/02/2020
186The Last Word Partnership Limited62420/07/2019
187Greig Morris Trading As Aye in the Sky62519/12/2019
188Russell Cleaver62627/07/2019
189Desmond Seal Trading As Des Seal tv. & Aerial Photography Services (Aps)62702/09/2020
190John Rippin Trading As VertiGo Pro Aerial Imaging63004/01/2020
191Atypical Media Limited Trading As Aerial Picture Company / Air Cine63301/05/2020
192Wide Horizons Aerial Photography And63517/05/2020
193Kensson Limited63601/05/2020
194Mlo Limited Trading As Flyibot64003/10/2020
195Skyimage Limited64503/05/2020
196Ocuair Limited65023/01/2020
197Jon Gardiner Trading As JG Vision65329/07/2019
198Robert Jones Trading As Videovibe65725/03/2020
199Visual Heights Ltd65915/12/2019
200Daniele Fargnoli Trading As Scotland Unmanned Aerial Services66020/06/2019
201TVP Film & Multimedia Ltd66103/03/2020
202Smith Myers Communications Ltd Trading66213/05/2020
203Dynamic Industries Limited Trading As Aero-Dynamics66330/10/2019
204Livingcity Asset Management Limited66522/02/2020
205Alex Layton And Jason McCleave Trading66619/11/2019
206Adam Marcinowicz Trading As
207Inspectahire Instrument Co. Limited66829/11/2019
20844.1 Creative Limited Trading As Sky Cam East67103/06/2020
209HiCam Ltd67403/06/2020
210Mark Futter Limited Trading As Flying Spider Films67604/04/2020
211Altura Aerial Photography Limited68215/02/2020
212Brian Flanagan Trading As Elevated Imaging Systems68327/03/2020
213Aerial Craft Ltd68403/01/2020
214Arc Aerial Imaging Limited68501/12/2020
215High Eye Aerial Photography Ltd68915/02/2020
216Alexander Meacock Trading as69023/04/2020
217Sky Cam Productions Ltd69219/02/2020
218Flyover Filming Limited69602/04/2020 Ltd70018/02/2020
220Footprint Photography Ltd Trading As Footprint Photography70407/06/2020
221DroneCraft Limited Trading As DroneCraft70501/07/2020
222Zenith Aerial Photography Limited70922/05/2020
223Derek Fett Photography Limited Trading As Aerial Media Scotland71120/02/2020
224Kingdom Creative Studios Limited71415/02/2020
225Honcho Media Limited71811/01/2019
226Skytec-UK Limited71921/12/2019
227Corporate Support Services Limited72325/04/2020
228Neil Mowbray Trading As Viewpoint Films72403/06/2020
229Billybob Design Ltd Trading As Bird Aerial72516/05/2020
230Droneflight Ltd72729/08/2019
231Alan Robert Love And Veronica Love72921/04/2020
232Richard Davies And Thomas Milne Trading73201/04/2020
233Christopher Taylor Trading As Aerovisuals73416/02/2020
234Rock Estates (Cornwall) Limited Trading As John Bray And Partners John Bray / Cornish Holidays73503/09/2020
235Skypro Productions Limited73617/04/2020
236Flying News UAV Limited73921/04/2020
237Sound View Media Limited74103/02/2020
238Fergus Kennedy Trading As Skylark Aerial74419/03/2020
239Stephen Gilbey Trading As AirView Photography74613/08/2019
240Video East Limited Trading As Droneworks.uk74717/04/2020
241Barry Hankss Trading As Drones-Eye75224/04/2020
242Seamless Edit Ltd Trading As Aerial Alchemy75319/06/2019
243Camfly Films Limited75419/04/2020
244Adam Cooper Trading As Kite Vision75604/07/2020
245LHW Partnership LLP76023/05/2020
246Mark Bullen Trading As LRW Films76705/03/2020
247Blink Imaging Ltd76829/05/2020
248Charles Krajewski Trading As Angels Away77520/12/2019
249Trey Farley Trading As Rocaflix78004/12/2020
250Sky Eye Concepts Ltd78327/04/2020
251Colin de Fraine78419/01/2020
252ISTAR Limited Trading As Team UAV78522/05/2020
253Louis James-Parker Trading As Aerial78805/03/2020
254Hummingbird Imaging Ltd79327/08/2019
255Topher McGrillis Photography Ltd79405/12/2020
256Vector Photography Limited79618/05/2020
257Skyshots Imagery Limited80306/05/2020
258Mike Calnan Trading As Mike Calnan @ National Trust80407/12/2019
259Thomas Haywood Aerial Photography80516/04/2020
260Media Hog Productions Ltd.80715/05/2020
261ADPV Ltd81120/04/2020
262Fardoulis Robotics Limited81426/06/2019
263Pixel Communications Limited Trading As SkyFocal81522/06/2019
264Yorkshire Wildlife Trust81610/03/2019
265Matthew Keeble Trading As Wetsnapper.com81709/05/2019
266The Merchant Princes Company Limited82115/05/2020
267Kevin Milner Trading As Kevin Milner82405/07/2020
268Extreme Video Limited Trading As Extreme Video82528/04/2020
269Chris Clarke Trading As 2C Beyond Aerial82611/09/2019
270Film Up High Ltd82918/05/2020
271Dean Russell Trading As DEK Images83818/06/2019
272AeroVue UAV Limited84313/06/2019
273Museum Of London Archaeology84414/06/2019
274Skyeyevideo Limited84521/05/2020
275XCYTE MEDIA Ltd Trading As eggair/eggtv84713/02/2020
276SkyCam Media UK Limited85123/05/2020
277Aerial Republic Ltd85631/07/2019
278Stripe Media Ltd86118/09/2019
279Sam Short Trading As Aerial Frontiers86228/05/2020
280Helicopter Film Services Limited86404/12/2020
281Aerial Motion Pictures Ltd86626/06/2019
282Sky High Ingenuity Limited87230/06/2019
283High Photos Limited Trading As Birdseye View87807/10/2019
284Copa Creu Ltd88122/08/2019
285MCS Services And Equipment Ltd88220/06/2019
286Aerial Photography Pros Ltd88331/05/2020
287Total Corporate Photography Ltd88714/11/2019
288Camera In The Clouds Ltd Trading As Camera In The Clouds88827/06/2019
289Northern Ireland Water Limited Trading As Northern Ireland Water88928/11/2019
290Andrew Seggins Limited89410/03/2019
291Track Two Limited89517/07/2019
292Harris Aerial Images Limited89627/06/2019
293BNL Productions Limited89706/10/2019
294Crows Nest Studios Ltd90027/08/2019
295Digital Triangle Creative Ltd Trading As Digital Triangle Creative, Tim Edgeler Photography90721/06/2019
296Adam Richards And Gareth Lynch Trading91206/10/2020
297Keith Hibbert Trading As Select Aerial91314/05/2020
298One on One Productions Ltd91616/11/2019
299Pardore Computing Limited Trading As CineCloud91808/09/2019
300Aerial Inspection Robotics Ltd Trading As Air91923/06/2019
301Fierce Kitty Ltd Trading As Fierce Kitty Films92016/06/2019
302Global Drone Surveys Limited92218/06/2019
303Gary Thompson trading as AstonTech92302/08/2020
304Perfect View Productions Ltd92716/06/2020
305Sky Revolutions Ltd92818/07/2019
306Andy Bell92908/02/2019
307Berkeley Homes (Eastern Counties) Limited93423/01/2020
3094D Civil Engineering Surveying Trading As 4DCES93707/06/2019
310Merlin Flying Cameras Ltd Trading As Merlin Flying Cameras94329/08/2019
311Innovair Limited Trading As Innovair94627/06/2019
312Graduated Talent Ltd Trading As 1440 Drones94716/06/2019
313FILMWORX Limited95916/06/2019
314UAV Vertical Limited96423/08/2019
315Chris Catullo Trading As ALTITUDE5896507/07/2019
316Epsom Downs Limited Trading As Media Picture96807/08/2019
317Annemarie Gibson Trading As Circa Media96922/11/2019
318Amis Productions Ltd97407/01/2019
319Jerry Laurence Trading As Brighton SkyCam97807/11/2019
320Daniel Woodmansey97908/02/2019
321Bannerman Burke Properties Limited98007/08/2019
322DGTL Media LTD Trading As dgtl Media House98128/06/2019
323Eric Knights Trading As Knightsky Aerial Surveying and Photography98211/02/2019
324Arctic Tern Films Ltd98623/11/2019
325Christians Environmental Limited98913/11/2019
326Aerial-Cam Ltd Trading As Aerial-Cam99117/07/2019
327James Kidson Trading As Winter And Kidson Photography99216/06/2019
328Echo Alfa Ltd100007/05/2019
329Drone Safe Register Ltd100207/12/2019
330Benjamin Saunders Trading As Bird View100317/07/2019
331Deadline Digital Limited100423/07/2019
332Ian Watkins Trading As KesCamUK100709/01/2019
333Samuel Farley-Hills And Nicholas St John101118/09/2019
334David McArthur101225/03/2020
335Chris Lethbridge101418/02/2020
336Precisionhawk UK Ltd101920/03/2020
337Eastwood Media Ltd Trading As Eastwood Media102021/06/2019
338Visual Perspectives Ltd102408/07/2019
339MLE Pyrotechnics Limited Trading As MLE Pyrotechnics Flysnap102609/06/2019
340Howard Rockliffe Trading As Vistaworx102822/06/2019
341Orbit Media Ltd102930/11/2019
342SkyOptics Ltd103017/10/2019
343Iain Lowe And Christopher Lowe Trading103113/09/2019
344Nigel Warren Trading As NRW Photographic & Video Services103613/08/2019
345Jonathan Purchase Trading As DoubleXAir104319/06/2019
346Alembic TV Limited104410/08/2019
347Severns-Jones Photography LLP Trading As104606/06/2020
348Matthew Holmes Trading As SkyValley Aerial Photography104816/06/2019
349Fearghus Foyle Trading As Aerial Eye104910/03/2019
350Cable News International Limited Trading105027/09/2019
351Dragonshead Productions Limited Trading105108/02/2019
352Six-West Ltd105206/05/2020
353Daedalus Drones Ltd105328/07/2019
354Greenstone Pictures UK Ltd105428/06/2019
355Gravity Fliming Limited Trading As Gravity Aerial Filming105718/06/2020
356Martyn Sheard Trading As HD Video Services106113/09/2019
357Steven Stringer Photography Ltd106231/08/2019
358Hummingbird Drone Works Limited Trading106817/07/2019
359Floating Focus Facilities LLP107108/02/2019
360Altitude Media Ltd107412/05/2019
361Aled Davies-Jones Trading As Na Ni Media107812/03/2019
362Flightkam Ltd107908/04/2019
363XcopterImages Limited108009/12/2019
364Advanced Aerial Media Ltd108428/09/2019
365Wisteria Films Limited Trading As Webevision - Phil Broom Lighting Bynorth Photography108528/07/2020
366Solid Sky Ltd108929/05/2020
367Virtual Shropshire Ltd109026/07/2019
368Alasdair McBroom Trading As Wolfhound Media109112/04/2019
369Matt Pickard Trading As pickture. Aerial109315/04/2020
370Thistle Access NDT Ltd109719/06/2019
371VUEAV Ltd110119/06/2019
372Auster Aviation Limited110227/07/2019
373The Airborne Lens Company Limited110421/07/2019
374Andrew Bryson Trading As Andrew Bryson Photography110517/08/2019
375Omnivision Limited110730/10/2019
376Alan Cromar110805/09/2020
377Penrith Farmers And Kidds PLC111507/03/2019
378Dave Powell Limited Trading As Aerial Photography Wales111628/11/2019
379Aeroglen Limited111807/11/2019
380Ultimate Aerial View Ltd112107/10/2019
381J2 Production Services Ltd Trading As J2 Aerial Imaging112422/10/2019
382Darren McKernon Trading As SHANWEB112718/08/2019
383Simon Mallin Trading As The Vertical Picture Company112816/07/2019
384Andrew Moore Trading As Perception Images112908/09/2019
385Zade Cross Trading As Zade Aerial + Zade Film Co113106/05/2020
386Macha Media Ltd113218/06/2019
387Gregory Chivers Trading As Lunar Aerial Imaging113324/07/2019
388Leicesterphoto Limited113608/04/2019
389Edward Shepherd Trading As Ed Shepherd Photography113831/07/2019
390Nectarios Procopiou Trading As Aeroviews114207/10/2019
391Van Cols Limited114407/10/2019
392David Bright Trading As Bright Sky Videos114510/03/2019
393Iprosurv Limited114708/10/2019
394Drew Kirk Trading As Drew Kirk Productions115220/07/2019
395Ross Birnie115830/10/2019
396Duncan Hine Trading As Vertical Horizons Media116020/07/2019
397Octovision Media Limited Trading As Octovision Media116207/11/2019
398Copper Tree Media Ltd Trading As Copper Tree Media116408/04/2019
399Didier Soulier Trading As The Drone Film Company116916/10/2019
400Airborne Vision Ltd117519/11/2019
401Charles A R Ramsay Trading As Skylark Aerial Photography117829/05/2020
402Ritchie Southerton Trading As Ritchie Southerton Photography118028/02/2020
403Helicam Services Ltd118226/10/2019
404Richard Hignett Trading As Richard Lewis Photography118308/02/2019
405John Macrae Trading As J MacRae118405/01/2020
406UK Air Comms Ltd118609/11/2019
407Edge 2 Edge Films Ltd118718/09/2019
408Ian Wilde Trading As Video Drone Services119017/11/2019
409Nimbus Aerial Surveys & Photography LLP119218/09/2019
410Firefly Aerial Innovation Ltd119624/07/2019
411Rectrix Drone Services Limited Trading As Rectrix Drone Services119818/09/2019
412Aviate Scotland Ltd119908/04/2019
413High Level Photography Ltd120002/09/2020
414Civil Engineering Solutions Limited Trading120210/09/2019
415FlyPro-UK Limited Trading As FlyPro-UK120508/02/2019
416Sam Moore Trading As Visual Air120721/08/2019
417Freefly Multimedia Limited120819/10/2019
418Andrew Gransden Trading As MoraySky Aerial Services121609/04/2019
419Rooflinings & Cladding Limited122014/12/2019
420Carl Woodall122204/10/2020
421Timothy Wilde Trading As Wilde Photography122529/08/2019
422Sean Lucas Trading As Airodrone Solutions122831/08/2019
423Kit Fanner & Paul McCabe Trading As Air Vision Media122928/08/2019
424TriCAD Solutions Limited123011/04/2019
425Farrar Creative Ltd Trading As Flying Camera Services123211/07/2019
426Colchester Borough Homes Limited123312/11/2019
427Matthew Gossage Trading As Skyviation by Media MG123508/06/2019
428UAS Flight Ops Ltd123620/12/2019
429James Bastable Photography Ltd123829/10/2019
430Survey Drone Limited123919/10/2019
431Laurelgrove Productions Limited124011/02/2019
432Nicholas Parsons Trading As Nick Parsons Photography124208/06/2020
433Reactive Audio Limited Trading As Reactive Audio & Video124303/06/2020
434Winston Bynorth Trading As Winston Bynorth Photography124628/09/2019
435David Mortimer Trading As David Mortimer RPAS125009/01/2019
436Juan Latour Trading As Helipromo125310/12/2019
437Mighty Sky Film Ltd125526/09/2019
438AltoFocus Limited125824/08/2019
439VolaDrone Limited126021/11/2019
440Tamarin Design Limited Trading As Aerialview126429/08/2019
441Drone Tech Aerospace Ltd126523/08/2019
442Dylan Baldwin Trading As ikopta126630/08/2019
443Seymour Productions Ltd126720/09/2019
444Aerolistic Ltd127807/03/2019
445Francis Ambler Trading As Francis Ambler127906/05/2020
446Colin Aldred Trading As Aerial Artwork128109/11/2019
447Martin Stacey128228/08/2019
448Simon Robertson Trading As fly2view128331/08/2019
449Airborne Inspections Ltd128811/06/2019
450Stuart Nicholls Trading As Emagine Productions129018/09/2019
451Anthony Herring Trading As Photoclear129223/10/2019
452ANF Consulting Ltd129709/12/2019
453Associated Press Television News Limited129910/09/2019
454Ericsson Limited130109/10/2019
455Survey Photo Services Limited130520/10/2019
4563deep Media Ltd131421/09/2019
457Aerodrone-AISC Ltd131527/08/2019
458Ka-boom Films Limited131609/12/2019
459MoonStorm Media Limited131911/02/2019
460Darren Brown Trading As Soaring Productions132314/09/2019
461RS Building Consultancy Ltd132513/09/2019
462Leaping Wing Ltd133009/01/2019
463Adamedia Ltd133424/10/2019
464Sentinel Secure Services Limited133909/12/2019
465Marc Trotter134206/12/2019
466Purpose Media (UK) Limited135516/12/2019
467Trevor Hagger Trading As fly camera action136210/10/2019
468Cinemate Ltd Trading As Cinemate Films137001/04/2020
469Tony Carlin Trading As Cinematic Sky137125/03/2020
470Oliver Richards137429/01/2020
471Imagen Photography Limited Trading As Aerial Pro137727/03/2020
472Paul Carr Trading As CTL Photography138210/10/2019
473Chris Curtis Trading As Blue Sky Media138415/02/2020
474Rising View Ltd138729/11/2019
475West End Studios Limited139126/03/2020
476Joshua Hanna Trading As VideoDrone139922/01/2020
477Landmark Surveys Limited Trading As UAV140224/01/2020
478Gavin Hellier Photography Limited140703/03/2020
479Matthew Burtwell Trading As Aerial Cornwall141102/04/2020
480Matthew Charles Cranfield Trading As Skyflicks141219/10/2019
481Grey Wolf Studios Limited Trading As Greywolf Studios141610/07/2019
482Stuart Watt141801/03/2020
483196 Productions Limited142617/01/2020
484Tree Frontiers Limited142727/03/2020
485Nicholas Turner Trading As Nick Turner Photography142919/10/2019
486Lewis Photography Limited Trading As DroneScene143011/02/2019
487Heimdall Aerial Systems Limited143131/10/2019
488The Progress Film Company Limited143302/07/2020
489Mark Zaccaria Trading As Mark Zaccaria Photography143620/10/2019
490Graymatter Media Limited144022/03/2020
491John Tasker Trading As Whirlybird Imaging144110/04/2019
492Everything is Somewhere Limited144314/11/2019
493Skylark Aerial Services LTD144613/06/2019
494Birds Eye Studios Limited144910/12/2019
495Andrew Donald Trading As Kingfisher Aerial As Part Of Woolley And Wallis Chartered Surveyors145022/02/2020
4966ixes and 7evens Ltd Trading As AAIR145611/01/2019
497Boast Limited Trading As Jon Boast Lighting Cameraman145911/02/2019
498Trevor Fuller Trading As Departure Lounge Studios146027/06/2019
499Pete Stratton Trading As Creative Skies146123/10/2019
500Steve Trowell Trading As Steve Trowell146404/03/2020
501Paul Warrener Trading As Griffon Scot146927/10/2019
502Eagle Approach Technology Ltd147114/08/2019
503E McMullan Ltd147411/08/2019
504David Woodhouse Trading As Forest Inventory147811/02/2019
505Liverpool John Moores University147916/01/2020
506Richard Cook Photography Limited148024/01/2020
507Andrew McKenna Trading As DigitalStudio Fort William148111/09/2019
508NDE Films Limited Trading As Horizon Drones148601/05/2020
509Kevin Capon Trading As AMC149013/02/2020
510Zero-G Media Productions Limited149802/12/2020
511Dr Niall Burnside149906/01/2020
512Explosive Capabilities Limited Trading As UAVpix150104/06/2020
513Trailstream Limited150218/01/2020
514Simon Holtom Trading As DMS Holtom150326/06/2019
515Peter Morrison Trading As Latitude Aerial Survey150422/11/2019
516Atom Aerial Ltd150920/09/2019
517The Wildlife Trust For Bedfordshire151201/08/2020
518Linney Group Limited151306/12/2019
519Robert Greaves Trading As Skysight Media151621/11/2019
520Hungry Eye Limited151807/12/2019
521Moja Limited152017/11/2019
522Aerial Focus Limited152115/04/2020
523Shooting Reels LLP152201/08/2020
524Kent Police152311/07/2019
525Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue152618/01/2020
526Kent Fire and Rescue Service152712/10/2019
527Dr-One Aerial Videography Ltd153613/11/2019
528CM Media Limited Trading As Bright Blue Media153723/11/2019
529Cirrus Productions Ltd153923/10/2019
530Jonathon Sales Trading As Skydrones154023/01/2020
531All Knight Productions Limited154410/08/2019
532Drift Media Ltd154511/04/2019
533Scout Design & Communicate Ltd154629/11/2019
534Justin Davies154719/12/2019
535Paul Davis Trading As Mourne Images154803/03/2020
536West Yorkshire Police155115/01/2020
537Roger Warman Trading As UH1 Aerial155202/11/2020
538Eaglize Limited155723/01/2020
539David Wilson Trading As Drone Dog Aerial155801/04/2020
540Skeye Photography And Surveys Ltd155921/11/2019
541UK Aerial Photography Limited156215/12/2019
542Bedfordshire Police, Cambridgeshire And156902/02/2020
543Neil Crawford Trading As Crawford Digital157014/02/2020
544Daniel Farren Trading As Hawk Eye Filming157605/09/2020
545F L Surveys Ltd157715/12/2019
546360TV Ltd158920/11/2019
547Miracles Production Limited159210/04/2019
548Skyhawk Aerial Imaging Ltd159513/11/2019
549Drone My Business Ltd159625/01/2020
550Breckland Geomatics Limited160029/11/2019
551Chris Billington Trading As160104/05/2020
552Monssi Ltd160424/01/2020
553Simon Lead Trading As Quadcam160512/12/2019
555Airborne Platforms UK Ltd161128/02/2020
556David Craig trading as Irish Sights161218/01/2020
557Beehive Aerial Productions Ltd161316/01/2020
558Chris Cooke Trading As Sky High Media161402/05/2020
559Taylor Bowden-Parry Trading As weCREATE161529/01/2020
560Paul Mawhinney Trading As Airviews NI161702/08/2020
561Paul Martin Eves Trading As Airborne Remote Solutions162127/02/2020
562Timeline Junkies Limited Trading As Future Studios162226/09/2019
563FinnCara Ltd Trading As Rapicam Media162925/01/2020
564Myriad Security Limited Trading As Superfly Media163129/01/2020
565Adrian Ashworth163212/01/2019
566CloudBase Productions Limited163602/01/2020
567iScope Utilities Limited164024/01/2020
568Altitude Aerial Photography Ltd164114/02/2020
569Telling Creations Limited Trading As164813/05/2020
570Alula Media Limited Trading As alula.media165124/08/2019
571Bill Emrich Design Associates Limited165604/10/2020
572Amazon Studios Limited165719/03/2020
573Paul McMullin165926/04/2020
574Jack Gorman Trading As The Really Good166029/04/2020
575Nottingham Trent University166220/03/2020
576Terence Stubbs Trading As Multirotor Solutions166824/12/2019
577Cut Mustard Ltd.166917/04/2020
578David Wootton Trading As David Wootton Photography167515/03/2020
579Wing Limited Trading As Wingman167624/05/2020
580Aerial Inspection And Mapping Surveys Ltd167804/11/2020
581Created By Light Limited Trading As167918/04/2020
582Stratus Imagery Ltd168129/11/2019
583Edinburgh Film Company Ltd168226/10/2019
584UAV Commercial Services Limited168325/03/2020
585Juice Images Ltd168425/03/2020
586Sky High Camera Limited168601/10/2020
587Eagle Eye Drones Ltd168726/01/2020
588Michael Sullivan Trading As Cloud View Capture168926/01/2020
589Evoque Video Limited169209/05/2019
590Survey Operations Limited169322/02/2020
591IHA (UK) Limited169421/06/2019
592David Howlett Trading As Photo Elevate169502/01/2020
593Progressive Productions Limited169717/07/2019
594Create Flying Pictures Limited169930/03/2020
595Vinod Dabasia Trading As Altitude Eye170026/04/2020
596Robert Macdonald Trading As Air Creations170523/02/2020
597Aerial Film And Photo Ltd170707/03/2019
598Skypics Limited170828/03/2020
599Creative on Camera Ltd170905/10/2020
600Benjamin Sadd171115/03/2020
601Alexandra Halse-Platt Trading As Thames171723/02/2020
602James Harries Trading As James Harries Multimedia172020/12/2019
603Mark Smith Trading As Central Unmanned172213/03/2020
604Avon Archaeology Limited172601/04/2020
605James D'Arcy-Bean Trading As DB Aerial Photography172714/02/2020
606Drones on Demand Limited172902/10/2020
607Richard Helliar Trading As Heli-air Imaging173004/09/2020
608Tonshi Creative Limited Trading As Stuart Conway Photography173115/06/2019
609Oakley Aerial Surveys Limited173318/03/2020
610William Wright Trading As Amazing Aerial Views173622/01/2020
611Ian Roman Trading As Blue Sky Drones173803/02/2020
612Farming Photography Limited173913/02/2020
613Simon Knight Trading As Skynamite174225/03/2020
614Barry Clack Trading As Box Cottage Photography174320/04/2020
615John Thompson Trading As Jet174515/05/2020
616Remote Perspectives Ltd174621/02/2020
617MMJH Ltd174703/03/2020
618Sam Butcher Trading As Vert Media174903/03/2020
619Steadipix Productions Limited175005/01/2020
620Stuart Lambe Trading As Jaffa Productions175303/04/2020
621Daniel Cooke Trading As Danny Cooke Freelance Filmmaker175715/02/2020
622Philip Hind Trading As Toofast Media Group175821/03/2020
623HSP FILMING LTD176225/01/2020
624Met Office176619/11/2019
625University of Wolverhampton176929/08/2019
626Simon Handley Trading As Skylark Aerial Photography177026/01/2020
627Mills Films Productions Limited177204/02/2020
628Michael Anderson LRPS Photography Trading As Broadhouse Media177630/01/2020
629N T Killingley Ltd178025/04/2020
630Image And Picture Limited178408/09/2019
631Futurewise Renewables Limited Trading As Futurewise Aerial178513/02/2020
632Air Cam Pro UK Ltd178623/05/2020
633Lightcore Limited Trading As Light Vision178819/03/2020
634James Rowden Trading As Feral Film179024/09/2019
635Salusuav Limited179219/03/2020
636Burlison Ltd Trading As Burlison Photography179314/02/2020
637Devon & Cornwall and Dorset Police179410/11/2019
638Altitude Video And Photography Ltd179516/07/2019
639Activideo Communications Limited179607/07/2019 Limited179805/07/2020
641City & County Of Swansea180226/02/2020
642Mark Smeaton180426/02/2020
643Telaren Project Solutions Ltd Trading As Aerosnapper180502/10/2020
644Over-C Techniques Limited180604/02/2020
645Nigel Harniman Trading As Harniman Photography180714/05/2020
646Green Shoots Productions Limited180927/03/2020
647Airpro Media Limited181419/02/2020
648Lomas Brothers Limited Trading As Lomas Drones181504/01/2020
649Allied Kinetic Limited181605/05/2020
650International Robotic Integrated Solutions181706/08/2019
651Pierre Leon Trading As Hawk-Eye Aerial182120/05/2020
652George Woodcock182425/02/2020
653Kaiser Media Limited182604/01/2020
654David Hart Trading As Icebox Video Productions182704/12/2020
655Simage Communications Limited Trading182904/10/2020
656Peter Cade Photography Limited183124/01/2020
657Robert Ure Trading As Rob Ure Photography183318/02/2020
658Quantum Blu Limited183403/07/2020
659Templeman Associates Ltd Trading As184123/02/2020
660Christopher Morse Trading As F4Photo184229/05/2020
661Clevershot Limited184323/03/2020
662Leica Geosystems Limited184804/04/2020
663Still-live Media Limited185022/05/2020
664WePhoto UAV Ltd185104/01/2020
665Topdrone Ltd Trading As Topdrone185223/05/2020
666Korda Developments Limited185429/05/2020
667Graham Toney Trading As propertybox.org185605/09/2020
668Michael Georgiou185920/07/2019
669Andrew John Stork Trading As Cirrus Aerial Imagery186103/01/2020
670Mark Page186708/08/2019
671Rory Gillies trading as Shetland Flyer Aerial Media187203/03/2020
672Jason Bulley187319/03/2020
673MRTVPR Limited Trading As Ergo Films187629/04/2020
674Adam Webster188116/03/2020
675Warren Pitt Trading As Warren Peace Pitt188518/12/2019
676Aerial Vision Limited189414/04/2020
677Mark Pateman Trading As Firefly Imaging189826/09/2019
678UAS Solutions Limited190017/04/2020
679Ancell Media Limited190115/08/2019
680Mindscape Films Limited190204/10/2020
681View 3Sixty Limited Trading As 360 Virtual Tours190306/08/2019
682Ricky Fidler Trading As Skypicsuk190420/09/2019
683Nicholas Austin Trading As Skyforce190618/03/2020
684Charles Samuel Conner Trading As Black Kioti Productions190823/10/2019
685Evolution Drone Services Ltd191126/05/2020
686Magnox Limited191306/05/2020
687Andy Wills Trading As Hovershotz191604/05/2020
688Divercol Productions Limited Trading As Airborne Image Solutions191804/11/2020
689James Robertson And Ethel Robertson192204/05/2020
690Soup Creative Limited192514/05/2020
691Remote Technology Limited192907/03/2019
692Drone Photography Limited193004/11/2020
693Simon Stickland Trading As Dragons Eye193116/04/2020
694Anne Henly Trading As Anna Henly Photography193316/05/2020
695Andrew Prince Trading As Carillon Video Lynx Video194425/06/2019
696Fly Monkeys Limited194707/05/2019
697Nicholas Perry Trading As Droneswork194829/08/2019
698Bruizer Limited195026/06/2019
699Simon Scholes Trading As Perception Studios195208/08/2019
700Pro Horizon Ltd195329/04/2020
701Parlour Wood Limited Trading As Parlourwood195517/09/2019
702Jonathan Ruffle Trading As Fresh FX195813/05/2020
703Stuart Morgan Trading As Stuart Morgan Productions196105/02/2020
704Aerial Inspiration Limited196422/05/2020
705Stonephoto Ltd196914/07/2019
706Zentropy Ltd Trading As Zarper Aerial197526/02/2020
707Wayne Goldring Trading As SSTV197913/06/2019
708Freeform Productions Limited198315/04/2020
709PW Subsea Services Ltd Trading as198605/07/2020
710Aerial Photography UK Limited Trading As Andrew Holt199129/05/2020
711Moray First Limited Trading As Air-kam199227/03/2020
712DB Training Solutions Limited Trading As DB Consultancy Solutions199315/04/2020
713Aaron Sneddon Trading As Aerial Scotland199430/08/2019
714Fly Through Films Limited199831/08/2019
715Aurelijus Varna Trading As Varna Studios199917/07/2019
716EVP Group Limited200016/05/2020
717M60 Television Ltd200117/04/2020
718Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Fire200219/10/2019
719UAV Insight Ltd200513/11/2019
720Sunipa Pictures Limited201025/06/2019
721Broadwing Media Ltd201129/05/2020
722MediaVooDoo Limited201320/04/2020
723Gareth Bowden Trading As Droning-On201416/05/2020
724Robert Brocklehurst201716/05/2020
725Abell UAS & Archaeological Solutions Ltd201920/11/2019
726Overview Visuals Ltd Trading As Overview Visuals202215/06/2019
727Sibelco UK Limited202316/05/2020
728Andrew Rankin Trading As Arc Management202423/05/2020
729John James203126/04/2020
730Richard Stanton Trading As Richard203206/04/2020
731Base Films Limited203312/11/2019
732RawCast Ltd Trading As RawCast Media203405/01/2020
733Shane Fielder Trading As Active Drone203804/09/2020
734North Shore Productions Ltd203905/09/2020
735Masters Aero Ltd204007/11/2019
736Chris James204615/05/2020
737DIGITAL WASP Limited204721/08/2019
738Andrew Bruce Trading As Overhead Pictures204815/05/2020
739Tecbug Drone Services Limited204906/05/2020
740Richard Farish Limited205018/05/2020
741The University of Salford205114/05/2020
742Crisp Productions Ltd205522/02/2020
743Method Design Limited205708/01/2019
744Drone Photography Services Ltd205905/01/2020
745Dronecam Solutions Limited206005/05/2020
746AV Creations Limited206208/08/2019
747Adam Cook Trading As Rotor Aerial Cinematography206509/05/2019
748Geoff Ashcroft Trading As Media Mechanics206705/04/2020
749Hannah Cotterell207407/04/2019
750William Westaway Trading As Drone Hire Film207530/08/2019
751John Hawthorne Trading As Flawborough207722/05/2020
752IRed Limited208230/06/2019
754William Davies Trading As208711/09/2019
755Warren Loomes Trading As Prodrone Videography208825/06/2019
756Charlotte Cunningham Trading As Charlotte Cunningham Aerial Photography208922/10/2019
757Dean Bakeman Trading As Upzoom209126/06/2019
758Aidan McKelvey Trading As (William) Aidan McKelvey209226/06/2019
759Natural England209529/11/2019
760North Wales Holiday Cottages Ltd Trading209717/07/2019
761Simon Smith Trading As Southern Aerial Imaging209921/07/2019
762Higher Eyes Llp210905/12/2020
763Cyclops Commercial UAV Solutions Limited211728/06/2019
764Peter Haygarth And Jonathan Haygarth211830/05/2020
765Above Surveying Ltd212213/05/2020
766Cameron Crook Trading As Cameron S Crook & Associates213007/04/2019
767Besda Cyf213326/07/2019
768Harry Clegg Trading As Sharp Sky Productions213415/08/2019
769Roger Ellison T/a Little Eye Photography213929/05/2020
770Mike Dinsdale Trading As Midi Photography214031/05/2020
771Edphones Limited214209/05/2019
772Nathaniel Wheatley Trading As Procam Films214316/07/2019
773Steven Rutter Trading As Steve Elliot214505/10/2020
774Photography 19 Ltd215120/06/2019
775Alex Wilkinson Media Limited Trading As Alex Wilkinson Media215423/08/2019
776Jody Easkiovitch Trading As Airview215717/05/2020
777Miles Trotter Trading As MTFILMS215915/06/2019
778Pegasus Aerial Consulting Limited216222/05/2020
779Cabro Aviation Limited216520/05/2020
780Nathan Thomas Trading As Airborne Video216619/06/2019
781Grizzly Productions Limited216707/11/2019
782Richard Eaton Trading As West Midlands Aerial Photography216806/05/2020
783TCMC Crowded Space Ltd Trading As Crowded Space Drones217222/05/2020
784Precision Geomatics Limited217323/06/2019
785Capital Wireless Ltd217510/10/2019
786Aspire Aerial Media Ltd217923/05/2020
787Ann Savva Promotions Ltd218215/06/2019
788Metropolitan Police Service - Science218606/08/2020
789FlyingSaucy Limited218709/04/2019
790Quadcapture Limited218826/05/2020
791Bluesky Project Services Ltd219026/06/2019
792Andy Cameron Trading As Andy Cameron219113/11/2019
793Three Sixty Group Ltd219607/04/2019
794Cleandrone Limited219817/07/2019
795Lee Phillips Trading As Six4 Productions219907/07/2019
796Buzz Drones Limited220522/09/2019
797Balfour Beatty PLC221006/08/2019
798H.L Hutchinson Limited221222/08/2019
799The Natural Power Consultants Limited221507/06/2019
800Visionuav Ltd Trading As Vision Uav221706/08/2019
801Tim Sargent Trading As Flight 1222016/07/2019
802Mark Evans222202/05/2020
803Attenburrow Training & Education Ltd222726/06/2019
804Red Handed Television Limited223021/06/2020
805West Yorkshire Police 13XT Division223417/07/2019
806The Drone Perspective Limited224120/08/2019
807Eye In The Sky Aerials Ltd224526/07/2019
808Ollie Green Limited224606/11/2019
809Yeewai Tang Trading As Skyseed224707/04/2019
810Unmanned Imaging Tech Ltd224807/11/2019
811JB Towers Ltd225313/06/2019
812Ben Walton Films Limited225504/04/2020
813GNA Surveyors Limited Trading As Aspect Air Solutions225625/06/2019
814Rawphoto Limited226006/12/2020
815South Wales Police226123/11/2019
816Andrew Giles Trading As Andrew Giles Photography226608/07/2019
817Cameron Surveys Ltd227021/06/2019
818Hummingbird Technologies Limited227113/06/2019
819BreezeVista Ltd227606/12/2019
820PPL Sport & Leisure Limited Trading As The PPL Group228023/08/2019
821Creative Capture Ltd Trading As Creative Capture Media228213/06/2019
822Samantha Clark Trading As Farlap Skyshot228508/10/2019
823Jonny Iseli Trading As Flyby Aerial Photography Film and Survey228716/06/2019
824Tigertooth Productions Ltd229107/07/2019
825Lee Bullock Trading As The Aerial Aspect229410/12/2019
826On the Wing UAV Ltd229721/06/2019
827Cloud9 Viewing Ltd229920/06/2019
828William Fewkes Trading As Will Fewkes Aerials230229/08/2019
829Oliver Sugars Trading As Leading Edge Films230623/08/2019
830Royal Holloway And Bedford New College230813/07/2019
831Rocket Fuelled Design Limited230926/10/2019
832AKA Limited231008/02/2019
833Alasdair MacFarlane Trading As Alasdair MacFarlane Photography231115/06/2020
834Upix Photography Ltd Trading As Upix231207/05/2019
835James Victor Bishop And Antony Gavin231314/08/2019
836Vue3sixty Ltd Trading As Drone Surveying & Inspections (DSI)231507/03/2019
837Cornwall Drone Limited Trading As Cornwall Drone Aerial Images231622/06/2019
838AeroGraphics Ltd231726/09/2019
839Mark Henderson Trading As Taranis Aerial Media231811/01/2019
840Greenhatch Group Limited231925/07/2019
841S.D.C. Builders Ltd Trading As SDC232123/08/2019
842Rowan John Muskin Trading As Mpro232221/06/2019
843UAV Projects Limited Trading As UAV Projects232307/03/2019
844Robert Hickey Trading As GeoFilms232407/04/2019
845Corax Concepts Limited Trading As Corax Concepts, Drone Defence, Omnidrone232721/08/2019
846Bruce Hope Trading As Vantage Images232831/07/2019
847Gordon Blakemore Trading As Caledonia Drone Services232920/08/2019
848Time Flize Limited233020/06/2019
849Csaba Bajcsi Trading As Steadiimage233407/06/2019
850RPS Energy Limited233705/03/2020
851John Senior Trading As From The Air234116/06/2019
852Celt Creative Ltd234222/08/2019
853Bertie Gregory Productions Limited234330/01/2020
854Barrass TV Crews Ltd Trading As Flycam Uk234407/03/2020
855Martin Madin234519/02/2020
856Eurocore Limited Trading As Eurocore Aerial, We FlyAnyDrone.Com234607/06/2019
857A Different ILK Ltd234722/08/2019
858Network Photo Ltd235213/08/2019
859Robin Bell And William Wintercross235302/01/2020
860Blue Ridge Films Ltd Trading As Green Gorilla Films And Blue Ridge Fillms235508/10/2019
861John Stuart Hogg Trading As SkyViz235827/06/2020
862CloudHigh Media Ltd235907/12/2019
863Paul Elton Photography Limited236027/03/2020
864MDG Engineering And Surveying Ltd236125/01/2020
865Balmore Group (SCOTLAND) Limited236207/07/2019
866Used Cars NI Ltd236325/07/2019
867Aircamservices Limited236628/06/2019
868McAndrew Martin Limited236721/12/2019
869Highline Vision Limited236821/07/2019
870Kieran Hodges Limited237029/06/2019
871Aspect Land And Hydrographic Surveys237214/07/2019
872Graham Forbes And Alan Forbes Trading237308/03/2019
873Stephen Barr Trading As Formally Casual Video Productions237425/07/2019
874Anna Pigney Trading As Apaerial237613/08/2019
875White Tail Films Limited238007/07/2019
876Rotograph Ltd238217/08/2019
877Ascent Productions Ltd238707/03/2019
878Darren Jack Trading As Darren jack Aerial Images239017/07/2019
879Simon Dadge239726/07/2019
880Teralon Media Ltd239916/08/2019
881Jack Stevenson240007/08/2019
882Andy Goodwin Trading As AEG And Films240422/08/2019
883Ciaran Laverty Trading As Islander Visual Media240631/07/2019
884Blinkback Limited241617/09/2019
885Alan Kay Trading As a2b drone photography241728/09/2019
886Robin Kother Trading As Mother Goose241916/04/2020
887HeliPro Ltd242619/09/2019
888Langdale Broadcast Services Ltd242708/09/2019
889Angus Murray242831/07/2019
890James Pullen-Appleby Trading As J T Pullen242924/08/2019
891Tafena Limited243018/07/2019
892Edmund Paterson Trading As Adventure Dog Productions243919/10/2019
893Drone Overview Limited244109/12/2019
894Alan Staples Trading As Firefly Imagery244430/07/2019
895The Press Association Limited244608/03/2019
896Samsett Surveys And Engineering Ltd244813/09/2019
897Oliver Darwin Trading As Drone Exposure245109/05/2019
898Louis Presland Trading As Palm Productions245230/04/2020
899Air Inspired Media Limited245924/08/2019
900Bangor University246029/08/2019
901Kenyon Southwest Limited Trading As Commercial Drone Services246307/06/2019
902Joshua Shrimpton-Dean Trading As Newcastle Video Company246620/06/2019
903Oliver Cowgill Trading As Sky Vantage Productions246814/08/2019
904Drone Your Limited Trading As drone your…247620/07/2019
905Mackenzie & Ebert Ltd Trading As Elevated Overview248014/08/2019
906Reiver3D LLP Trading As Reiver3D248220/07/2019
907Aerial Alien Limited248411/09/2019
908Tom Middleton Trading As SMN Film248530/10/2019
909Dylan Vaughan Jones Trading As Takeoff250020/07/2019
910Rosendo Travieso Trading As Altavision UK250131/08/2019
911Quadshot Aerial Photography Limited250331/07/2019
912Paul Robertson Trading As Econaweb250408/07/2019
913Jonathan Shipley250825/09/2019
914James Long Trading As Inspire Drone Media250927/07/2019
915Black Anchor Studios Limited251328/01/2020
916Inspire Aerial Images Limited253629/08/2019
917Daniel Grear Trading As Retinair253723/08/2019
918Amphibian Productions Limited Trading As Amphibian Aerial253808/08/2019
919Brightbeam Ltd253928/09/2019
920DNA Television Limited254428/07/2019
921Paul Hinwood Trading As Paul Hinwood Photography & Film254522/07/2019
922Simon Rogerson254619/09/2019
923Jagmeet Khalsa254811/06/2019
924SkyMotion Imagery Limited254920/07/2019
925Brandon Griffiths Trading As Colour Media255325/07/2019
926Mark Eardley Trading As Mark Eardley Aerial Vision255626/07/2019
927Visualskies Ltd Trading As Visualskies255909/10/2019
928VisualChaos Studios Ltd Trading As Drone Media Imaging256527/07/2019
929James Harris Trading As Harris Associates256928/09/2019
930Paul Hoskins Trading As EagleVista Aerial Imaging257024/08/2019
931Panad Drone Services Limited257116/10/2019
932Daniel Rosso Trading As Drone View Media257320/11/2019
933Howard Kingswell Trading As Quickdrone257426/07/2019
934Gary Pettifer Trading As GIP Services257627/07/2019
935Martyn Booth257827/07/2019
936Aerial Optics Ltd257923/08/2019
937EpicTech Media Limited Trading AsEpicTech Media258209/05/2019
938Michael Chapman Trading As Aerial Perspectives Photography258318/10/2019
939David Parker Trading As DronePics Map258801/08/2020
940Tim Walker Trading As TVS259204/02/2020
941CAN (Offshore) Limited Trading As CAN Group259315/08/2019
942Andrew Anderson Trading As AML Technology259408/04/2019
943Airborne Visual Solutions Ltd259619/09/2019
944Hi-Pix Photography Limited259726/07/2019
945Ivor Saunders Trading As Props Studios259805/01/2020
946Richard McHardy Trading As Picture This Films & Photography259924/08/2019
947Adrian Appleyard Trading As Sky Captain Aerial Imaging260009/12/2019
948Needle Services Limited Trading As Needle Aerial Media260115/08/2019
949Tom Jacobs Trading As Orbital Filming260214/09/2019
950Elate Media Ltd260417/01/2020
951MAP Electronic Systems Limited Trading As Perception Drones261009/01/2019
952Ian Shersby261308/09/2019
953Marcin Orlowski Trading As Red Iris262106/06/2020
954Adrian Jackson Trading As Adrian Jackson Photography262409/11/2019
955Joel Grufferty Trading As 4Deye263114/08/2019
956Aerial Cinematography Limited263324/08/2019
957Lena Solutions Limited263618/08/2019
958Technolink Consultants Ltd Trading As TCL- Aviation263727/08/2019
959Simon Brown Trading As Overhead Media264218/08/2019
960AWOL Adventure Limited Trading As AWOL Media Productions264327/09/2019
961Alex Jacobs264528/09/2019
962Christopher Davies265104/10/2020
963School Of Natural And Built Environment265326/04/2020
964Ocean Ecology Limited265420/11/2019
965David McKenna Trading As Flyweight Filming265718/09/2019
966Ian McBean Trading As West Sussex Drones265819/08/2019
967Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service265909/01/2019
968Northamptonshire Police266330/10/2019
969Murphy Surveys Ltd266411/07/2019
970Vaughan Matthews Trading As Paradox Pictures266525/09/2019
971Mitie Pest Control Limited266623/08/2019
972Alistair Miller Trading As The Drone Wizards267226/03/2020
973Thomas Turner And James Hutchings267319/07/2019
974Tough-Enough TV Ltd267619/09/2019
975Azimuth Images Limited267818/09/2019
976Conquest Wildman Limited Trading As268030/01/2020
977Gavin Taylor Trading As Dragonflight Drones268129/08/2019
978Navico UK Limited268502/04/2020
979Paul Davis Trading As OverView Aerial Photography268719/09/2019
980Infotech 24 7 Limited268919/10/2019
981Darren Williams Trading As Diz Williams Aerial Film and Photography269725/09/2019
982British Geological Survey (UKRI)270019/10/2019
983Jerome Fryer270428/11/2019
984James Lovick Limited270626/08/2019
985Mansoor Engineering Ltd270719/03/2020
986Mark Shipperley Trading As Mark Shipperley Films270920/11/2019
987Robert Green Trading As Slamm Productions271223/10/2019
988Seadog TV & Film Productions Limited271325/08/2019
989Alan Fisher Trading As Drones Across Yorkshire271620/08/2019
990Oliver de Carteret Webb and Duncan271929/08/2019
991Smart History Limited272027/03/2020
992Nick Allinson Limited272225/09/2019
993Paul O'Connor Trading As Smokestack Image272616/10/2019
994Peak Surveying Services Limtied Trading272822/06/2019
995Black Bee Films Ltd272914/05/2020
996W H Malcolm Ltd Trading As Malcolm273403/06/2020
997Jonathan Newton Trading As Let's Get It Shot Productions273509/06/2019
998Event Vision Limited Trading As 360 Event273717/05/2020
999Stuart Trigg Trading As Dragon UAV274230/08/2019
1000Grant McIntyre Limited274714/09/2019
1001Sky Eye Plus Ltd274822/10/2019
1002Adrian Neelan Jitu Naik Trading As Naik Media274909/01/2019
1003John Dewhurst Trading As Wolfeye Aerials275019/10/2019
1004Switch Films Ltd275312/04/2019
1005Jago Miller Trading As Airborne Film275402/04/2020
1006Callum Holland Trading As Flying Wings Media275526/09/2019
1007Raptor International Ltd275710/02/2019
1008Yorkshire And Humber Ecological Data275928/09/2019
1009University of Durham276510/08/2019
1010Clogworks Technologies Limited276709/02/2019
1011Volanti Imaging Limited Trading As Volanti Imaging276910/04/2019
1012Jody Cusack Trading As Jody Cusack Media277218/09/2019
1013Matthew Bell Trading As Matte Black277909/04/2019
1014Flying TV Limited278227/03/2020
1015Jason George Trading As 360skymedia278318/09/2019
1016Roy Morris278720/09/2019
1017Paul Crank and Krystyna Wojcik Trading As Catalyst Design Partnership278928/09/2019
1018Toby Strong Ltd279318/06/2019
1019Musical Instrument Sales Limited Trading279521/10/2019
1020Equine Productions Ltd279623/11/2019
1021Drone Survey Group Limited279728/06/2019
1022Devon Drones Limited280710/11/2019
1023Buckingham Group Contracting Limited280902/08/2020
1024SteelRock Technologies Limited281010/08/2019
1025David Danvers Trading As Zenith UAS281209/07/2019
1026Johnny Rogers281320/12/2019
1027Stephen Cranfield Trading As Drone-logic281418/09/2019
1028Christopher Charles Coull Trading As Aloft Imaging281613/09/2019
1029Aerial Surveys Ltd281915/06/2019
1030Primary Drift Ltd282010/11/2019
1031Louis Labrom Films Limited Trading As Louis Labrom Films louis Labrom Photography282111/07/2019
1032Nifty50 Ltd282226/09/2019
1033Ian Fletcher Trading As Heli Drone Services282829/09/2019
1034Melt the Fly Ltd283201/10/2020
1035William McNeil Photography Ltd283316/01/2020
1036Stuart Russell Trading As Stuart Russell Photography283515/11/2019
1037CJ Property Marketing Limited283628/01/2020
1038A P Clark Ltd283726/09/2019
1039Scott Docherty Trading As HawkAye284120/09/2019
1040Acrobat Productions Limited Trading As AirPhoto.TV284230/04/2020
1041Creative Pie Films Ltd Trading As Creative Pie Films284410/11/2019
1042James Bunyan Trading As Tracks Ecology284711/12/2019
1043Aerocamuk Ltd284830/10/2019
1044Mark Barnard Trading As SkyRig UAV284931/10/2019
1045NRC Consultancy Services Limited285015/10/2019
1046Wayne Attew Trading As Wayne Attew Films285216/09/2019
1047Aerial Videography UK Ltd285523/10/2019
1048OD Hunte Limited Trading As Hunte Aerial285604/03/2020
1049Red Wasp Aerial Works Limited285817/10/2019
1050Trac Oil & Gas Limited286406/04/2020
1051Matthew Dyson Trading As Drone-age286510/03/2019
1052Harper Adams University - Engineering286920/03/2020
1053Thomson Reuters Hong Kong Ltd287123/10/2019
1054Rhodri Williams287317/10/2019
1055Timothy Hudson Trading As Scanview287611/06/2019
1056Dolphin-Design 2012 Limited Trading As287915/01/2020
1057Robert Dow Trading As Bob Dow Media288015/01/2020
1058Andrew Clarke Trading As Twenty Twenty Aerial Imaging288217/11/2019
1059Andy Hollis Limited288412/07/2019
1060Dales Surveying Limited288628/01/2020
1061Flycheese Studio Limited288717/03/2020
1062Zephyr Perspectives Ltd289026/10/2019
1063Lockheed Martin UK Limited289313/11/2019
1064Swift Films Limited Trading As Swift Films289509/07/2019
1065PJB Technical Services Limited289612/04/2019
1066Torrance Roofing and Building Services Ltd.289904/10/2020
1067Helixcopters Ltd290122/11/2019
1068Seventy 3 Frames Limited290525/10/2019
1069Studiome Ltd Trading As Rocket Cam290613/03/2020
1070Images Above Limited290826/10/2019
1071Westbrook Computers Ltd291527/09/2019
1072James Fisher Nuclear Limited291712/07/2019
1073Justin Glynn Trading As Harbour Media291927/09/2019
1074Andrew Johnstone Trading As JstRoll Media292226/02/2020
1075Techsec-Media Ltd292419/11/2019
1076Ashley Golder292717/01/2020
1077Skyfall Imaging Ltd292828/09/2019
1078BioCarbon Engineering Ltd293124/01/2020
1079The Rivington Sound Limited Trading As Air Speed Films293418/10/2019
1080Leven Media Ltd Trading As Leven Films293610/11/2019
1081Rail Accident Investigation Branch293711/06/2019
1082Julian Hartley Trading As Abbey Aerial Imaging293810/11/2019
1083YawFX Ltd294010/12/2019
1084Eyeup Aerial Solutions Ltd294301/06/2020
1085Flying Movies Limited294410/04/2019
1086Dashnetix Ltd294710/03/2019
1087Angling Dreams Ltd Trading As From Another Angle294921/06/2019
1088Hus Estate Agents Limited295021/11/2019
1089Wizard Imagery Limited295205/01/2020
1090Golden Media Productions Limited295330/09/2019
1091Jim Lomas-Farley Trading As L-F SkyPix295426/10/2019
1092Iain Yarwood Trading As Iain Yarwood295816/11/2019
1093Silvia Lozza Trading As Silvia Lozza Video296314/01/2020
1094Off The Fence Productions Limited297016/10/2019
1095Lawrence Contractors Ltd Trading As Aerial297531/05/2020
1096John Anderson Trading As West Riding Tv298110/07/2019
1097Kenneth Still298213/05/2020
1098Mabinogi Productions Ltd298410/03/2019
1099Matthew Butland Trading As MB Aerial Services298610/12/2019
1100Paul Stephen Witterick Trading As Wittwoo Photography298923/11/2019
1101Pearldrop Limited299117/05/2020
1102White Lion Residential Limited299317/10/2019
1103Flash Git Limited Trading As Jarr Films299712/07/2019
1104Stanley Mackrell Trading As Collide with299927/03/2020
1105Julian James Photography Limited300613/11/2019
1106Lancelot Hoare300710/03/2019
1107Simon Willson Trading As Drone Borne Imaging301325/10/2019
1108Andy Innes Trading As Andy Innes Aerial Photography301425/10/2019
1109Wessex Water Services Limited301819/11/2019
1110Geo-Rope Ltd301917/12/2019
1111John Davies Trading As JdMediafilm302315/11/2019
1112Malcom Smith and Kim Smith Trading As Kim & Malc Smith302516/11/2019
1113Metis Aerospace Ltd302628/02/2020
1114Ballantyne Services (North West) Limited302713/09/2019
1115Saracens Response Limited302917/11/2019
1116Skysite Limited Trading As Skysite UK303020/12/2019
1117Gerard McLean Trading As Dronepix NI303131/05/2020
1118Martin Bennett Trading As FlushVision303205/03/2020
1119UAV Film Company Limited303304/06/2020
1120PixelRain Limited Trading As PixelRain303526/10/2019
1121Stuart Gibson Trading As Dronescapes303711/10/2019
1122TDH Media Limited303829/01/2020
1123Natural Focus Ltd303930/01/2020
1124Silverback Films Ltd304026/10/2019
1125Elementary Remote Ltd304516/01/2020
1126Malcolm Hughes Trading As Fly360eye / Wakefield Satellite Shop305120/12/2019
1127David Price Trading As Falcon UAV Solutions305328/10/2019
1128James Gilmour305611/12/2019
1129Tim Davies Trading As Clarity Aerial305721/05/2020
1130QinetiQ Limited306031/10/2019 Limited306318/11/2019
1132Wealden District Council306503/05/2020
1133Oversite Images Ltd307418/12/2019
1134Stephen Bird Trading As Birds-Eye-View307724/10/2019
1135Joshua Middlebrook Trading As307926/04/2020
1136Michael Hall Trading As Nathan James Film Productions308211/03/2019
1137Skyler Media Ltd308711/06/2019
1138Stephen Timewell Trading As Lincolnshire Drones309111/10/2019
1139James Falkingham309926/04/2020
1140Russell Golby310121/01/2020
1141Behind The Lens Media Ltd Trading As Behind The Lens Media310411/08/2019
1142Moray Aerial Media Ltd310531/10/2019
1143Jon Stubbs310706/05/2020
1144One Step Media Limited311219/12/2019
1145Brands Media Limited311402/02/2020
1146Drone360 Ltd311505/03/2020
1147Lee Retallic Trading As Leeshovervision311612/06/2019
1148Lee Blanchflower Trading As Blanc Creative311818/04/2020
1149Utility And Transmission Survey Solutions312020/03/2020
1150Gary Naylor Photography Limited312311/09/2019
1151Duncan Turner Trading As Duncan Turner Photography312412/11/2019
1152Colin Ryan Trading As Soaringviews Photography312518/11/2019
1153Videotrends Ltd312620/11/2019
1154Mark Harrison Trading As Mark Harrison Photography313118/11/2019
1155Nexus Pictures Ltd313304/09/2020
1156Ben Cormack Trading As Picarus313425/02/2020
1157David E J Prosser Limited313722/02/2020
1158Sam Berrido Limited314021/12/2019
1159Ian Russell314214/02/2020
1160Daniel Gooda Trading As Devon Drones314427/11/2019
1161Broads Authority314518/01/2020
1162James Cox Trading As Cirrus Aerial314713/12/2019
1163Geoffrey Burge Trading As GB Top View315012/07/2019
1164Peter Reynolds Trading As Drones on Film315119/03/2020
1165Spire Drones Ltd315329/11/2019
1166Alec Esposito Trading As Apex Drone Photography315427/11/2019
1167NJ Barrie Limited Trading As Nick Barrie315827/11/2019
1168Savour Dee's Moments Limited315929/01/2020
1169Reality Scout Ltd316913/12/2019
1170Philip Cooper Trading As Pcgroup317116/12/2019
1171Richard Gilmore Trading As EmeraldSKY Media317330/11/2019
1172Access Computer Services Limited318025/03/2020
1173Nicholas Stephens Trading As Wasp Aerial Services318703/01/2020
1174SenSat Surveying Ltd318916/01/2020
1175Dean Crawford Trading As Aberdeen Drone319102/04/2020
1176Cronnie Creative LLP319530/11/2019
1177Red 90 Limited319812/05/2019
1178Neil Hart Trading As Creative Aerials320001/07/2020
1179Tamara Rawlingson Plant Limited Trading320118/01/2020
1180David Bell Trading As David Bell320618/01/2020
1181RG+P Limited320931/01/2020
1182Richard Mowbray321018/12/2019
1183Above The Ground Ltd321322/11/2019
1184Leonard Lee Trading As Emporium Media321521/02/2020
1185Michael Sisterson322029/01/2020
1186Richard Wyllie322312/04/2019
1187Norman Sherrington Trading As Blue Sky Surveying323202/06/2020
1188Interstellar Drones323331/03/2020
1189Richard Creswell and Robert Skilton325426/06/2019
1190Media to Motion Limited325519/12/2019
1191Areez Charania Trading As A2Z Cinematography326715/06/2019
1192Metropolitan Police Service327002/10/2020
1193Ordnance Survey Limited327102/02/2020
1194Agrovista UK Limited327215/06/2019
1195The Millen Corporation Ltd327522/02/2020
1196Neil Irving Trading As Dragonfleye Aerial Worx327601/03/2020
1197Giles Downer Trading As
1198Peter Alvey Trading As Alvey and Towers328630/01/2020
1199Dragonfly Drone Services Limited328716/12/2019
1200Crop Angel Limited329523/03/2020
1201Ronald Fraser Trading As Flying Scotsman330018/03/2020
1202Bristow Aerial Soloutions Limited330129/09/2019
1203Epping Forest District Council330523/07/2019
1204Rough Cuts Ltd330901/10/2020
1205James Allen Trading As Blue Giraffe Imaging331020/12/2019
1206Rebel Monk Films Limited331303/07/2020
1207Marine Environmental Services Ltd Trading331401/03/2020
1208Simon Peck Trading As Elite Aerial Imaging331608/08/2019
1209Vast UAV Ltd331704/11/2020
1210Planoramic Limited Trading As ViewSnap331801/09/2020
1211HebDrone Limited332029/11/2019
1212Sam Meyrick332101/04/2020
1213Peter Cripps Trading As Cripps Photography332518/03/2020
1214David Hopley332629/01/2020
1215Anthony Hollingsworth-Ellary Trading As T.H.E Skyview333021/12/2019
1216James Hoynes Trading As Drone Recon333404/10/2020
1217Ralph Topham, Sam Topham & Lillie333504/11/2020
1218Gary Harper333724/01/2020
1219David Jones Trading As Blue Pixel Imaging333819/03/2020
1220Christophe Fien Trading As Vertical Visuals333902/02/2020
1221C-Soars Limited334615/01/2020
1222Ainsworth and Parkinson Limited335405/02/2020
1223SilverSky Media Limited335518/01/2020
1224Netglobe Media Limited Trading As The335623/05/2020
1225Gregg Jones Limited Trading As High Sky View Productions335710/02/2019
1226Troubadour Docs Ltd336115/03/2020
1227Elkin Witchwood Green Trading As336218/03/2020
1228Anthony DeVoil Trading As Sky-Sight Aerial Perspective336313/02/2020
1229Proteq (Northern) Limited336405/08/2020
1230Heddlu Gwent Police336916/07/2019
1231British Antarctic Survey337007/03/2019
1232FalconUAV Solutions Limited337501/12/2020
1233Emerald Media Productions Ltd337626/04/2020
1234Kieran Baxter Trading As Topofly337931/01/2020
1235Gordon Melrose Trading As GM Building Design & Aerial Photography338217/01/2020
1236Tomasz Kornatowski338302/06/2020
1237David Blake338524/01/2020
1238Aerios Solutions Ltd338804/12/2020
1239Bird's Eye Solutions Limited338919/01/2020
1240John Vincent Marketing Services Limited339116/03/2020
1241ASSD Media Ltd Trading As Pigs Can Fly339226/01/2020
1242Vorticity Limited339729/03/2020
1243Arrun Saunders & Carl Saunders Trading339803/12/2020
1244Mark Hardy340203/06/2020
1245Alan O'Neill Trading As CHPV Offshore Energy Media Services340422/01/2020
1246Alex Macdonald Limited340603/03/2020
1247Crow Imagery Ltd340703/07/2020
1248Access All Aerials Ltd340819/01/2020
1249Veolia Environmental Services (UK) Plc340930/01/2020
1250Kenneth Durling Trading As AirSnapz341024/01/2020
1251Mark Champion Trading As CC Aerial Solutions341622/01/2020
1252Altus Inspection & Access Ltd.341923/01/2020
1253Derek Gobbett Trading As Press Play Online342224/01/2020
1254The Cameraman Limited342523/02/2020
1255Allan McPhail Trading As Helidragon Aerial Imaging342829/01/2020
1256Energy Innovators Limited343025/09/2019
1257Matthew Doncaster Trading As Longreach-343402/06/2020
1258Richard Russell Trading As Spectrum343731/01/2020
1259Thomas Hopkins Trading as Captivate Visuals343927/01/2020
1260Split-Track Audio Limited344002/08/2020
1261Futurephoto Ltd344331/03/2020
1262Soaring Productions Limited344629/01/2020
1263Christopher Jenson Trading As amb-vision344822/05/2020
1264Jonathan Messenger Trading As Overshoot345522/03/2020
1265Devoted Films Limited345627/03/2020
1266Guillermo Armero346131/01/2020
1267Commercial Drone Photography Limited346322/08/2019
1268Timothy Tyson Short Trading As Tim Tyson Short346430/01/2020
1269Geotechnology Limited346929/04/2020
1270Eagle Eye Developments Limited Trading347107/10/2019
1271Drone4rent Limited347331/01/2020
1272Athena Racing Limited Trading As INEOS347414/05/2020
1273W.Sutherland Construction Limited347519/11/2019
1274University of Plymouth Enterprise Limited347902/09/2020
1275Richard Jones Trading As Dronemaster348018/02/2020
1276Ben Budding Trading As East London Aerial348406/03/2020
1277Safe T Marine Ltd348619/03/2020
1278John Lord348817/03/2020
1279Gryffe Weddings Ltd Trading As Gryffe348925/03/2020
1280AirpixelsHD Limited Trading As Airpixels349002/02/2020
1281Martin Watters Trading As Brief Media349129/05/2020
1282Daniel Clayton Trading As Xenium Studios349502/09/2020
1283Big Sky Vision Ltd349625/03/2020
1284Kevin Hampton Trading As Sky Vision349805/07/2020
1285Speed Motion Films Limited350305/09/2020
1286OpenWorks Engineering Ltd350923/04/2020
1287EneffTech Services Limited Trading As EneffTech UAV Services351304/11/2020
1288Aerial Videos R US Ltd351526/04/2020
1289Paul Megahey Trading As Paul Megahey Photography351625/06/2019
1290Visual Working Limited351807/03/2019
1291BESQ Limited351919/03/2020
1292Matt Musgrave Trading As Matt Musgrave352105/03/2020
1293Shootedit Ltd Trading As AerialAction352303/07/2020
1294Samuel Kwan Trading As Streamhouse352723/05/2020
1295Steve Russell Studios Limited352904/05/2020
1296Innovative Cyber Vision Limited353131/05/2020
1297Drone Scotland Limited353503/07/2020
1298Jo Stevens Trading As Flymultimedia354414/03/2020
1299Simon Rickwood354521/03/2020
1300Toby Russell354607/10/2019
1301Andrew Wright Trading As Wright Film Co.354706/04/2020
1302Sutton and East Surrey Water Plc Trading355004/11/2020
1303GSurv Ltd355103/07/2020
1304Nicol Craig Trading As Ear Trumpet Media355325/05/2020
1305Jacob Gibbins Trading As Aspect Media355704/10/2020
1306Uavonic Ltd355917/01/2020
1307Sky-iphotography Ltd356304/12/2020
1308Sebastian Lorencik Trading As Skydrotec356816/05/2020
1309Christopher Gulland Trading As CG Aerial Films357103/08/2020
1310Mast Photography Limited Trading As Aerial Images357304/10/2020
1311A.C.A Howe International Limited Trading357616/07/2019
1312Anthony Wallace Trading As Paul French Video357728/06/2019
1313D And G Barritt & Sons Limited Trading As Traydarti357826/04/2020
1314Brooks Aviation Consultancy Services358318/06/2019
1315Sol Management Services Limited358905/02/2020
1316Martin Phillips Trading As Visual Impact Productions359514/08/2019
1317Martek Marine Limited Trading As Martek Aviation359624/08/2019
1318David Clark Trading As David Clark359705/10/2020
1319Drone Visuals UK Limited359924/05/2020
1320Trevor Adamson Limited360023/05/2020
1321Tobi Corney360126/02/2020
1322Russell Wallace Trading As AutoSky North360227/03/2020
1323Aerial Camera Systems Limited360528/03/2020
1324Stuart Appleyard Trading As Appleyard360729/04/2020
1325Sole Media Business Services Ltd360815/04/2020
1326Humberside Fire and Rescue Service360917/03/2020
1327Frank Kernohan Trading As Corporate361025/03/2020
1328Richard Parsons Trading As Parsons Aerial361119/03/2020
1329Eyerizon Ltd Trading As Eyerizon361729/04/2020
1330Matthew Leese Trading As Midland Sky Cam362403/01/2020
1331Pulse8 Graphic Design Ltd362503/12/2020
1332Simon White Trading As High Exposure362616/05/2020
1333Keith Wilson Trading As ArdigonSky362719/03/2020
1334Back2Back Productions Limited362905/01/2020
1335Blik van Boven BV363108/09/2019
1336Sparky Edit Limited363329/04/2020
1337Gregory MaloneTrading As Flying Shark363418/04/2020
1338Maurice Baxter Trading As Drone Invision363717/05/2020
1339WDWD Industries Ltd Trading As Hampshire Drone363814/03/2020
1340Ac Tech Consulting Ltd Trading As Above Horizon Photography364204/09/2020
1341KSD Associates Limited Trading As Osprey364324/04/2020
1342Adrian Scammell365031/03/2020
1343Stephen Hullock Trading As Squadrone Volante365130/03/2020
1344Durham County Council365224/04/2020
1345Navinder Kang365304/11/2020
1346Jack Stewart Trading As Air Forestry365716/05/2020
1347Andrew Blondell366016/07/2019
1348Studio One Photography Limited366126/04/2020
1349Norfolk Constabulary366325/04/2020
1350New Forest National Park Authority366424/07/2019
1351David Parker Trading As i-vox video366705/01/2020
1352Sean Valentine367022/05/2020
1353Realinvest Ltd Trading As Realitalia367207/04/2019
1354Stephen Ashmore Trading As Stephen Ashmore Photography367620/03/2020
1355Agsense Limited367930/05/2020
1356Phoenix Drones Ltd368020/03/2020
1357Mallard Video Productions Limited368129/05/2020
1358Thomas Williams Trading As Dartmoor UAV Services368204/06/2020
1359Warner Vision Ltd368313/04/2020
1360Airvis Ltd368728/03/2020
1361Mott MacDonald Bentley Ltd368824/04/2020
1362Dabornville Productions Limited369005/09/2020
1363Samuel Smith Trading As Storm Hill Design369506/03/2020
1364Callum Chaplin Trading As Callum Chaplin Film & Photography369826/03/2020
1365GWP Consultants LLP370104/07/2020
1366Simon Douglas Trading As Simon Douglas370318/04/2020
1367Scott Porter Trading As Buchan Aerial Photography and Inspection Services370504/04/2020
1368Ray Bird Trading As Rare Bird Media370828/03/2020
1369Allan Scott Trading As Allan Scott Photography370905/01/2020
1370Giles Price Trading As GP Images371031/03/2020
1371Strategic Team Maintenance.Co.Limited371203/06/2020
1372TJS Online Liimited371515/05/2020
1373Stephen Hood Trading As Steve Hood Films372030/03/2020
1374Mark Hume Trading As Skyfast Media372314/05/2020
1375Richard Murchie372604/05/2020
1376Pitstop Productions Ltd372719/06/2019
1377Globalshots Media Ltd372816/11/2019
1378Aecom Infrastructure and Environment UK373117/04/2020
1379H Robotics Ltd373409/07/2019
1380Two-d Photography Ltd Trading As Two-d Photography373627/06/2019
1381Freya Najade Jachalke Trading As NAARO373730/05/2020
1382Forestry Enterprise Scotland (FES)373827/07/2019
1383Bilfinger Salamis UK Limited374028/04/2020
1384Infinity Aerial Media Ltd374104/07/2020
1385Tom Kirkman Trading As Tom Kirkman Media374527/04/2020
1386CMC Technologies Limited Trading As CMC Skyview.com375323/05/2020
1387Bournemouth University Higher Education375604/11/2020
1388John McCallum Trading As Drone Tech 360375818/04/2020
1389Nicholas Pudsey Trading As Pembrokeshire Video Productions375913/05/2020
1390Sebastiano Alfano Trading As SA Drones376229/05/2020
1391Robin Stokes376523/07/2019
1392Goshawk Forest Mapping Ltd376605/07/2020
1393Foundation Architecture Ltd376707/02/2019
1394Ross Hayward Trading As Well Seasoned376820/05/2020
1395Sirius TV Productions Ltd376904/12/2020
1396Tirrick Media Limited377517/01/2020
1397Luke Granger Trading As Luke Granger Operations377709/05/2019
1398Twenty Three Media Consultancy Ltd377831/08/2019
1399Christian Hughff Trading As ComCam377919/02/2020
1400Meneldor Pictures Ltd Trading As Meneldor Pictures378031/08/2019
1401Micah Stanbridge Trading As Creative378328/05/2020
1402UAS Support Services LLP378629/08/2019
1403Apollo Drone Services Limited378706/05/2020
1404Jack Smith379426/04/2020
1405Guto Orwig379517/04/2020
1406PV FIT Ltd Trading As Genfit379630/04/2020
1407Peter Kindersley379704/05/2020
1408Ryan Sykes Trading As Oculos379906/08/2019
1409Lukas Galantay Trading As Galantay380430/05/2020
1410SP Aerial Video Limited380719/04/2020
1411Oliver Sutton Trading As Flyby Photography380820/04/2020
1412Backlight & Smoke Ltd381121/08/2019
1413Phil Smith Trading As Phil Smith Photography381222/06/2019
1414David Kenny Trading As Soarscape381423/05/2020
1415Robin Jagger Trading As D R Jagger381724/05/2020
1416Patrick Taylor Trading As Taylor Made382524/05/2020
1417ShootFirst Broadcast Limited383030/05/2020
1418Finn Needham Trading As Unique383114/05/2020
1419Andrew Lockstone Trading As Cotswold-383328/05/2020
1420Janasa Aerial Filming Limited383424/04/2020
1421ONSPOT SURVEYS LTD384220/06/2019
1422Sky Tech Limited384816/03/2020
1423Mitchell Holmes Trading As Eye On High385130/04/2020
1424Phoenix Analytix Limited Trading As Phoenix Analytix385221/06/2019
1425Atlas South East Services Limited Trading385326/04/2020
1426Craig Heaslip385531/05/2020
1427Hillyer Roberts & Associates Limited385723/05/2020
1428Billy Collins Trading As Taking The Pixels385930/04/2020
1429Matthew Nichol Trading As Matthew Nichol386015/05/2020
1430Hwbnaw Limited Trading As Hwbnaw386216/05/2020
1431Paul Wyeth Trading As Paul Wyeth Marine386414/05/2020
1432Gareth Anthony James Trading As Giant Futurewise Aerial386806/08/2019
1433Cross Studios Ltd386926/04/2020
1434Peter Macdiarmid Trading As Peter Macdiarmid Photography387228/04/2020
1435Oliver Riley Trading As Orbit Aerial Imagery387318/06/2019
1436Eagle Eye Cameras Systems Limited387829/11/2019
1437NRG Digital Ltd388330/04/2020
1438Daniel Wingate Trading As Wing8 Aerial Imaging388630/04/2020
1439GJMultimedia Limited388829/04/2020
1440Fly & Webb Ltd Trading As fly + webb389030/04/2020
1441I J S Camera Services Limited389426/06/2019
1442AG Surveys Limited Trading As AGS GPS &390115/01/2020
1443Gary Brown390405/01/2020
1444CDT Services Limited Trading As CDT390525/04/2020
1445Andrew McCandlish Trading As Object4 Photography390905/02/2020
1446Paul Fassam Geomatics Limited391706/06/2020
1447Christopher Weavers Trading As Pegasus Drone Media392205/02/2020
1448ProDroneWorx Limited392313/05/2020
1449Michael Craft Trading As Swanland Media392530/05/2020
1450Graham S McKean Trading As AD-BC Aircam393205/09/2020
1451Joseph Newson Trading As Newson Media393513/08/2019
1452Eldridge-Moss Limited393606/05/2020
1453Pete Southgate Trading As PJC Southgate Trading As Slingshot Aerial Media393828/06/2019
1454Wiltshire Police, Avon and Somerset Police,393915/04/2020
1455JC Videography & Survey Ltd394107/10/2019
1456Jeremy Rata Trading As Jeremy Rata Photography394230/09/2019
1457Jack Downes394529/05/2020
1458Chris Taylor Trading As The Aerial Angle395015/06/2019
1459Rocket Communications Ltd Trading As Rocket Communications396115/06/2019
1460Matthew Ransley Trading As Nazca Business396520/06/2019
1461Brian Mcmanus Trading As Eagle Eye One397205/08/2020
1462Steven Gourlay Photography Ltd397305/07/2020
1463Professional Drain-Land Surveys Limited397723/05/2020
1464STAMP Productions LTD397815/06/2019
1465DronePro Surveying Limited398206/04/2020
1466Adapt Media Limited Trading As Procter398622/05/2020
1467David Connolly Trading As Skyscape Survey398905/10/2020
1468Stewart Austin Trading AsTeam AquilaAir399013/06/2019
1469Paul Ferrie Trading As UAViewpoint399222/05/2020
1470Tremio Aerial Photography Ltd399430/04/2020
1471Antes Creative Media Ltd400007/02/2019
1472Paul McAulay Trading As siteflight400331/05/2020
1473Jonathan Thomas Trading As SkyFlash Aerial Survey And Photography400418/06/2019
1474Trenchless Solutions Ltd400515/06/2019
1475Joe Coales Trading As Flight Loupe400818/06/2019
1476Marcus Gaines Trading As Ride And Park Media400919/05/2020
1477Brian Uranovsky Trading As Perfect Horizon401119/05/2020
1478PDA Electronics Ltd401220/06/2019
1479David French Trading As Devonia Media401320/05/2020
1480Bad Wolf Horizon Ltd401423/05/2020
1481Kathryn Baggett Trading As Image in Flight401519/05/2020
1482Jeremy Wilkinson Trading As Dragonfly Drones402418/05/2020
1483Centre for Ecology and Hydrology402527/06/2019
1484Raymond Hosie402615/08/2019
1485Andrew Adams Trading As Close Hauled Aerial Photography403223/05/2020
1486Heads Up Definition Ltd403707/02/2019
1487David Gardner Trading As Sky High Footage403828/05/2020
1488CBZ Photography Limited Trading As CBZ Photography404431/10/2019
1489Hawkeye Logic Limited Trading As Hawkeye Logic Ltd404707/06/2019
1490Kyle Richardson Trading As Down South Point Of View405121/06/2019
1491Adam Troup Trading As Inspire Video Production405225/06/2019
1492Mostyn Pryce Trading As Skyzone Optical405420/05/2020
1493Whitbread Films Limited405515/06/2019
1494TAG Drone Photography Limited405721/05/2020
1495Jack Cordingley Trading As JCDrones405821/05/2020
1496Wojtek Popiel Trading As Iphantom405924/01/2020
1497Graeme Webb Trading As Graeme Webb406828/05/2020
1498Chris Honeywell Trading As Working Images406929/05/2020
1499Horizon Drones Ltd407413/06/2019
1500Aron Pearson Trading As Sky High Views407724/05/2020
1501Iain Erskine Trading As Mull UAS407826/05/2020
1502Blue Flag Visual Limited408017/07/2019
1503Hugh Campbell408221/06/2019
1504YODO Creative Ltd408604/04/2020
1505Fladung Solartechnik GmbH409205/09/2020
1506RGR Consulting Limited Trading As409315/05/2020
1507Theo Southee Trading As Theo Southee Photography / Above Air Media409506/09/2019
1508Dave Olinski Trading As Deep Light Media409818/06/2019
1509Gareth Lewis Trading As Freelanceimages410130/05/2020
1510Rory Kaufhold410520/07/2019
1511Northstone (NI) Limited & John Graham410814/08/2019
1512Swan Drones Ltd Trading As Swan Drones410918/07/2019
15134D Ocean Limited411214/06/2019
1514Duncan Scobie Trading As Granite Ocean Film411306/01/2020
1515CloudDrone Ltd411507/09/2019
1516Reels In Motion Limited412027/06/2019
1517Jordan-Kane Lewis412207/02/2019
1518Luke Rowbotham Trading As Drone Shots412406/02/2020
1519Andrew Ford413206/03/2020
1520Conor MacMahon Trading As Mac Visuals413607/10/2019
1521Roof Asset Management Consultancy413808/01/2019
1522Cloud City Imaging Limited413918/06/2019
1523Media Techniche Limited414006/04/2020
1524Baker Business Solutions Ltd Trading As Hype Timelapse414111/08/2019
1525Lee Richardson Trading As Lee Richardson Videography414627/08/2019
1526Visual Immersion Ltd Trading As Visual Immersion415108/06/2019
1527Colin Young Trading As Northeast Drone Services415213/06/2019
1528Alan Sparrow Trading As AK Aerial Photography415321/06/2019
1529Steve Woodhouse Trading As Skyline View416021/06/2019
1530Catch More Media LTD Trading As Catch More Media416826/06/2019
1531Jonathan Adlard417618/06/2019
1532Owen Howells Photography Ltd417820/06/2019
1533Edward Stephens Trading As EJS-Aerial418121/06/2019
1534Csaba Bako418406/11/2019
1535Heiko De Groot Trading As federvieh - DeGroot418513/08/2019
1536Oliver Townsend Trading As Orange Trike418706/08/2020
1537ACAC Limited418819/06/2019
1538James Price and Nicola Price Trading As ProDrone Services418907/05/2019
1539Rinicom Limited419006/06/2020
1540Gary McCall419221/06/2019
1541R C Airtech Limited419329/10/2019
1542Serco Limited419506/08/2019
1543Thomas Challis Trading As TommyCFims419607/06/2019
1544Robby Whitfield Trading As Central Photography420106/07/2020
1545Michael Whitestone Trading As Michael Whitestone Photography420406/08/2020
1546Joe Dalrymple421306/08/2019
1547Saltstreet Productions Limited421504/01/2020
1548Third Frame Ltd421615/08/2019
1549Steven Barker Trading As Stephen Barker UAS Services421716/06/2019
1550CNG Services Ltd421928/03/2020
1551Daniel Thwaites PLC422006/09/2019
1552Peter Edwards Trading As Peterjse-Aerial422122/06/2019
1553Plandescil Limited422229/01/2020
1554Philip Chorley Trading As Pennine Cam422319/06/2019
1555Matthew Oliver422508/06/2019
1556Roar Motion Ltd422608/08/2019
1557John Nassari Limited Trading As John Nassari422714/06/2019
1558Harry Fairclough Construction Ltd422806/11/2019
1559Andrew Hatfield422906/11/2020
1560T Phipps Construction Services Limited423006/11/2019
1561DoyleSmart Limited Trading As DoyleSmart423521/06/2019
1562Caddreams Ltd Trading As Blue Sky Aerial Services423606/12/2019
1563Deep End Media Ltd423906/11/2019
1564Ithica Films Limited424006/11/2020
1565Charlie Davis Trading As Katana Aerial Imaging424106/11/2020
1566Drone Factor Ltd424316/06/2019
1567Tom Harrington Films Ltd Trading As Tom Harrington Films424618/06/2019
1568A.D. Smart & Associates Limited Trading424830/06/2019
1569Capture Factory Photography Limited425108/06/2019
1570Michael Roberts Trading As Panorama Surveys425206/11/2019
1571David Brooks Trading As Air Born Images425307/10/2019
1572Andrew Walmsley Trading As Andrew Walmsley Photography425407/05/2019
1573ThermoDrone Ltd425725/06/2019
1574BONSOFT Ltd Trading As KHABON425906/12/2020
1575Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust426317/09/2019
1576Jonathan Brade Trading As The Flight Brigade426527/06/2019
1577Definition Media Limited426611/07/2019
1578Nigel Edwards Trading As Creative Jigsaw426813/06/2020
1579Heromedia Productions Limited Trading As Hero Media Productions426913/06/2019
1580Eye In The Sky (Glasgow) Ltd Trading As Eye In The Sky Glasgow427213/06/2019
1581Andrew Wharmby Trading As Eagle SUA Services427313/06/2019
1582James Bruggenwirth Trading As Posh Bear427408/07/2019
1583Sports Technology Solutions Pty Ltd427606/08/2019
1584MidAir Filiming Limited Trading As MidAir Filming427713/06/2019
1585Hi-Sight Imaging Ltd428025/07/2019
1586Christopher Watkins Trading As Chris Watkins Media428227/08/2019
1587Jeremy Fielding Trading As Red Rock428518/01/2020
1588Peter Doherty And Caroline Doherty428815/06/2019
1589Network Rail Infrastructure Limited428917/08/2019
1590Musker-McIntyre Limited Trading As SKYFOTO429015/06/2019
1591AGB Online Solutions Limited429117/07/2019
1592C&D Auction Marts Limited Trading As C & D Rural429227/06/2019
1593Justin Curran Trading As Northern Exposure429406/12/2019
1594Avium Ltd429607/04/2019
1595Otto Drones Ltd429715/06/2019
1596Blue Tuna Limited Trading As Aerial Blue429815/06/2020
1597Christopher Drake Trading As Dragon Wing Drone Services430016/06/2019
1598Reflexblue Limited430220/07/2019
1599Mark Burnham Trading As Drone Photographic and Survey Services430325/06/2019
1600Swift Aerial Media Ltd430426/06/2019
1601Adam Pallister Trading As Music-AV430516/06/2020
1602Mark Redsell and Kristine Redsell Trading430622/06/2019
1603James Cooper Trading As Altitude Videography430819/06/2019
1604Fothergills Trees Limited430918/06/2019
1605Aether Ecology Limited431022/08/2019
1606Michael Duviau Trading As Blue Dot UAV Imaging431116/06/2019
1607Dog&Drone Limited431404/01/2020
1608Hyphen Consulting Limited Trading As Hyphen Aerial Photography431616/06/2019
1609Sygma Security Systems Ltd431722/08/2019
1610Andy Hayes Trading As Drone Aerial Views431928/06/2019
1611Drone Aviation Ltd432022/06/2019
1612Blueberry Goose Limited Trading As SendCake Films432118/06/2019
1613SeSurveying Ltd432627/08/2019
1614JGE Photography Ltd432829/08/2019
1615Vyfly Limited Trading As Vyfly432919/06/2019
1616Mervyn Rands Trading As Air Network433027/06/2019
1617Mark Howe Trading As Prestige Pictures433127/06/2019
1618Edmond Mitchell Trading As Aerial News433421/06/2019
1619Thumbnail Productions Limited433622/06/2019
1620Lightning Aerial Survey Limited Trading As Lightning Aerial Survey434022/06/2019
1621Dropro Aerial Imagery Ltd434125/06/2019
1622Miles Cooper434219/06/2019
1623Lee Ballard Trading As Anwick Photography434329/06/2019
1624Meadow & Mayfair Ltd434420/06/2019
1625Fraoch (Scotland) Ltd434630/06/2019
1626Ferah Ibrahim Trading As Snap Shots Photos434822/06/2019
1627Martin Murphy Trading As Aerial View Solutions435011/06/2019
1628Bald Eagle Drones Ltd435121/06/2020
1629Air Image Resource Limited435325/06/2019
1630Daniel Boast Trading As HAWKAS435430/06/2019
1631PAX 6 Media Limited435724/06/2019
1632Adam Price Trading As AP Aerial Film435920/06/2019
1633Brian Bell Trading As Brian Bell Productions436116/07/2019
1634Foyle Search and Rescue436410/03/2019
1635Chris Taylor and Simon Gee Trading As TakenByDrone436518/07/2019
1636Keiron Tovell Trading As Keiron Tovell Photography436707/11/2019
1637Ben Hoy-Slot Trading As Hydra Films436820/07/2019
1638Jamie Russell Trading As Black Box Drones437020/07/2019
1639Peter Sewell Trading As Commanding View437107/04/2019
1640Natalia Jones Trading As Lightly Frozen Productions437320/07/2019
1641Gareth Shaw Trading As Wingman Aviation437407/10/2019
1642Abdul Muhith Trading As Mo And Kay Photography437527/06/2019
1643Matthew Dutton Trading As Drone Media Productions437624/06/2020
1644Meadows Farm Studios Limited437913/07/2019
1645Stuart Mottershead Trading As SandS Video438425/06/2019
1646Benjamin Shirley Trading As Blue Vantage438522/06/2019
1647Simon Sherwood Trading As Skymappers438631/07/2019
1648Hawk Plant Hire Limited438727/06/2019
1649Chelsea Football Club Limited Trading As Chelsea FC438927/04/2020
1650Harper Adams University439126/07/2019
1651Clear Angle Studios Ltd Trading As Clear Angle Air439231/07/2019
1652John McBurney Trading As Local Community TV439307/02/2019
1653Max Willson Trading As Max Films439407/11/2019
1654Steve Hall Trading As Highscope Drones439526/06/2019
1655Focal Point Television Limited439604/01/2020
1656Overpas Aerial Survey Limited439728/06/2019
1657Daniel Elvin Trading As Airmotion440314/07/2020
1658The Garland Company UK Limited440624/10/2019
1659The Moment International Ltd Trading As The Moment Studio440707/10/2019
1660Mark Firth Trading As Durema Drone Services440928/06/2019
1661JM Drone Solutions Limited441113/08/2019
1662Gordon Campbell441227/06/2019
1663Railcam UK Limited441627/06/2019
1664Luke de la Nougerede Shardow441727/06/2019
1665Kind Design Limited441811/12/2019
1666Jason Baxter441931/07/2019
1667Janos Csudom442227/06/2019
1668Kerofai Limited442406/12/2019
16692nd Wave Films Limited442509/04/2019
1670Sub-culture Productions Limited442615/08/2019
1671Charlie Bishop Trading As Avalon Imaging442727/06/2019
1672Flying Tech Ltd442817/07/2019
1673Andrew Daniel Trading As Andrew Daniel Trading As Rowans Photography442908/09/2019
1674Geospatial Research Ltd443015/06/2019
1675Darryl Pace Trading As Pace Productions UK443418/07/2019
1676Fountains Forestry UK Limited443631/07/2019
1677Ben Gill Trading As James Christopher Consulting443708/07/2019
1678Outfield Technologies Ltd Trading As Outfield443930/07/2019
1679Robert Gardiner Trading As Robert And Martin Gardiner444008/12/2019
1680Ben Glasgow Trading As Aquila Aerial Imaging444313/08/2019
1681Whisky Mike (Aviation) Ltd444614/08/2019
1682Aeroserv Limited Trading As Aeroserv444708/04/2019
1683Sky guru LTD444825/07/2019
1684AdvanceFM Limited444919/07/2019
1685Kevin Maunton Trading As TheSkyCam-Norwich445119/07/2019
1686Connor McCullough Trading As Connor McCullough Photography445226/07/2019
1687Stephen Reid Trading As Grafters Media445427/07/2019
1688One Vision Photography Limited445521/07/2019
1689Jim Muller Photography Ltd445621/07/2019
1690Jonathan Linton Trading As KRB Aerial Images446020/06/2019
1691Viewpoint Photography Limited446110/12/2019
1692Mark Vinall446202/05/2020
1693Cresswell Property Surveys Ltd446308/08/2019
1694Darren Smith Trading As
1695Prism Global Limited Trading As Prism447031/07/2019
1696Dounreay Site Restoration Limited447113/08/2019
1697Marcel Evans Trading As Ace Drone Images447224/07/2019
1698Donald Johnstone447324/07/2019
1699Chronos Aerial Limited447527/07/2019
1700Jason Enticknap447624/07/2019
1701Glenn Curley Trading As Curley Photography447908/03/2019
1702Octinet Limited448116/08/2019
1703Wag TV Limited448224/07/2019
1704GRAPH Survey Partnership Ltd Trading As GRAPH Surveys448524/07/2019
1705Pedestal Television Limited448619/09/2019
1706DKB Inspection Services Ltd448908/09/2019
1707Alasdair R Maclean Limited449125/07/2019
1708Global Net News Limited449225/07/2019
1709Beyond Time Pictures Limited Trading As Beyond Time Pictures449525/07/2019
1710Abbeymount Media Limited449725/07/2019
1711David Channing Trading As Rubicon Aerial Works450308/09/2019
1712Kevin Timmons and Maxine Timmons450407/11/2019
1713TK-Drones Ltd450608/08/2019
1714Buzzard's Eye View Ltd450827/07/2019
1715Verticrew Ltd451008/04/2019
1716Payton Properties Ltd Trading As Nest Estates451308/09/2019
1717Paul Scullion451608/03/2019
1718Derek Phillips451931/07/2019
1719Christian Smith Photography Limited452008/03/2019
1720Damian Kwasnik Trading As Attyla Studio452131/07/2019
1721Lewis Gillingham Trading As Leyline Creative452208/08/2019
1722WilsonClay Engineering Limited Trading As Aeroscape452408/03/2019
1723Matthew Usher Trading As Matthew Usher Photography452521/08/2019
1724Sharper Image Films Limited452615/08/2019
1725SO Visual Ltd452723/08/2019
1726Fresh Cut Creative Ltd452808/06/2019
1727Ollie Dolling Trading As Ollie Dolling Productions452908/03/2019
1728XM2 Aerial Pty Ltd453217/07/2019
1729Richard Davenport Trading As Zenith Visual Media453617/08/2019
1730Philip Mountain Trading As K2 Surveyors453708/04/2019
1731PointMedia Ltd453808/04/2019
1732In The Dark Productions453908/07/2019
1733Secure Eye Limited454026/10/2019
1734Airbus Defence And Space Limited454130/05/2020
1735Avonside Group Services Limited454223/08/2019
1736Paul Norman Trading As Northants Aerial Photography Services454308/07/2019
1737Udara Limited454508/07/2019
1738STRI Ltd Trading As STRI UK454628/11/2019
1739GoFilm Limited454714/08/2019
1740Alistair Mundell455007/03/2019
1741Aardman Animations Ltd455108/08/2019
1742BB Surveys Ltd455322/10/2019
1743Blue Bee View Ltd Trading As Blue Bee View455408/07/2019
1744V2 Imaging Ltd455509/03/2019
1745Kevin Clarke Trading As Skyline Pictures455808/08/2019
1746Stuart Lecky455914/08/2019
1747F. Parkinson Limited456209/04/2019
1748Sam Montague Limited456608/09/2019
1749HAAK Photography and Surveying Limited457017/08/2019
1750Andrew Evans Trading As F22 Aerial Images457114/08/2019
1751Cheslyn Edwards457408/10/2019
1752Keith Shorrock457708/10/2019
1753Anthony Bryant Trading As Anthony Bryant Photography457810/02/2019
1754Robert Hill458008/10/2019
1755Finning (UK) Ltd458212/10/2019
1756Lawrence Du Pavey Trading As Stratospheric Filming (SFUAV)458327/08/2019
1757Michael Bellamy Trading As Lincscom Digital458524/09/2019
1758Sean Perry Trading As Perry Aerial Imaging458714/08/2019
1759Haydn Thomas Trading As Haydn Thomas458901/10/2020
1760Health and Safety Executive for Northern459010/11/2019
1761Music Kraft and Film Limited459226/04/2020
1762Alistair Batey Television Limited459315/08/2019
1763Martin Hamer459420/09/2019
1764Scott David German459614/08/2019
1765Richard Cain459814/08/2019
1766AIRX3_Sarl Trading As AIRX3459915/08/2019
1767Justin Burton Trading As JABAIR460114/08/2019
1768Highland Drones Ltd460623/08/2019
1769One Group Construction Limited460709/04/2019
1770Dan Charity Trading As AVI461109/10/2019
1771Brian Evans Trading As Vertical Drones461218/08/2019
1772Little Star (Scotland) Limited461421/08/2019
1773David Walker Trading As Dream Weaver461524/01/2020
1774Alexandliane Limited Trading As Moviedrones461616/08/2019
1775Solve 3D Ltd Trading As Avioscape461916/08/2019
1776Andrew Glen Trading As Maddison462002/04/2020
1777Duncan Cox Trading As Duncan Cox Photography462128/06/2019
1778Screen Photography Ltd462216/08/2019
1779Sky's The Limit - Digital Aerial Imaging462316/08/2019
1780Karim Daftari Clarke462415/08/2019
1781Simon Hussey462816/08/2019
1782Aerial Image Revolution Ltd462926/09/2019
1783Christopher Watts Trading As Technical Films463030/08/2019
1784Jonnie Lewis Film Limited463310/03/2019
1785Mavrk Media Ltd463411/09/2019
1786Duloch IT Ltd463517/08/2019
1787Joshua Gardner Trading As Joshua Paul Gardner463717/08/2019
1788Aerial Icon Limited463816/08/2019
1789The Property Filming Company Ltd464230/08/2019
1790UK Aerial Productions Ltd464309/01/2019
1791Clear Flight Solutions BV Trading As Clear Flight Solutions464525/10/2019
1792SUA Services Limited464621/08/2019
1793BES Geomatics Ltd464722/08/2019
1794Graham MacFarlane464919/08/2019
1795Samp Ltd465004/02/2020
1796Neil Clayton Trading As Commercial Drone Footage465117/08/2019
1797DANOSA UK Ltd465209/01/2019
1798Jonathan Faint465427/03/2020
1799Above The Action Limited Trading As Above The Action465509/05/2019
1800Ian Stewart Trading As Ian Stewart Photography465617/08/2019
1801Craig Somerville Trading As Tweedia - Castabroad465823/08/2019
1802Charlie Newlands Trading As Newlands Aerial & Landscape Photography465917/08/2019
1803Jamie Hooper And Robert Yates Trading As Rutland Aerial Photography466023/08/2019
1804Midlands Drones Ltd Trading As Aerial Construction Surveys466109/10/2019
1805Robert Wilcox466317/08/2019
1806John Michaels466617/08/2019
1807Simon Rhys Evans Trading As Simon Rhys Visuals467122/08/2019
1808Cloudcam UAV Ltd467329/08/2019
1809Jonathan Jones Trading As Jon Jones Films467421/08/2019
1810Joby Stephens Trading As Jam96467518/08/2019
1811Alnwick Computerware Ltd Trading As Alncom467621/08/2019
1812Gareth Lloyd Trading As Titanium Lime467722/08/2019
1813Defence Equipment and Support,468009/07/2019
1814Think UAV Group Ltd468124/01/2020
1815A&K Herd Limited Trading As Alastair Herd Photography468214/09/2019
1816H & W Surveying And Consulting Limited468309/06/2019
1817James Urquhart Trading As Skyward Vision468427/08/2019
1818Martin Townsend Trading As Valley Drone468621/09/2019
1819Immedia Broadcast Limited Trading As AVC Immedia468731/08/2019
1820Carl Welham Trading As Carl Welham Media Solutions468820/08/2019
1821West Midlands Police469113/09/2019
1822Paul Berry469320/11/2019
1823Luigi Miranda Trading As L.M.469526/11/2019
1824Drones.Scot Ltd469728/08/2019
1825PB Motion Ltd469908/02/2019
1826Lightbox Inc. LTD470021/08/2019
1827NDJ Productions Limited Trading As Spitfiredrones470309/12/2019
1828Paul Bentley Trading As Merlin Drone Services470418/08/2019
1829Robert Treacher Trading As South West Drone Images470521/08/2019
1830Ninos Toma Trading As Drone Bro471223/08/2019
1831George Baker471318/08/2019
1832ECO - Electrical & Mechanical Services471402/07/2020
1833William Paul Calvert Trading As Cyclone471718/09/2019
1834E-Bound Vision Ltd471827/09/2019
1835Impact Media Specialists Ltd472022/08/2019
1836Laura Gilliland Trading As Three Sixteen Aerial Media472130/08/2019
1837MapConstruct Limited Trading As MapConstruct472209/10/2019
1838Daniel Wright Trading As Daniel Wright Photography472327/08/2019
1839David Kirby Trading As Dk Drones472409/05/2019
1840JP Broadcast Engineering Limited Trading472716/11/2019
1841Squarebird LLP472929/08/2019
1842DRONE BiM Limited473109/05/2019
1843Consortiq Limited473421/08/2019
1844nathan catantan473730/08/2019
1845Seven Tenths Ecology Ltd474029/08/2019
1846Captain Cornelius Limited Trading As Captain Cornelius474110/11/2019
1847Tony Iley Trading As Tony Iley Media474229/08/2019
1848Peter Rooney Trading As Flydecide474321/11/2019
1849Darren Durup Trading As D83 Design474709/05/2019
1850Cameron Duthie475019/03/2020
1851(UK) Inscope Imaging LLP Trading As Inscope Imaging475128/09/2019
1852Uavdronesuk Limited Trading As Uavdronesuk475219/09/2019
1853Polydrone Limited Trading As Polydrone475311/09/2019
1854Lincolnshire Police475609/04/2019
1855The Original Cottage Company Limited475809/05/2019
1856Drone Images Uk Ltd476011/06/2019
1857Breheny Civil Engineering Ltd476110/05/2019
1858Richard Loncraine Trading As476205/09/2020
1859Anthony Barr Trading As Tony Barr Photography476809/12/2019
1860Bryan John Panton476909/06/2019
1861Chris Rawson Trading As Radar Film477009/06/2019
1862Skyline Aerial Solutions Limited477209/12/2019
1863Nigel Paul Holmes477409/06/2019
1864The Remote Sensing Company Ltd477604/01/2020
1865Alan Cole Trading As Bidford Photographic Services477809/11/2019
1866Peter Convy Trading As Planet Earth Drones478009/11/2019
1867J.C. White Geomatics Limited478409/11/2019
1868Asterisk Videography Ltd Trading As Asterisk Videography478631/10/2019
1869Mark Hawes Trading As DragonFly Drone478711/08/2019
1870Charlie Price Site Engineering Services Ltd479009/12/2019
1871Anthony Olway479111/01/2019
1872Paul Draycott Trading As Airborne Views479209/12/2019
1873Paul Cox Trading As HighVistas479530/08/2019
1874Ian Clubb Trading As AC Helicam479613/09/2019
1875Liam Hall And Adrianne Pizer Trading As Hall Partnership479828/09/2019
1876GRM Development Solutions Limited480109/12/2019
1877Yorkshire Drones Limited480609/12/2019
1878Peter Barsony480709/12/2019
1879Scott Green Trading As (Through My Eyes Aerial Photography)480910/02/2019
1880Hurlstone Computing Limited481409/12/2019
1881Shula Miles Trading As Miles Above481519/09/2019
1882William Gardner481713/09/2019
1883Roger Williams Trading As FlyHigh Aerial Imaging481813/09/2019
1884George Frett Trading As Droneeagle Uk482410/04/2019
1885Levitate Aerial Imaging Ltd482621/09/2019
1886Gavin McNae Trading As Fac46.com482818/09/2019
1887Jeremey Cleine Trading As JC Drone482930/11/2019
1888David Green Trading As Vulcan Views483018/09/2019
1889Tim Pitot Limited483124/01/2020
1890Peter Willey BEM Trading As Pearson TQ483218/09/2019
1891Thomas Wynn Trading As Thomas Wynn Photographic483513/09/2019
1892Steve Jarvis483613/09/2019
1893Andy Lyons Trading As Lyons Photography483713/09/2019
1894Air Bourne Drones Limited484013/09/2019
1895Sea Blue Media Limited484118/09/2019
1896Rebecca Douglas Ltd Rebecca Douglas484315/09/2019
1897Martyn Rowlands Trading As Skysnapper Aerial Photography & Film484519/09/2019
1898Prospect Arts Limited Trading As Prospect484731/03/2020
1899Chartridge Scientific Computing Services484810/02/2019
1900Liberal Media Limited Trading As Liberal Media484926/09/2019
1901Freddie Cardew-Smith Trading As Skyline Futures485014/09/2019
1902Hawthorn Theatrical Limited Trading As Hawthorne485114/09/2019
1903Sophie Goss-Garnham485410/03/2019
1904Conor Driscoll Trading As Aerial Video NI.485615/09/2019
1905Commercial Bird Control Limited485715/09/2019
1906Kenneth Farrier Trading As AIRSUK (Aerial Imagery and Remote Sensing UK)485815/09/2019
1907CONDOR IMS GmbH486006/11/2019
1908Martin Bliss Trading As The SkyCam Banbury486414/09/2019
1909Durham Constabulary486510/10/2019
1910Handel Productions Limited487419/09/2019
1911Craig Cleave Trading As DRONESIX487718/09/2019
1912Mapair Thermography Ltd487818/09/2019
1913Colin Watts Trading As The Image Factory487918/09/2019
1914Cross Check Computer services Limited488110/03/2019
1915Robert Morgan Trading As Morgans Aerial Photography Services488313/09/2019
1916East Midlands Environmental Consultants488621/09/2019
1917ESD Consultancy Services Ltd488716/10/2019
1918Neil Collins Trading As Neil Collins Recording489011/08/2019
1919Aeolus Aerial Pictures Limited Trading As Aeolus Aerial Pictures489218/09/2019
1920Isla Richardson Trading As Hummingbird Aerial Photography489323/08/2019
1921Glyndwr University489410/02/2019
1922XEO Sensors Limited489522/05/2020
1923Chris Bloore Trading As Chris Bloore Aerial Photography489711/02/2019
1924Adam Rowland490004/08/2020
1925Robert Paul Trading As UAV Highland490119/09/2019
1926Steve Strachan Trading As Southwest Sky490424/04/2020
1927EyeKandy Limited490519/09/2019
1928Michael Smith And Andrew Smith Trading490719/09/2019
1929Mihali Moore490819/09/2019
1930Forest Environmental Research and491123/10/2019
1931Ryszard Dzisiewski491410/12/2019
1932Mat Watkin491731/08/2019
1933Ross Burningham Trading As R PRO DRONES491813/09/2019
1934Alex Burden491925/09/2019
1935Cubic Defence Uk Ltd492419/09/2019
1936AWE PLC492619/09/2019
1937Tiny Sailor Limited492717/01/2020
1938Daniel Chapman Trading As Avocamera492829/01/2020
1939Drone Map Limited493210/05/2019
1940Patryk Sadowski Trading As ImagineLight493619/10/2019
1941UAV Captures Limited493729/10/2019
1942KOR Communications Ltd493821/09/2019
1943Peakablue Limited493913/11/2019
1944Ben Bennett Trading As The SkyCam York494010/09/2019
1945Ark Communications Limited Trading As Klicks494211/01/2019
1946South Tees Site Company Limited Trading494326/09/2019
1947James Thomson Trading As Aerodrone Media494427/09/2019
1948Benjamin Hamid494530/09/2019
1949Elev8 Media Ltd494722/09/2019
1950Shaun Roster Trading As Shaun Roster Photography494926/09/2019
1951Alauda Aerial Surveys Limited495120/09/2019
1952Ian Shaw Trading As Shawpix495224/08/2019
1953Martin Crawley Trading As The Skycam Bath495310/12/2019
1954Jonathon Dow Trading As Keylight495420/12/2019
1955Jordan Alexander And Matthew Hasler495617/04/2020
1956Kasia Peel Trading As UP IN THE AIR495910/03/2019
1957Matthew Lay Trading As Sore Thumb Media (Drone Motion)496022/09/2019
1958Kieran Dodds Photography Limited496322/09/2019
1959North Wales Police496619/10/2019
1960Moobitmedia Ltd Trading As Sherwood Skycams497025/09/2019
1961Swansea University497110/02/2019
1962WeSee Ltd Trading As WeSee Imaging Solutions497228/09/2019
1963Carbon Hawk Ltd Trading As Carbon Hawk497325/09/2019
1964Jack Hardy Productions Limited Trading As Lucid Motion497525/09/2019
1965Central Inspection Services Ltd497625/09/2019
1966Big Tank Productions Limited497830/10/2019
1967TON Marine and Transfer Services Limited498016/11/2019
1968Arktouros Ltd498811/12/2019
1969Carlos Bruno Ferreira Lazaro Trading As Soulful Reflection499427/09/2019
1970SysBrain Ltd Trading As sysbrain499530/10/2019
1971Jamie Griffin Trading As Flyte Creative Media499616/10/2019
1972Sandall Roofing Ltd499927/09/2019
1973Fotoura Ltd500016/10/2019
1974Abertawe Bro-morgannwg University500226/10/2019
1975Copter Captures Ltd Trading As Coptercaptures500527/09/2019
1976Handley-Chase Limited Trading As Essex Aerial Photography500627/09/2019
1977Mark Walters Trading As Skywest Surveys500727/09/2019
1978KCM Solutions Limited Trading As KCM Aerial Images500923/10/2019
1979Alan Green Trading As Severndrone501029/09/2019
1980Airbud Ltd501229/09/2019
1981Plimsoll Productions Ltd Trading As Plimsoll Productions501310/09/2019
1982Barton Willmore Design Limited501516/10/2019
1983Anchorman Limited501718/10/2019
1984Helter Skelter Media Limited501829/08/2019
1985James Ford Trading As Stratosphere County Drones501929/09/2019
1986DATMedia Ltd.502118/10/2019
1987Eik-Caffery Creative Limited502427/03/2020
1988Chris Guggiari-Peel Trading As Farsight Drones502916/10/2019
1989Andrew Riley Trading As AR Commercial Drone Services503010/03/2019
1990Steven Edwards Trading As Rotorshotz504016/10/2019
1991Richard Mayoh Trading As DRONEtalking504311/07/2019
1992Russell Adcock Trading As Buzzview504425/10/2019
1993Odin Gillies504729/11/2019
1994Ashok Patel Trading As Hummingbird UAS504816/10/2019
1995Charles Price Trading As Charlie Price Photography and Videography504916/10/2019
1996National Grid Electricity Transmission Plc505123/04/2020
1997Excel Contracting Limited Trading As505213/11/2019
1998Diogo Branco Trading As DSL Visuals505331/10/2019
1999GingerVideo Ltd505415/10/2019
2000Simon Cotter Trading As Simon Cotter Sole Trader505610/06/2019
2001Super35 Ltd505717/03/2020
2002Brookes Bell LLP505826/10/2019
2003University Of Portsmouth505910/05/2019
2004Alan Cross Trading As Alan Cross [Drones]506017/10/2019
2005Michael Clark506110/04/2019
2006TourMyHome Limited506319/12/2019
2007Trevor Smith Photography Limited506431/10/2019
2008Jake Silvester Trading As Silvester Drone Services506610/02/2019
2009Steven Rose Trading As Hawkeye Imaging506717/10/2019
2010James Garsed-Bennet Trading As Skyscape Imagery507309/12/2019
2011Marlborough Communications Limited507416/10/2019
2012Simon Gilmour507516/10/2019
2013Andrew Farrier Trading As Aerodrone507619/11/2019
2014Halfords Limited507811/02/2019
2015Altec UAS Ltd507916/10/2019
2016David Baynham-Hughes Trading As Dockray Aerial Monitoring508124/10/2019
2017Images By David Limited Trading As Images By David508216/10/2019
2018Christopher Hardy Trading As Hummingbird Imagery508316/10/2019
2019Kevin Wyeth Trading As 5D Photography508416/10/2019
2020Paul Easton Trading As Portland Aerial Photography508618/10/2019
2021GIB Surveying Limited509018/10/2019
2022Ivan Todorov509626/10/2019
2023Central Scotland Green Network Trust509811/06/2019
2024Bella Films Ltd510222/10/2019
2025Launch360 Ltd510413/11/2019
2026WSP UK Limited Trading As WSP510611/08/2019
2027Joe McCullough510728/08/2019
2028Jonathan Campbell Trading As Halo Sound510821/02/2020
2029Jack Mundy Trading As Film Everything510922/11/2019
2030Celtic Technologies Limited Trading As511430/11/2019
2031Simon Poulter Trading As Chocks Away512006/05/2020
2032Jake Mobbs512211/01/2019
2033Arcus Aerial Imaging Ltd512326/10/2019
2034Dorward Intelligent Buildings Limited512431/10/2019
20354D Insight Limited Trading As 4D Aviation513512/06/2019
2036SkyFlight Aerial Photography Ltd513611/01/2019
2037Air Media Solutions Limited514110/10/2019
2038Joseph Turnbull Trading As Joe Turnbull514426/10/2019
2039MB Drones Ltd514610/04/2019
2040The SCAPE Trust514811/09/2019
2041Peter Rutt Trading As Lapwing Drone Photography515030/10/2019
2042Lewis Surveying Associates (Yorkshire) Ltd515216/01/2020
2043William Gill Trading As BigSkyUAV515330/10/2019
2044Ashworth Communications Limited515430/10/2019
2045Magena Services Limited516111/12/2019
2046Gavin Harper Trading As Gavin Harper516211/09/2019
2047Leigh Licence Trading As LSL UAV Solutions516531/10/2019
2048Project ROV Limited516630/10/2019
2049Nicholas Gatt516711/08/2019
2050Poltair Developments Ltd Trading As Poltair Homes516830/10/2019
2051Perceptual Robotics Limited517319/10/2019
2052Macleod Roofing Limited517430/10/2019
2053FC Geomatics Limited517526/10/2019
2054Angus Gormley Trading As Angus Gormley Aerial Photograhy and Video518011/02/2019
2055Michael Ramage518118/12/2019
2056P J Livesey Holdings Limited518223/11/2019
2057Andrew Smith518323/10/2019
2058Christopher Kalla James Webber Trading518629/11/2019
2059Parkes Productions Limited519111/06/2019
2060Catherine Scoles519315/11/2019
2061Fly Design Ltd519711/06/2019
2062Alan Newbould519823/11/2019
2063Darrell Mills Trading As Creative Sky519930/10/2019
2064RTF Imaging Limited520020/11/2019
2065TWOFLIX Ltd520714/12/2019
2066Aerial Focus Scotland Ltd520911/08/2019
2067Droneteq Limited521311/09/2019
2068SkyCamera Ltd Trading As Skycamera521411/02/2019
2069Nicholas Ball521721/12/2019
2070Locksmiths Exhibition Ltd521822/11/2019
2071Nigel Woodcock Trading As The Skycam Newcastle under Lyme and Stoke on Trent522112/04/2019
2072Paul Brown Imaging Ltd522212/07/2019
2073William Hinmers Trading As Drone Images UK522313/11/2019
2074Mike Brown Trading As Lancastrian Drones522429/11/2019
2075Kennel Sales Limited522624/11/2019
2076Andrew Flury Trading As DroneUp.uk522813/12/2019
2077Howard Gordon Trading As Howard Gordon522902/05/2020
2078Robert Hindson Trading As RH Aerial Surveys523628/11/2019
2079Matthew Wilkinson523721/11/2019
2080Andy Brownstone Trading As Brownstone Films523915/11/2019
2081John Handley Trading As Dropzone Images524016/11/2019
2082Malcolm Kemp Trading As Champaigne Photography524112/05/2019
2083Monaghan Surveys Limited524224/01/2020
2084Viccari Wheele Limited524420/11/2019
2085Fuse Ventures Limited Trading As Skyreel524530/01/2020
2086AYAYA Limited Trading As Matt Photos524902/04/2020
2087Lower Hogley Limited Trading As Lower Hogley Aerial Cinematography525226/11/2019
2088Matthew Brannan Trading As Cloudbase Media525328/11/2019
2089Robert Lee Owen525501/11/2020
2090Dragonfly Images Ltd525718/11/2019
2091Hauraki Systems Limited Trading As Clear Sky Imaging525821/11/2019
2092Andrew Ruck Trading As The SkyCam Gloucester & Wye Valley526021/11/2019
2093Matthew Perry Trading As Eye In The Sky Services526122/11/2019
2094Wiltshire UAV Services Ltd526222/11/2019
2095Graham Cooper And Hollie Harmsworth526513/12/2019
2096Skanska Construction UK Limited526701/04/2020
2097IK Management & Consultancy Services Ltd526817/12/2019
2098Cinepix London Ltd526901/07/2020
2099Daniel Fisher527119/12/2019
2100James Stevens527230/11/2019
2101Simon Vacher Films Ltd527630/11/2019
2102Aeroworx Media Solutions Limited Trading527929/11/2019
2103Southspear Media & Surveys Ltd528227/11/2019
2104Shutter Sound Ltd528323/11/2019
2105S & C Slatter Limited528527/11/2019
2106Xylitic Ltd Trading As Hoverworks528629/11/2019
2107AI Drone Photography LLP528712/11/2019
2108Alan Hanson Trading As Merlin Innovation528930/11/2019
2109DE-Designs Limited529029/11/2019
2110Gavin Patton529123/11/2019
2111Silva Arboriculture Limited529312/05/2019
2112Stephen Banks Trading As Cloud Vision UK529417/12/2019
2113The Meon Survey Partnership Limited529523/11/2019
2114330 Consulting Limited Trading As 330airial529827/11/2019
2115Amet Property Limited529929/11/2019
2116InArc Limited530127/11/2019
2117Mole Productions Limited Trading As Mole Digital530226/11/2019
2118Pixx Media Limited Trading As SkyPixx530330/11/2019
2119Matt Jackson Trading As UAV Ops (Matt Jackson Freelance Cameraman)530527/11/2019
2120Ministry of Defence, Defence Ordnance530612/12/2019
2121Oomph Creative LLP Trading As Oomph530715/11/2019
2122Atlantic Geomatics (UK) Limited530927/11/2019
2123SurvaTec Limited531127/11/2019
2124Nicholas Ward Trading As Take Me Aerial Photography531329/11/2019
2125Skala Technology Ltd531512/11/2019
2126Jon SmithTrading As Skytech Visual Dimensions532027/11/2019
2127Tony Breen Trading As Eagle Drones532627/11/2019
2128McBeth Photography Ltd532713/12/2019
2129Matthew Turner Trading As Turn Media532827/11/2019
2130Suffolk Fire And Rescue Service532920/12/2019
2131Lensmonkey TV Ltd533227/11/2019
2132Sportsphoto Ltd.533627/11/2019
2133Stoke City Football Club Limited533726/11/2019
2134Paul Davies Trading As bd-eye-aerial533827/11/2019
2135St. James's Street Property Management533927/11/2019
2136Sam Stewart534029/11/2019
2137Negative Space Design Ltd534212/03/2019
2138Gladman Developments Limited534523/05/2020
2139Neil Marshall Trading As Eagle Drone Solutions534629/11/2019
2140Winsbury TV Limited534722/01/2020
2141Altoptica Limited534929/11/2019
2142John Cooper Trading As Cooper Cooper535012/10/2019
2143T And P Regeneration Limited535330/11/2019
2144Keith Savory535612/04/2019
2145Nerto Visual Limited535723/11/2019
2146PMC Surveys Ltd Trading As Obsurvus536412/11/2019
2147Robert Smith Trading As RJS Photography536730/11/2019
2148Giuseppe Ripaldi Trading As 360 Video Project536812/07/2019
2149Ron Bainbridge Trading As ABD536912/11/2019
2150University of East Anglia537003/03/2020
2151Mark Diggins Trading As Cairngorm Drone537502/08/2020
2152Alessandro Ceccarelli537917/01/2020
2153C.Wynne & Sons Limited Trading As Wynne Construction538012/04/2019
2154David Horsburgh Trading As DHH Media538204/07/2020
2155Bath Spa University538303/01/2020
2156Mourne Air Ltd538516/01/2020
2157Mediavita Limited539003/06/2020
2158Meerkat Film Productions Ltd Trading As Meerkat Films539101/04/2020
2159Luke Anrude Trading As Purple Hound539212/11/2019
2160David Dolman Trading As Inverse Aerial Media539419/12/2019
2161Mark Purmal Trading As Mark Purmal Photography539513/12/2019
2162Mark Fletcher Trading As Aerial Perspective539818/12/2019
2163Gabriel Avalon539912/11/2019
2164Insight Photographers Limited Trading As Insight Photography540013/12/2019
2165Ken Snowdon and Andrew Cassell Trading540113/12/2019
2166H. J. Banks And Company Limited540218/12/2019
2167Wayne Austin Trading As Wimap540319/03/2020
2168Adrian Smart Trading As Smart Aerial Services540411/08/2019
2169Linear Surveys Limited540721/12/2019
2170CRGP Limited540812/11/2019
2171AAIRS Limited541320/12/2019
2172Kean Booth Trading As Elev8imagery541420/12/2019
2173Nilupul Foundation541512/12/2019
2174David Welton Trading As Animality Productions541812/12/2019
2175Torridge District Council542212/11/2019
2176John Bottomley Trading As Causeway542324/01/2020
2177Phil Vinter Film Ltd Trading As Phil Vinter542702/05/2020
2178Oliver Malyon Trading As Odrone Views543023/01/2020
2179Dunkeld Builders Limited543219/12/2019
2180Andrew Lyons & Anne Lyons Trading As543301/07/2020
2181Till Construction Ltd543816/12/2019
2182Paul Trunkfield544014/12/2019
2183Tarek Saade Trading As FAS Flying544521/01/2020
2184Adam Watkin Trading As AeroMedia544620/12/2019
2185Colena Ltd Trading As HELIGUY544823/06/2020
2186Brent London Borough Council544902/05/2020
2187S V Productions Ltd545303/04/2020
2188Nathan Thomas545418/12/2019
2189Benjamin Radley Trading As Ben Radley545501/11/2020
2190Simon Lowe Trading As The Flying Pixels545721/12/2019
2191Online Television Limited545918/12/2019
2192Ascend Productions Ltd546118/12/2019
2193Brendan McMahon Trading As Smooth546201/08/2020
2194Thomas Harrison Trading As Thomas546301/10/2020
2195Robert Sixsmith Trading As RPS Design And Photography546419/12/2019
2196Mark Dennis Trading As Mark Dennis Photography546519/12/2019
2197Jane Barford Trading As Skymagik546619/12/2019
2198Samuel Siegel Trading As WAW.group546914/01/2020
2199William Owen Trading As Anglesey Aerial Photography547020/12/2019
2200Tech Pro Media Ltd547117/01/2020
2201Martek Drones Ltd Trading As Coptrz547303/06/2020
2202Aden Productions Limited547619/12/2019
2203Neil Catton-Wretham Trading As Catton-Wretham Aviation (C-WA)547701/04/2020
2204John Styles Trading As High Flying Photography547820/12/2019
2205Samuel Jackson Trading As Jackson Films548001/10/2020
2206Warwickshire College Group (WCG)548420/12/2019
2207Stilmo Ltd Trading As Stills and Motion548516/01/2020
2208Scott Miller Trading As Oxdrone548620/12/2019
2209MC3 Limited548720/12/2019
2210NatureBureau Limited Trading As Dater548903/04/2020
2211Peter Cayless549320/12/2019
2212Darren Newman549420/12/2019
2213Mark Stokes Trading As FLOTTI549530/11/2019
2214Nick Peacock Trading As Scanhigh549628/05/2020
2215Skylark (SW) Ltd549721/12/2019
2216University of Northumbria at Newcastle549802/04/2020
2217Buzz Films Ltd550121/12/2019
2218Sky Grab Ltd550215/02/2020
2219First Search Limited550315/01/2020
2220Paul Hughes Trading As Paul Hughes Video550612/04/2019
2221Impact Aerial Ltd550801/03/2020
2222Rex Goddard Trading As Hexagon Imaging550921/01/2020
2223Adam Tait Trading As StokedUp551404/03/2020
2224Counterpoint Films Limited Trading As Aerial Footage Ireland551624/01/2020
2225Mediahau5 Limited Trading As Creative552013/03/2020
2226Bishop & Associates (London) Limited552101/05/2020
2227Raw Capture Limited552701/09/2020
2228Daniel Smyth Trading As Daniel Smyth NI552821/02/2020
2229Bluefin Television Limited553004/01/2020
2230Robert Humphris553205/02/2020
2231Raise Your Game Limited553316/01/2020
2232Richard Hieatt Trading As Hi8 Media553416/01/2020
2233David Palmer Trading As Birds i Images553501/05/2020
2234Timothy Rowley Trading As Rowley Surveying553602/09/2020
2235Geoff Gartside Trading As Ibex Films Aerials553901/09/2020
2236Steven McGee-Callender554101/05/2020
2237Gavin Martin Trading As Magnetic North Photography554224/01/2020
2238Django Limited Trading As ATGO554402/11/2020
2239Simon Stevenson And Hayley Stevenson554601/08/2020
2240Firebird Films Limited Trading As Firebird Films554701/08/2020
2241Piotr Cieplinski Trading As Kamdron554831/01/2020
2242DPR Developments Limited555216/01/2020
2243Merlinworks Ltd555602/04/2020
2244Weatherproofing Advisors Limited555901/08/2020
2245Nigel Douglas Trading As Drodion556116/01/2020
2246Scott Waby Trading As Scott Waby Aerial Photography and Video556301/09/2020
2247Vince Hutchings And Matt Saunders556902/01/2020
2248James Patterson Trading As Creaviate557021/01/2020
2249Architectural Computer Graphics Limited557115/01/2020
2250Annabel Crawford Trading As Above The557221/01/2020
2251Simon Charlton557314/01/2020
2252Ainsworth Digital Ltd557414/01/2020
2253Highvision Limited557721/02/2020
2254Barnaby Trevelyan-Johnson Trading As557823/01/2020
2255David Bowman Trading As Bowman Productions557901/12/2020
2256Birds Eye Drones Ltd558001/12/2020
2257Phil Crow Trading As Phil Crow Photography558112/06/2019
2258Stockbridge Riding School And Livery558431/01/2020
2259Public Sewer Services Ltd558622/01/2020
2260Belmont Quality Services Limited558717/04/2020
2261Alasdair Smith Trading As ASC558801/05/2020
2262Pawel Kowalewski Trading As Zigzag Drone Services558922/01/2020
2263Stephen Colwill Trading As Cygnus UK Aerial Imaging559001/04/2020
2264Jack Abbott559124/01/2020
2265Joe Fereday Trading As Fereday Films559215/01/2020
22667video Limited559302/12/2020
2267Laughlin Ashley-Hoilligan Trading As Red559530/01/2020
2268Northern Archaeological Associates Limited559722/02/2020
2269Jonathan Richards Trading As JRTV559807/04/2019
2270Altitude Imaging Solutions Limited560030/01/2020
2271Ely Aviation Ltd560115/01/2020
2272Skynique Ltd.560318/01/2020
2273The Video Company Media Ltd560630/01/2020
2274Les Jacobs Trading As IFLYDRONE560815/01/2020
2275UK Drone Surveys Limited561030/01/2020
2276Phixos Limited Trading As RUAS561308/11/2019
2277Pixel Pro Media Ltd561517/01/2020
2278Altash Limited Trading As VFR Studios561829/01/2020
2279Kevin Morhen562024/01/2020
2280Aardvark EM Limited562201/09/2020
2281Joseph Casey Trading As Joseph Casey562415/01/2020
2282Lewis Luther-Braun562519/01/2020
2283Basil Wood Trading As Wuff Justice Drones562814/02/2020
2284Matt Loughrey Trading As Inspire Drone562902/01/2020
2285David Comer Trading As Elevation 4K563229/01/2020
2286Edward Felton Trading As Ammonite Aerial563522/01/2020
2287RedKite Dynamics Limited563702/06/2020
2288Richard Weaver Trading As Richard563902/07/2020
2289Aerodyne Europe UAV LTD564018/01/2020
2290City & County Graphics Limited564102/05/2020
2291Neil Wilkes564203/08/2020
2292Tethered Drone Systems Ltd564303/06/2020
2293David Creek Trading As Delta Charlie Drones564519/01/2020
2294Benchmark (Exeter) Limited Trading As564924/01/2020
2295NPS Property Consultants Limited565015/02/2020
2296ABA Surveying Limited565123/01/2020
2297Tim Maas Trading As Man With A Drone565219/01/2020
2298Animal Dynamics Limited565315/03/2020
2299Alessandro Bedin Trading As Rigocal Engineering565719/01/2020
2300Chris West and Conrad O'Dell Trading As565818/01/2020
2301Intelligent Energy Limited566002/04/2020
2302Edward Bull566222/01/2020
2303Robert Clancy566424/02/2020
2304Construct A View Limited566702/11/2020
2305Air Fusion Media Limited566915/02/2020
2306Steve James567730/01/2020
2307Mikey McManus Trading As MMCM Photography567802/02/2020
2308Warren Parsons Trading As Dronez Aerial Photography567922/01/2020
2309Andrew Annable568226/01/2020
2310Neil Anderson Trading As Neil Anderson568326/03/2020
2311Niall Newport568525/01/2020
2312Alexander Helin568724/01/2020
2313Matthew Knight Trading As Knight Sky Films569025/01/2020
2314Scott Davey Trading As Sdimaging569130/01/2020
2315The Drone Office Ltd Trading As The Drone Office569425/01/2020
2316Planit 360 Ltd569625/01/2020
2317Richard Craig Rouse569725/01/2020
2318Kevin Waite Trading As Flying Horizons569931/01/2020
2319Shield Media Services Ltd570226/02/2020
2320Mungo Laing Trading As Survey Sense570417/03/2020
2321Vincent Haworth Trading As AeroTek UAV570513/03/2020
2322Daineswell Limited Trading As Daineswell Drones570626/01/2020
2323Martin Ruane Trading As Voices And Video570702/05/2020
2324Jesse Wilkinson571215/01/2020
2325Safer Surveys Ltd571302/07/2020
2326Coleg Gwent571630/01/2020
2327Freelance Executives Limited Trading As571918/02/2020
2328Mark Webber572026/01/2020
2329A J Bibby Limited Trading As Mission Drones572126/01/2020
2330Steven Williams Trading As Sigma Aerial572403/03/2020
2331Dennis Gledhill572502/02/2020
2332Conrad Brown Trading As Micromoon572603/03/2020
2333Air Hound Ltd.572802/05/2020
2334T.Cabrelli Limited573116/05/2020
23351st Horizon Surveying & Engineering573305/02/2020
2336Cover Crew Limited573402/12/2020
2337David Peter Emerson-Thomas Trading As Elite Air Imagery573531/01/2020
2338Solent Sky Services Limited573631/01/2020
2339Greentraveller Limited573816/02/2020
2340Andrew Marsh And Lesley Marsh Trading573903/07/2020
2341Uplift Drone Training Ltd Trading As Uplift574021/01/2020
2342Orillo Films Ltd574505/02/2020
2343Jimmy Cape Trading As Jimmy Cape Productions574702/09/2020
2344Leafield Projects Ltd574903/04/2020
2345Hauwke Ltd575102/06/2020
2346Flammable Films Limited575202/06/2020
2347J Thomson & Partners575403/11/2020
2348Colin Cooper Trading As Colin Cooper Photography575502/06/2020
2349Colin Beaumont Trading As CB Drones575704/11/2020
2350Paul Thorpe Trading As Yorkshire Droneography575818/01/2020
2351Hitchings Productions Limited Trading As575902/08/2020
2352Tim Harris Trading As Tim Harris Surveying576505/09/2020
2353North Yorkshire Police576622/01/2020
2354Laing O'Rourke Services Limited576902/08/2020
2355H.A.L.T. Construction Limited Trading As577019/03/2020
2356Jonathan Becker577302/06/2020
2357ZXRecords Limited577727/03/2020
2358Mackay Quantity Surveying Ltd578303/07/2020
2359Chris Baynham Trading As Chris Baynham Photography578403/12/2020
2360Stephen Cheatley Trading As Drone Star578622/03/2020
2361Panoptic Group Ltd Trading As Panoptic579015/02/2020
2362Simon Conway Trading As Scion Creative579428/02/2020
2363Chris Bardgett Trading As Vantage579513/02/2020
2364Ultra Sharp Films Ltd579829/05/2020
2365Bladeworx Limited580030/09/2019
2366Kevin Charlton Trading As High View Digital580515/02/2020
2367Adrian Goodwin Trading As The Skaycam580822/03/2020
2368Leiths (Scotland) Ltd581008/01/2019
2369South Yorkshire Police581423/02/2020
2370Les Davies Trading As Clixx Photography581503/08/2020
2371James Harvey Trading As James Harvey581613/05/2020
2372Timelight Media Ltd581731/01/2020
2373David Buxton Trading As Hut 126 Productions582019/02/2020
2374Christopher Evans Trading As Redwood582103/06/2020
2375Stephen Waller582222/03/2020
2376Lifted Imaging Ltd582403/05/2020
2377John Wood Group PLC Trading As Wood582503/05/2020
2378DMA Asset Services Limited582623/02/2020
2379Digital Drone Services Ltd582922/02/2020
2380Adrian Cabello583022/03/2020
2381Sportography Limited Trading As Sportography.tv583113/03/2020
2382Oskar Ogorkiewicz Trading As The Skycam583217/03/2020
2383Paul Terry Trading As Hexii Aerial Imaging583330/03/2020
2384Nathan Harrison Media Ltd583424/05/2020
2385Barry McPheat583627/02/2020
2386Robert Fairhurst583704/01/2020
2387Jorn Tomter583904/03/2020
2388Elevated Imaging Limited584005/01/2020
2389Darren Musgrove Trading As Darren584322/03/2020
2390Padi Productions S.L.584503/08/2020
2391Marcin Podlasinski Trading As Flying Eye Drone584626/02/2020
2392Tony Williams584726/02/2020
2393Coltarn Consulting Limited Trading As584825/03/2020
2394Fergal Smyth584903/12/2020
2395Iain Leighton585119/03/2020
2396Leport Inspection Services Ltd585203/06/2020
2397Bates Fine Art-Design Limited585323/02/2020
2398Scotwood Macdonald Limited585404/10/2020
2399Paul Hancock Trading As PH Photography585504/02/2020
2400Ipspc Limited Trading As Aerialprop585825/03/2020
2401FlightSight Ltd585926/02/2020
2402Roger Woodbury-Eggins Trading As Roger586104/01/2020
2403Phonicfilms Ltd587103/05/2020
2404Aviation Systems Group Ltd Trading As587204/12/2020
2405Commendium Limited587303/01/2020
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2407Matthew Johnson Trading As MDJ Drones587803/08/2020
2408Paul Barker Limited587903/04/2020
2409Jeremy Marc Jackson Trading As Sky-I-588015/04/2020
2410Arran Kenny Trading As AK Films588103/12/2020
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2412Keanu Drone Limited588829/04/2020
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2414Andrew Meade Trading As Scorpion Aerial589131/03/2020
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2416Burns Asset Management Limited589403/05/2020
2417Cardiff Metropolitan University589803/07/2020
2418C H Photography Ltd590303/05/2020
2419Michael Symonds Trading As Atticus Drones590503/08/2020
2420David Henry Bartram Trump590616/04/2020
2421Remote Robotics Ltd590703/07/2020
2422The Website And Marketing Company591125/03/2020
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2425Nathan Pilcher591721/03/2020
2426John Charles Walton Trading As Lighthouse Films591903/07/2020
2427Anthony Barber Trading As Antea Photography592003/07/2020
2428Keith Morris Trading As Ffotograffiaeth Keith Morris Photography592114/03/2020
2429Twist Pictures Ltd592404/05/2020
2430Flightpix Ltd592504/01/2020
2431The Services Sound and Vision Corporation592604/03/2020
2432Entroptix Limited592904/02/2020
2433Wild Mango Films Limited593004/01/2020
2434Derbyshire Constabulary593215/02/2020
2435Premtech Ltd593303/09/2020
2436Malcolm Hitch Trading As 30 West Video593525/03/2020
2437Johnson Poole & Bloomer Limited593803/11/2020
2438Mike Chapman Trading As Mike Chapman594005/09/2020
2439Edward Baylis Trading As E23 Media594203/11/2020
2440Sentry UAS Ltd Trading As Sentry594417/04/2020
2441Captis Solutions Limited594527/03/2020
2442Oxford Heritage Projects Ltd Trading As594730/03/2020
2443Air Ocean Media Limited594822/03/2020
2444Caledonia TV Productions Ltd595331/05/2020
2445The Outpost Tv Limited595616/04/2020
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2447Nathan O'Kelly596413/03/2020
2448Dreamshock Design Limited596526/04/2020
2449Tomasz Grygo Trading As SkyREC Drones596629/04/2020
2450James D Butler Ltd596731/03/2020
2451Neil Pepper Trading As V.T.O.L Media597204/03/2020
2452John Estcourt Trading As Amour Wedding Videos597413/03/2020
2453Adam Smith Trading As ALS Videography597531/03/2020
2454Avanti Media Limited597915/03/2020
2455Kaleel Zibe Trading As Kaleel Zibe Photography and Wild Outside Productions598004/11/2020
2456British Transport Police598121/03/2020
2457ECL Civil Engineering Limited598306/05/2020
2458Gnatshoot UK Limited598404/01/2020
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2460Nicholas Finch598827/02/2020
2461Clive Perrins598921/03/2020
2462Andrew Bisgrove Trading As Higher Perception599019/03/2020
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2469Dickon Clark Trading As Dickon Clark Photography600420/03/2020
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2471Peter Heyworth Trading As Styleimage Photography600928/03/2020
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2477Jonathan Bird Trading As The Skycam602026/04/2020
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2479Airamatic Ltd602321/03/2020
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2481Ian Hunt Trading As Aerial Images And602606/03/2020
2482David McDowall Williamson602719/03/2020
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2485Land & Property Services (Ordnance603722/05/2020
2486James Fox Trading As Fox Drone Solutions603829/03/2020
2487Morgisbord Media Ltd604104/08/2020
2488The Royal Commission on the Ancient and604326/03/2020
2489Universal Pleasure Drones Ltd Trading As604405/03/2020
2490CS Hewett Ltd604904/11/2020
2491Daniel Bloomfield Trading As DB Drone605216/04/2020
2492Norfolk Telecoms Consulting Limited605404/04/2020
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2494Christopher Franklyn Jones605720/03/2020
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2496David Brown Trading As David Brown Habitat Management605904/03/2020
2497William Hamilton Trading As The Skycam William Hamilton606004/05/2020
2498Tom Wharton Trading As Tom Wharton Aerials606123/03/2020
2499Action Medi-Drone Ltd606225/04/2020
2500Christopher McGonigle Trading As PurpleBee Productions606304/10/2020
2501Morris James Blanco Trading As MJ Motion606721/05/2020
2502Lancaster University607417/04/2020
2503Wil Richardson Trading As Richardson607514/05/2020
2504The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)607604/04/2020
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2506Naseem Ahmed Trading As Naz Ahmed608028/05/2020
2507Heist Films Ltd608123/03/2020
2508Kittyhawk Drones LLP Trading As Kittyhawk Drones608225/04/2020
2509Anthony Denton And Theresa Denton608505/07/2020
2510Cieran Grove Trading As Zaffiro Videos608604/08/2020
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2512All Drone Services Limited609025/03/2020
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2514Dipuk Bhudia Trading As Olivine Studios609426/03/2020
2515Mark Kiff Trading As Coastal Imaging609614/05/2020
2516Arron Banfield Trading As DroneWave609725/04/2020
2517Dale Curtis610004/10/2020
2518Paul Tree610629/03/2020
2519My Drone Pro Ltd610904/09/2020
2520Gareth Turnbull Trading As Percolated Design611029/03/2020
2521David Sully Trading As Red Kite Video611205/07/2020
2522P And M Ventures Limited Trading As Able Air Pix611714/06/2019
2523Tidal Transit Limited Trading As Tidal Transit611828/03/2020
2524Timothy Berridge Trading As Dividia Film612029/04/2020
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2526Sparkle Visual Effects Limited612625/04/2020
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2530Constantine Lourdas Trading As Lourdas613830/05/2020
2531Craig Mitchell613923/04/2020
2532Andrew Britton614204/04/2020
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2534Dragonfly Visuals Limited614804/06/2020
2535Terry Catherall Trading As TAS UAV614905/01/2020
2536Wayne Sprangle Trading As Airpic Images615004/03/2020
2537Joe Ransom615529/04/2020
2538Lazer Beam Productions Ltd Trading As Lazerbeam615731/03/2020
2539Lyn Parsons616326/04/2020
2540Roger Shafi Trading As Neat Media616405/08/2020
2541Firefly Aerial Imaging Ltd616704/08/2020
2542Robert N Lamont Trading As Fly High Pix616905/03/2020
2543Applied Drone Services Limited617004/02/2020
2544James Hadden617104/02/2020
2545MJK Design And Construction Management617604/10/2020
2546Imagination Photography Limited617715/04/2020
2547Siteline Limited618004/09/2020
2548Aerial Land Surveys Limited618113/06/2020
2549Forge Photography Ltd618304/12/2020
2550S+O Media LTD618504/07/2020
2551Bryan Moses Productions Limited618604/10/2020
2552Christopher Gorman Trading As The Big Ladder Photographer618704/06/2020
2553Dairy Crest Group PLC619017/04/2020
2554Andrew Wilson Trading As North West619223/05/2020
2555UKSkyCopter Unmanned Air Services619804/06/2020
2556Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council620028/04/2020
2557Take One Productions U.k. Ltd Trading As Take One Productions620204/06/2020
2558Christian Davies Trading As Photovogue620305/01/2020
2559Onyx ICT Limited Trading As sitecre8r air620624/04/2020
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2561Jonathan Leeder Trading As Leeder Videography621004/06/2020
2562Christopher Curl Trading As Cloudbase Photography621404/09/2020
2563NM Media Ltd.621606/06/2020
2564Martin Bird Trading As Martin Bird621915/05/2020
2565James Reader Trading As Front Row Films622004/06/2020
2566Matthew Coleman and Lesley622104/06/2020
2567Codex Global Solutions Limited622204/08/2020
2568Terry Harris Trading As Terry Harris Photography622404/06/2020
2569VisualUnusual Limited623004/09/2020
2570Abstract Aerial Art Ltd623304/11/2020
2571David White Trading As David White623422/05/2020
2572Elite UAV Ltd623505/10/2020
2573Sammon Media Ltd623617/08/2019
2574Paul Shackleton Trading As Kingfisher624606/05/2020
2575Middlechild Productions Limited624816/04/2020
2576Black Falcon Ltd Trading As Black Falcon624905/10/2020
2577246 Photography Ltd625004/05/2020
2578Granite Creative Productions Ltd625113/04/2020
2579Take One Business Communications Ltd625305/07/2020
2580Rob Higgins Trading As Rob Higgins Photography625404/10/2020
2581Geoffrey Robinson Trading As Geoff Robinson Photography625604/10/2020
2582Martin Pawlett Trading As Martin Pawlett Photography625804/11/2020
2583NBC Environment Ltd625905/07/2020
2584N Lowe Photo And Video LTD626004/05/2020
2585Thomas Rowland Trading As Tom Rowland626123/04/2020
2586Colin Lavelle626316/05/2020
2587Dangerous Substance Control Limited626531/05/2020
2588Makesh Sohpal Trading As DIGI Pro Studio626817/04/2020
2589Murray Rose Trading As Airpilot UK627129/05/2020
259039Mansionhouse LTD Trading As Square628116/05/2020
2591Ryan Daglish628323/04/2020
2592Joshua Wang628423/05/2020
2593Fifth Eye Aerial Limited Trading As Fifth Eye628524/04/2020
2594Darren Taylor Trading As Top Flight Images628613/05/2020
2595Dave JK Wilson Trading As DJK Drones628729/05/2020
2596Matthew Power Photography Limited629020/04/2020
2597Alan Bond Photography Limited629331/05/2020
2598Instamap LTD629428/05/2020
2599Nicholas Jones629522/05/2020
2600Scott Simpson Trading As Derby Drone Photography629623/04/2020
2601Cheshire Constabulary629705/02/2020
2602Advantage Geomatics Limited629814/05/2020
2603Wessex Archaeology Limited630216/05/2020
2604Dewi Evans trading as Dewi Fôn Evans630306/03/2020
2605Noah Pluck Trading As Yil Aerial Photography630426/04/2020
2606Palmer Harcourt Ltd Trading As Weybridge Aerodrone630523/04/2020
2607Suresky Ltd631031/05/2020
260822 North Productions Limited631229/04/2020
2609University College London trading as631606/04/2020
2610Yorkshire Media Limited631824/04/2020
2611Devon And Somerset Fire And Rescue631920/05/2020
2612Chilterns Limited632314/05/2020
2613M2 Media Limited632426/04/2020
2614Mike Harrison Ltd.632505/02/2020
2615HD Drone Media Services Ltd632726/04/2020
2616Philip John BullenTrading As PJB Drone Services632926/04/2020
2617City Football Group Limited633405/10/2020
2618Robert Rathbone633605/01/2020
2619Eating Our Way To Extinction Limited633827/04/2020
2620Richard Groom Trading As Shropshire Air634213/05/2020
2621Peak Drone Imaging Limited634526/04/2020
2622Michael Lazenby634827/04/2020
2623Michalakis Ionides635428/04/2020
2624Air Control Entech Limited635629/05/2020
262553 Degrees North Ltd636020/05/2020
2626Ross Welsh Trading As Capture Surveys636117/05/2020
2627Sportfolio Images Limited Trading As636229/05/2020
2628Dean Fisher Trading As Dean's Aerial Photography637130/04/2020
2629University of Liverpool637219/06/2019
2630Cumbria Constabulary637518/01/2020
2631DAC Builders Limited638214/05/2020
2632Jeremy Colwill Trading As West Plus638414/05/2020
2633Broadcast Media Services Limited638605/02/2020
2634Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council639015/05/2020
2635The Office of the Police & Crime639306/03/2020
2636One Weller Media Ltd Trading As One639417/05/2020
2637Murray Soutar Trading As Soutar Aerial Imagery639605/07/2020
2638Olive And Thistle Productions Limited639805/03/2020
2639Alistair Waling Trading As In Awe Digital Media639905/10/2020
2640Breckon & Breckon Limited640924/04/2020
2641High Compliance LTD641006/03/2020
2642Herotech8 Ltd641205/09/2020
2643Christopher Hearn Trading As NCQ Drones641429/05/2020
2644Moto Media Ltd641731/05/2020
2645Callum Jacob641806/04/2020
2646Manu Khanna Trading As Blue Goat Media641905/04/2020
2647Texo Drone Survey & Inspection (UKCS)642317/01/2020
2648Grapefruit Films Limited642624/05/2020
2649David Dixon Trading As David Anderson Dixon642726/04/2020
2650University of the West of England (UWE642805/07/2020
2651Marlinmedia Limited Trading As643629/05/2020
2652Construction Photo Documentation644805/03/2020
2653John Miller Trading As John Miller645017/05/2020
2654David Wright Trading As The Airworks645324/05/2020
2655AnthonyDodge.TV Limited645414/05/2020
2656Björn Olin Design Teknik AB Trading As Helifilm.com645505/04/2020
2657Digital Fauna Limited645729/05/2020
2658Gerry Burke TV Limited646506/06/2020
2659Simon Brown Trading As Dorset Aerial648229/05/2020
2660Kettle Growers Group Limited648525/06/2019
2661Nicholas Kowalski Trading As Aerial Photo Systems649618/06/2019
2662Richard Gayle Trading As Specular Visuals650118/05/2020
2663Russell Nicholls650623/05/2020 Ltd650822/05/2020
2665Andrew Chadd651121/05/2020
2666David Lock Associates Limited651231/05/2020
2667Phillip Leeder Trading As Anglia Aerial Images652021/05/2020
2668John Cameron Wyllie Wilson Trading As652106/04/2020
2669Tony Campbell Trading As TC Drone652917/05/2020
2670Philip Harrison Trading As Phil Harrison653106/04/2020
2671Garry Wakeham Ltd653422/05/2020
2672Intel Corporation653706/11/2019
2673Marc Thorneycroft Trading As Photoworks654006/06/2020
2674Arctium Ltd654928/05/2020
2675DroneEnvironmental Ltd655424/05/2020
2676Industro Skycapture Ltd656007/02/2019
2677DDM Drones Limited656629/05/2020
2678Gary Perlmutter Trading As The Drone656831/05/2020
2679Morgan James Media Limited657506/03/2020
2680Brother Film Co LLP Trading As Brother Film Co657825/05/2020
2681Joseph Tomlin Trading As Aerial Imaging by Joe Tomlin658128/05/2020
2682Red Media (A Project of Linden Church658215/06/2019
2683John A Tee658328/05/2020
2684Neil James Garrod658430/05/2020
2685Jack Coathupe Trading As Jack Coathupe Media658928/05/2020
2686Samuel Sparks Trading As Sparks Film659306/04/2020
2687Alta Vue Limited660329/05/2020
2688Feed Digital Ltd Trading As Feed.Video660406/05/2020
2689Jonathan Ford Trading As Upperlook661330/05/2020
2690Paul Westall Trading As Worker Drones UK661430/05/2020
2691Noel Perry Trading As Sky High Shots661616/06/2019
2692Thomas Durnford Trading As Volador Media663426/06/2019
2693Omega Geomatics Ltd663526/06/2019
2694Charles Smith Trading As CS Photography Services663606/04/2020
2695Michael Brannigan Trading As Orbital Realm Solutions663706/08/2019
2696Granta Network Solutions Ltd663906/04/2020
2697Robert Adrian Moore Trading As Birds Eye View 2017664220/06/2019
2698Dd Games Solutions Ltd Trading As Skycams664306/08/2019
2699Mohamed Essam Abdel-Razek Trading As Mo Essam664506/11/2019
2700Eclipse Digital Solutions Limited664706/04/2020
2701Central Roofing And Building Services665106/01/2020
2702David Averillo Trading As Dave AV666206/07/2020
2703OverWatch Aerial Filming Ltd.666415/06/2019
27041080 Film and Television Ltd666706/04/2020
2705Tilhill Forestry Limited666810/12/2019
2706Obsidian Unmanned Aircraft Systems667606/07/2020
2707George Ryan667722/06/2019
2708BAM Plant Limited668006/11/2019
2709Signal2Noise Ltd.668206/06/2020
2710Lovejoy Enterprises Ltd668406/12/2019
2711Dairy Energy Limited Trading As AV8air668506/12/2019
2712Conor Stokes Trading As SkyeServe668706/06/2020
2713Rob Brinkhof668806/11/2019
2714Louis Hemming-Lowe669014/06/2020
2715Culture, Communities & Business669317/08/2019
2716James Trenchard669406/08/2019
2717James Ussher Trading As Ussher Production669806/11/2019
2718ADH Inspections Limited669906/08/2019
2719Ben Evans Trading As Department Of Geography - University Of Cambridge670015/06/2019
2720Paul Losse670106/08/2020
2721Paul Stasinski670518/06/2019
2722In The Bag Pro Ltd670606/08/2019
2723Mark Wilson Trading As Drone Geospatial670706/08/2019
2724Andrew Jones670806/08/2019
2725Wild Dog Limited670906/12/2019
2726Amanda Tarrington Trading As Catchavista Aerial Imaging671016/07/2019
2727Steven Li Engineering Services Ltd Trading671106/08/2019
2728Lean Global Consultancy Limited671206/09/2019
2729Matthew Smith Trading As Matthew Smith Architectural Photography671306/09/2019
2730Gregg Wolstenholme671406/09/2019
2731Overview Drone Services Limited671506/09/2019
2732Inspired Images Limited671613/06/2019
2733Philip Keenan Trading As PK Drone Services671706/09/2019
2734Stratify Tech Limited Trading As Stratian671813/06/2020
2735Igloo Imaging Limited671923/06/2019
2736Yan Taylor Trading As Angular Media672006/09/2019
2737Dellfield Solutions Ltd Trading As DS Aerial672113/06/2019
2738George Jones Trading As Aero-Vista672206/12/2019
2739Life2 Financial Services Limited672315/06/2019
2740CNH IND NV Trading As CASE IH UK672409/04/2019
2741Quayle Industries Ltd672506/12/2019
2742Mark Eves672613/06/2019
2743Nautical Sky Ltd672706/12/2019
2744Openreach Limited672807/09/2019
2745Busanga Plains Limited672915/06/2019
2746Bracey Films Ltd673006/11/2019
2747Steve Wiles Trading As Red Snapper673106/12/2019
2748Hugh Midford673213/06/2019
2749RPS Ireland Ltd Trading As RPS Consulting Engineers673306/12/2019
2750Cooper & Withycombe Ltd673413/06/2019
2751Tom Lines Trading As Creative Lines Photography673506/12/2019
2752Nathaniel Taylor Trading As Buzzard Films673615/06/2019
2753John Foley673713/06/2019
2754David Magee Trading As DM Aerial Photography673815/06/2019
2755Christopher Atkin Trading As Icarus Aerial Film & Photography673918/06/2019
2756Rockadove Limited674006/12/2019
2757John Gogarty674113/06/2019
2758Mark George Trading As eVolution Consultants674218/06/2020
2759Clear Perspective Media (UK) Limited674307/02/2019
2760Robert Kenneth Price Trading As T1 Media674413/06/2019
2761Thomas Nagy Limited674507/12/2019
2762Daniel Orrell, Christopher Brothers and674618/06/2019
2763Ian May Trading As Peregrine674720/06/2019
2764Ted Peake Trading As TheSkyCam Burton674818/06/2019
2765Christopher George Trading As W4 Wedding Films674913/06/2020
2766Saleh Seyedzadeh675013/06/2019
2767Shahid Karim Trading As NoLimits Productions675118/06/2019
2768Danny Holland Trading As DH Drones Aerial Video And Photography675406/12/2019
2769Philip Halliwell Trading As PMJ Film Productions675513/06/2019
2770Elevated Imagery Limited675614/06/2019
2771Peter Veale675714/06/2020
2772Anthony Bourne Trading As Bourne Inspired675818/06/2019
2773Vale of Glamorgan Council - Building675914/06/2019
2774Tjden Lane Trading As The Useful Drone Company676014/06/2019
2775Roger Burrows Trading As A'ROV'N676214/06/2019
2776Rowan Aitchison676307/10/2019
2777Trevor Marshall Trading As Birds Eye Views UAV676415/06/2020
2778Sky Born Media Ltd676515/06/2019
2779Princess Cruise Lines Ltd Trading As CCL676618/06/2019
2780Daisy Maddison676715/06/2019
2781Hovaloft Ltd Trading As Hovaloft676818/06/2019
2782Ryan Shelton Trading As Paramount Aerial Photography676918/06/2019
2783Jason & Tim Services Ltd Trading As JTS677015/06/2019
2784Spizz Media Ltd677122/06/2020
2785I Spy Drones Ltd Trading As I Spy Drones677218/06/2019
2786Urbane Media Limited Trading As Urbane Media677418/06/2019
2787Dronetech Aerial Solutions Limited677518/06/2019
2788Abraxas Photography & Video Ltd677620/06/2019
2789Cambridge Drone Company Limited677720/06/2019
2790Carl James Best Trading As Carl Best DOP677818/06/2019
2791Caldwells (Lymington) Limited Trading As Caldwells Estate Agents677925/06/2019
2792Peter John Quintin Bromfield678018/06/2019
2793Kristopher Fagan Trading As Aspect Aerial Imagery678120/06/2019
2794Capture TV Ltd678218/06/2019
2795Jet Black Limited678318/06/2019
2796Eyes Up Films Limited Trading As Eyes Up Films678418/06/2019
2797Serosensa Limited678507/02/2019
2798Designer Websites Limited678620/06/2019
2799Robin Hamman Trading As Stradigal678719/06/2019
2800David Bowers Trading As Dave Bowers Drone Services678819/06/2019
2801Higher Safety Ltd Trading As Higher Safety678919/06/2019
2802Alan Boydell679007/02/2019
2803Christopher Jones Trading As Dronegraphica679219/06/2019
2804Tom Hartwell679319/06/2019
2805James Moorcroft679419/06/2019
2806Alasdair Strange and David Whyte Trading679520/06/2019
2807MiMi K Productions Ltd Trading As Mrs Mashup Film & Photography679623/06/2019
2808Daniel Hodge Trading As Dan Hodge Drone Photography679720/06/2019
2809Donald Andrew Greig Trading As Aerial Imaging Resources679820/06/2019
2810Steve Dibben Trading As The Filming Company679916/07/2019
2811Titan Environmental Surveys Limited680021/06/2019
2812Formby Surveys Limited680120/06/2019
2813Quintas Energy UK Ltd680220/06/2019
2814Russell Geomatics Limited680320/06/2019
2815The University Of Chichester680420/06/2019
2816John Olsson680520/06/2019
2817Aerial Visual Services Ltd680620/06/2019
2818Brendan Bell680722/06/2019
2819Robert Crossley Trading As VMC Aerial Media680820/06/2019
2820William Stevens Consulting Limited680925/06/2019
2821Samuel Geake Trading As Tick Tock Films681020/06/2019
2822Matthew Walters Trading As Matt Walters Aerial Filming681120/06/2019
2823Steve Ratcliffe Films Limited681220/06/2019
2824Anthony Mallinson681321/06/2019
2825Camel Digital Limited Trading As Camel Digital681420/06/2019
2826Soho Square Media Ltd Trading As Soho Square Media681520/06/2019
2827Harrisons Residential Ltd Trading As Harrisons Residential681620/06/2019
2828Cherry Tree Films Ltd681721/06/2019
2829High Rise Cleaning Contractors Ltd681823/06/2019
2830Fabio Calascibetta681923/06/2019
2831Ronan Mcgrade Trading As Ronan Mcgrade Photography682021/06/2019
2832Ian Lewis Trading As Airworks682121/06/2019
2833Ian Simpson Trading As Godrone Creative682221/06/2019
2834Jonathon Aiken682321/06/2019
2835Polar (N.E.) Limited Trading As Polar NE682427/06/2019
2836Steven Sayers682521/06/2019
2837Ian Oldham And Caroline Oldham Trading682621/06/2019
2838Ross Haswell Trading As SkySight AV682721/06/2019
2839Paul Smitherman Trading As Drone With A View682821/06/2019
2840Hawkvision360 Ltd682921/06/2019
2841David Wilson Trading As Drone Northwest683021/06/2019
2842Creative Drone Services Ltd683122/06/2019
2843Sirius Minerals PLC683227/06/2019
2844Drone Guys Limited Trading As Hawk UAV683327/06/2019
2845Strix Inzenyring, Spol. S R.O.683410/01/2019
2846Complete Certification Ltd683507/10/2019
2847Neil Harris Trading As NHA Surveyors683627/06/2019
2848David Hare Trading As Shoot First Creative683707/10/2019
2849Altitude Productions Limited683821/06/2019
2850Leander Consultancy Ltd683921/06/2019
2851Daniel Spratt Trading As Aerial Aesthetics684022/06/2019
2852Kimera Facilities Management UK Limited684123/06/2019
2853Ian Clarke Trading As Higher Imagery684225/06/2020
2854Jon Bessant Trading As JB Imaging684322/06/2019
2855Peter Sauze Trading As Cornwall D.M.C684422/06/2019
2856Automation And Technical Services Ltd684525/06/2019
2857ATG Services (Ireland) Ltd Trading As ATG Group684622/06/2019
2858Jeremy Tier Trading As SkyVista Surveys684723/06/2019
2859CineMerse Ltd Trading As CineMerse684807/04/2019
2860Nicolas Verstraeten Trading As Nv Droneography684907/02/2019
2861Robert Lamont Trading As Pegasus Videos685023/06/2019
2862The Agnew Film Company Limited685123/06/2019
2863Scott Sharples Trading As Sharp Aerial Services685222/06/2019
2864Ryan Smith685323/06/2019
2865Wilder UAV Ltd685423/06/2019
2866TJ Hughes685523/06/2019
2867Morgan Goodsmith685622/06/2019
2868Matt Souvertjis685722/06/2019
2869Cirencester College685823/06/2019
2870Caru Wedding Videography Ltd.685928/06/2019
2871Ground Developments Ltd686023/06/2020
2872Red Earth Studio Ltd Trading As Red Earth Studio686126/06/2019
2873Lighttrapper Photography Limited686223/06/2019
2874Simon Cotton Trading As Simon Cotton Aerial Photography686323/06/2019
2875Poole Drone Services Ltd686423/06/2019
2876Lee Britt Trading As Uckfield Aerial Imaging686525/06/2019
2877Tony Maud686607/04/2019
2878Switch Point Media Limited686725/06/2019
2879Stuart Sutherland686823/06/2019
2880Michael Evans686923/06/2019
2881Simon Reynolds687023/06/2019
2882Kier Limited687207/04/2019
2883PMG Media Limited687307/04/2019
2884Austin Blaylock Trading As Bluestack Media687425/06/2019
2885Daniel Wilcox Trading As Daniel Wilcox Photography687625/06/2019
2886Oliver Goode Trading As Interloper Drones687727/06/2019
2887Matthew Wedding687825/06/2019
2888Crowley Drone Services Ltd687925/06/2019
2889Michael Peel Trading As BottleRocket Film688026/06/2019
2890Global Fire Productions Limited Trading As Global Fire Creative688125/06/2019
2891TECH AAA LTD Trading As AAA TECH DRONE SOLUTIONS688225/06/2019
2892Matmedia Productions Limited688325/06/2019
2893Gavin Finch Trading As FireFly Drone Perlmutter Photography688425/06/2019
2894L-3 Communications ASA Limited688507/10/2019
2895GeoAccess Ltd Trading As GeoAccess688725/06/2019
2896Jaroslaw Bajgier688825/06/2019
2897Christopher Frith Trading As Chris Frith688925/06/2019
2898Perfect Pixel Drones Ltd689025/06/2019
2899Matthew Sparks689125/06/2019
2900JPH Architects Limited689226/06/2019
2901Ashley Stewart Trading As Creative Solutions689426/06/2019
2902Callum Barker Trading As John Barker Photography689526/06/2019
2903Bradley Davis Trading As BCA Surveys689626/06/2019
2904Geoff Goy Trading As Captain Drone689727/06/2019
2905Robin Sharman689826/06/2020
2906Pete Tasker689926/06/2019
2907Christopher Coates Trading As Aerial Views Photography690026/06/2019
2908Saquib Ibrahim690107/04/2019
2909Alistair Horne690227/06/2019
2910CAN Structures Ltd690307/04/2019
2911Jack Bramford Trading As Bramford UAV690426/06/2019
2912Samuel Stafford690527/06/2019
2913Christopher Reeve Trading As CMRDrones690626/06/2019
2914Daniel Rutterford Trading As R.D- Rutterford Droneography690726/06/2020
2915Northern Powergrid Holdings Company690827/06/2019
2916Robert Ellingham Trading As Hyperion Drones690927/06/2019
2917M.G.L Group Limited691027/06/2019
2918Lindsay McCrae Limited691128/06/2019
2919Jack Richardson691227/06/2020
2920Get Your PFCO Ltd Trading As inclusive media691307/04/2019
2921Mark Carson Limited691427/06/2019
2922Harry Cloughley and Ben Etchells Trading691528/06/2019
2923Claire Fowler And Jonathon Fowler Trading691627/06/2020
2924Scopus Engineering Limited691727/06/2019
2925Commercial Drone Services Limited691807/04/2019
2926Wortley Construction Services Ltd692007/02/2019
2927Dean Boatman Trading As DeanB Photography692128/06/2019
2928Michael Hodder Trading As Mike Hodder692207/05/2020
2929Richard Strathie Trading As Tweed Developments692327/06/2019
2930Robert Ormerod Trading As Robert Ormerod Photography692427/06/2019
2931Airwolf Visual Ltd692527/06/2019
2932Pete McCowen692627/06/2019
2933Gary McCarthy Trading As CaptureSouthWales692724/07/2019
2934Benjamin Hewes692807/02/2019
2935Alexander Ettling Trading As Xander Ettling Media692928/06/2019
2936Natural Power Services Limited693007/04/2019
2937Timothy Attwell Trading As DroneOn Media693107/02/2019
2938DLM Consultancy Limited693228/06/2019
2939Word Pictures Limited Trading As Word Pictures693307/05/2019
2940David Scott693428/06/2019
2941Andrew Turbutt Trading As M.A.P.S.(Mobile Aerial Photography Service)693528/06/2019
2942Rex Media Limited693628/06/2019
2943National Dogs Technical Support Group693707/10/2019
2944Joe Medlock693807/04/2019
2945Kettering Computer Solutions Ltd693928/06/2019
2946Milbank Media Ltd694007/02/2019
2947Simon Richardson Trading As Keyishoes Drone Services694107/02/2019
2948David Arundell Trading As An Aerial Perspective694429/06/2019
2949David Jones Trading As South Wales Drones694729/06/2019
2950Ulterium Limited Trading As Ulterium Uav694807/05/2019
2951Robert Crockett Trading As Blue Matrix Photography694929/06/2019
2952Glenn Clayton695007/10/2020
2953BTH Consulting Limited Trading As BTH Drones695107/05/2019
2954Alex Barber695229/06/2019
2955Robert Scott Trading As Flypast-UAV695329/06/2019
2956Biffa Waste Services Limited695407/02/2019
2957Tom Anderson Sheppard Trading As Tom Sheppard695507/02/2019
2958Pathfinder Drone Ltd695607/05/2019
2959Moran Roofing Specialists Limited695707/04/2019
2960Realising Designs Limited695807/02/2019
2961John Higgins695907/02/2019
2962Edward Rolfe696007/02/2019
2963Craig Morris696107/02/2019
2964Magdoos Media Limited696207/02/2019
2965BAE Systems PLC Trading As BAE Systems Inc696316/07/2019
2966Anthony Dalton Limited696407/02/2019
2967Simon Cornish696507/02/2019
2968Ashcroft Aviation Limited696607/10/2019
2969South Atlantic Environmental Research696707/03/2019
2970Paul Bunch Trading As Perspective-i696807/08/2019
2971Francis Hayden Trading As Well High Drones696907/12/2019
2972PRS DronZ LTD697007/04/2019
2973GEO Turf Consulting Limited697107/10/2019
2974Murdos Mechanics Ltd697207/10/2019
2975Roxby HSEQ Risk Solutions Ltd697307/10/2019
2976Curo Enterprise Limited697416/07/2019
2977Steven Hearn Trading As Chiltern Drones697527/07/2019
2978Christopher Spice Trading As Chris Spice Films697607/05/2019
2979Robert Byron697707/03/2019
2980Keele University697807/10/2019
2981Paul K Porter Trading As paulkporterphotography697907/10/2019
2982Euron Jones Trading As Euron Jones Film & Photography698007/05/2019
2983Oxford Direct Services Limited698108/02/2019
2984Ian Stafford Allen698207/03/2019
2985Michael Prior and Rachel Prior Trading As Michael Prior Studio698307/03/2019
2986Bobby Nelson And Heather Nelson Trading698416/07/2019
2987Chris Maitland Trading As Blue Sky Imagery698507/04/2019
2988UAV Virtue Ltd698607/04/2019
2989Beeswax Dyson Farming Limited698707/10/2019
2990Karmon Innovations Limited698807/04/2019
2991Joanne Taylor Trading As J Taylor Consultancy699007/05/2019
2992Mid Ulster District Council699107/05/2019
2993TH Photography Limited699207/10/2019
2994Easyview Media Ltd699307/05/2019
2995Gorilla Drones LTD699407/05/2019
2996Alan Reid Trading As That Drone Co.699507/11/2019
2997HDS Aerial Surveys Limited699607/05/2019
2998Christopher Heapy Trading As Christyle Images699707/12/2019
2999John Clarke Trading As Clarke Photography699807/10/2019
3000Essex Drone Solutions Ltd699920/07/2019
3001Robert Hollingworth700007/05/2019
3002The New York Times Company700116/07/2019
3003Jeff Rix Services Limited Trading As Jeff Rix700207/05/2019
3004Noel Wong Trading As UKHK Photography700307/05/2019
3005Raymond Jones Trading As RJ Drone (RJDO)700407/10/2019
3006William Withers700607/06/2019
3007Daniel Ali700707/06/2019
3008Gareth Blakemore Trading As Ark Studios700807/06/2019
3009Kavan Lavrih Trading As Ascent Filmworks701016/07/2019
3010Matt Wearmouth Trading As MAP [by drone]701107/10/2019
3011Adrian Langford701207/11/2019
3012KLZ Aerial Images Limited701307/06/2019
3013Anthony Jones Trading As AJ Media701407/11/2019
3014Edward Perry701507/06/2019
3015Rob Caithness Trading As RC Drones701607/06/2019
3016James Kivell701707/10/2019
3017Mine And Quarry Surveys Limited701807/10/2019
3018Ewan MacLean702031/07/2019
3019Eltel Networks Energetyka S.a.702116/07/2019
3020Visual Line Ltd702307/12/2019
3021Zenith S.A.S. Limited702427/09/2019
3022Mason Kiely702507/09/2019
3023William Ferguson Trading As Ferguson Photography702607/12/2019
3024SoilEssentials Limited Trading As SoilEssentials702707/12/2019
3025Sandersons Property Management Limited702809/04/2019
3026Viktory Film and Television Ltd702927/07/2019
3027Skyline Aerial Services Ltd703107/09/2019
3028Lovell Sports Limited Trading As Lovell Sports703207/09/2019
3029Robert Mills Trading As Robert Mills Photography703307/09/2019
3030Graeme Currie Trading As DroneFilm UK703407/09/2019
3031VisitScotland Limited703507/10/2019
3032The Wye and Usk Foundation703607/11/2019
3033Energy Media UK Ltd703707/10/2019
3034HighShot Media Ltd703907/10/2019
3035Golf Marketing Services Limited Trading As GMS704007/11/2019
3036William Fairhead704107/12/2019
3037Palm Paper Limited704231/07/2019
3038Paul Mackie Trading As Mobile Aerial Photography704314/07/2019
3039PAB Studios Limited704407/11/2019
3040Tom Banbury Trading As Evolution Drone704507/12/2019
3041Matthew Noakes Trading As Hawk Drone Services704607/12/2019
3042Christopher Best Trading As Christopher Best Photography704707/12/2019
3043Graeme Ferguson Trading As Make or Break Media704807/12/2019
3044JRB Installers Limited704907/11/2019
3045Jonathan Love705007/11/2019
3046Niall Woodward Trading As Motus Partnership705107/11/2019
3047Michaell Formolo Lange Trading As Michaell F Lange705207/11/2019
3048Northwood Wrexham Limited705307/12/2019
3049James Spicer705407/12/2019
3050Oliver Brock Trading As Aerocam705516/07/2019
3051Arden Geomatics Limited705607/12/2019
3052Gimbal Media Ltd705707/12/2019
3053Spectroscope Films Limited705816/07/2019
3054Norfolk Prestige Car Parts UK Limited705913/07/2019
3055Rye Aerial Filming Services Limited706117/07/2019
3056360 Drone Solutions Limited706213/07/2019
3057Sparrowhawk Management Services Ltd706313/07/2019
3058Corish Film And Video Productions Limited706413/07/2019
3059HasWings Ltd Trading As HasWings706513/07/2019
3060Christopher Buckle Trading As Skycam Clacton706613/07/2019
3061Aerialpixls (Scotland) Ltd706713/07/2019
3062Marcus Hole706916/07/2019
3063Robin Bennett Trading As Creative Photography707017/07/2019
3064ASC (Surveys) Ltd707215/08/2019
3065Raymond Fogarty Trading As AirCam Ireland707324/07/2019
3066Ian Hartwell Trading As Ian Hartwell Images707416/07/2019
3067HOM Productions Limited707516/07/2019
3068DroneLogan Ltd Trading As DroneLogan707608/06/2019
30694G Associates Ltd Trading As Avocam Aerial Imaging707716/07/2019
3070Simon Longhurst Trading As Air Cinematics707927/07/2019
3071Hawk-Eye Vision Ltd trading As Hawk-Eye Vision708016/07/2019
3072Andrew Smith708216/07/2019
3073Patrick Tighe Trading As Inspired Drone Services708316/07/2019
3074Martin Tempest trading as The Tempest Drone708417/07/2019
3075Share IT Limited Trading As Prop Spin Aerial Imagery708518/07/2019
3076Gregory Manchester Trading As RAVEN Droneworks708618/07/2019
3077Moover Limited708726/07/2019
3078Balanced Future Limited Trading As BF Drone Operations708917/07/2019
3079RED-OCHRE PRODUCTIONS Limited709017/07/2019
3080Jason Podwojski Trading As Zen Uav709117/07/2019
3081Andrew Parish Trading As ajpmedia.com709217/07/2019
3082Patrick Jackson Trading As Patrick Jackson Photography709326/07/2019
3083Hova Media Ltd709421/09/2019
3084Telford And Wrekin Council709517/07/2019
3085Simeon Murray Trading As Cloudview Media709618/07/2019
3086Phil Toler Trading As Aylesbury Aerial Photography709831/07/2019
3087Oliver Jelley709917/07/2019
3088Woodleyside Information Technology710020/07/2019
3089Alan Tutton Trading As Ben Tutton Media710123/07/2019
3090Aaron Greenwood Trading As Fledermaus710218/07/2019
3091Benjamin Hay710318/07/2019
3092Applus Rvis B.v. Trading As Applus Rvis B.v.710418/07/2019
3093Foco Films Ltd710518/07/2019
3094M.V. Kelly Limited710618/07/2019
3095Jacob Martin Trading As Mid Nowhere Productions710718/07/2019
3096Adam Alexander710818/07/2019
3097Higham Flat Roofing Limited710918/07/2019
3098Rediscover Media Limited711018/07/2019
3099Andrew Dalrymple Trading As FlyFife711118/07/2019
3100Daniel Gomez Trading As Void Creative Studio711223/07/2019
3101Drone Railway Construction Services711319/07/2019
3102Ecological Planning & Research Limited711429/08/2019
3103Big Bear Productions Ltd Trading As Big Bear Wedding Films711519/07/2019
3104Flip Films Ltd711623/07/2019
3105Big Button Media Limited Trading As Big Button711731/07/2019
3106Oilfield Testing Services Limited711831/07/2019
3107CDP Photography Limited711923/07/2019
3108SkyBound Innovations Ltd and Lane,712108/01/2019
3109Neil MacFarlane and Calum Campbell712231/07/2019
3110Paul Maunders Trading As PSM Drone Photography712319/07/2019
3111Transmission Productions Limited712408/01/2019
3112Martin Giles712520/07/2019
3113iHi Drone Limited712623/07/2019
3114Toby Hough712726/07/2019
3115Apex Tree Surgeons Ltd712908/09/2019
3116KPANDRC Limited Trading As Richard Carroll713023/07/2019
3117OpticAir Limited713230/07/2019
3118Oliver Putnam Trading As Ollie Putnam Cinematography713323/07/2019
3119JP Electrical Design Ltd713423/07/2019
3120Bagshaw & Hardy Limited713523/07/2019
3121Peter Hope Trading As Aedro713626/07/2019
3122Ether/Awe Productions Ltd713723/07/2019
3123Franciszek Mirowski Trading As The Two Photographers713822/08/2019
3124Paul Avis Trading As The Video Shop713924/07/2019
3125Byron Woolley Trading As TAHR Media714024/07/2019
3126Rset Co. Ltd714124/07/2019
3127Joshua Conway714208/01/2019
3128Glen Thomson Trading As Glen Thomson Films714330/07/2019
3129South West News Service Limited Trading714425/07/2019
3130Peadar Curran Trading As Freelance UAV714526/07/2019
3131Elliott Barrett Trading As Trevor Barrett Photographers714625/07/2019
3132Digital Soldiers Ltd714726/07/2019
3133Rimkus Consulting Limited714813/08/2019
3134Kenn Elliott Trading As
3135Scene By Drone Limited715026/07/2019
3136Gary Mayall Trading As Property Photos Wales715125/07/2019
3137Iain Johnston Trading As Johnston Media715226/07/2019
3138University of Bradford715316/08/2019
3139Thomas Jackson Trading As Aquila Aerial Technologies715426/07/2019
3140Clive Harris Services Limited715531/07/2019
3141DB Drone Services Ltd715626/07/2019
3142Jack Trewick Trading As Trew Drone Productions715709/04/2019
3143Geometris Limited Trading As Geometris715826/07/2019
3144Phil Gurr Trading As Digitalcut715931/07/2019
3145William Buchan Trading As Bill Buchan Photography716126/07/2019
3146Robert Evans Trading As Airhopper Films716226/07/2019
3147Dronezone Ltd716326/07/2019
3148Ian Maxwell Trading As Tree Top Digital716408/08/2019
3149Callum White Trading As High-fly Media716508/07/2019
3150Duncan Gray716608/08/2019
3151Sue Vaughton Trading As Sue Vaughton Photography716727/07/2019
3152Graham Lewis Trading As Dronemasters Wales716927/07/2019
3153Christopher Elkin Trading As Duffield Drones717013/08/2019
3154Sarah Kinloch717108/01/2019
3155Outlook Operator Training Ltd717208/06/2019
3156HALO Industries Ltd Trading As HALO Drones717321/08/2019
3157North West Regional Organised Crime Unit717414/11/2019
3158Dawn Creations Limited717530/07/2019
3159Grampian Growers Limited717608/07/2019
3160Christopher Elliston and Roy Sykes Trading717708/02/2019
3161Christiaan Partridge Trading As Christiaan Partridge Photography717808/06/2019
3162Woodgate Surveys & Aerial Photography717931/07/2019
3163Promorphic Ltd Trading As Promorphic718031/07/2019
3164Ashley Morgan Trading As AVM Video & Photography718131/07/2019
3165Stanley Deeman Trading As Deemanwings718208/02/2019
3166Vista Drones Limited Trading As Vista Drones718331/07/2019
3167Benjamin Race718408/01/2019
3168Andrew Williamson718508/01/2019
3169Jared Reabow Trading As ReabowRotors718608/02/2019
3170Alexander Donald Trading As Digital Aerial Imagery718709/10/2019
3171Philip Jones718808/06/2019
3172Graham Szymanski718908/01/2019
3173Wafeproject Limited719008/01/2019
3174Jason Holden Trading As JH Drones719108/01/2019
3175Chris Walsh Limited719208/07/2019
3176BUZZDEV Ltd719308/02/2019
3177Fairhome Group PLC719408/02/2019
3178Aggregate Industries UK Limited719508/10/2019
3179Antony Sherlock Trading As Scottish Holiday Houses719608/08/2019
3180Croudace Homes Group Limited719708/06/2019
3181KerryB Consulting Ltd Trading As Drone Heights719808/02/2019
3182Roger Ford Trading As Roger Ford Photography719908/02/2019
3183Stuart Smith720008/07/2019
3184Robert Franklin Trading As Aerial Optix720108/02/2019
3185Platform Shetland Ltd720208/03/2019
3186Modus Film Productions Limited720308/03/2019
3187Aspect Ratio Tv Limited Trading As ARTv720408/03/2019
3188Skyfx Ltd720531/08/2019
3189Spencer Phillips720608/08/2019
3190Charles M.Willie & Co.(Shipping)Limited720708/03/2019
3191Caelus Drones Ltd Trading As Caelus Drone Services & Sales720808/03/2019
3192Quadpix Limited720908/07/2019
3193Kier Group PLC & Subsidiary Companies721108/08/2019
3194John Campbell Trading As Airborne Imaging Drones721213/08/2019
3195Robert Spooner Trading As Tuckedaway721308/05/2019
3196Darren Layden Trading As Eagle Eye Aerial Access721408/08/2019
3197Will Harnett Trading As WHP Air721508/05/2019
3198Stuart Malaure Trading As SM Drone Services721608/05/2019
3199Ecotricity Group Ltd Trading As Ecotricity721709/06/2019
3200Andrew Collin721808/05/2019
3201Vantage Digital Limited Trading As Skyscape Media721908/05/2019
3202Hisurv Ltd722008/10/2019
3203Polka Dot Consulting Limited Trading As Dronography4Events722108/09/2019
3204Nick Best Trading As Skyviewuk722308/09/2019
3205Briscott Engineering Limited722408/10/2019
3206William Wooster722508/06/2019
3207Garden Escapes (Ireland) Limited722608/07/2019
3208Black Edge Productions Ltd722708/06/2019
3209Avoque Limited722813/08/2019
3210The Black Arrows Sqd Ltd722908/09/2019
3211Dextra Group PLC723017/08/2019
3212Stonbury Limited723122/08/2019
3214Edward Cooper Consultancy Limited723308/06/2019
3215Arran Scallion723408/10/2019
3216ARBORFLIGHT LIMITED723508/06/2019
3217RT Productions LTD723608/09/2019
3218Spinning Views Ltd723813/08/2019
3219Bylumiere Ltd723908/07/2019
3220Martin Evans Trading As Panoramic Outlook724023/08/2019
3221TrailMed Limited Trading As SkyTrails724108/07/2019
3222Sports Publications Limited Trading As Sports Publications724213/08/2019
3223Ghanshyam Ravji Velji Dhanani Trading As The Sky Cam724313/08/2019
3224James Newman Trading As J N Drone Services724408/07/2019
3225Mark Miles Trading As Miles Above Aerial Robotics724508/07/2019
3226Keri Rees Trading As Dragonfly UAV724608/07/2019
3227Alastair Wallace Trading As Blackstone Drones724713/08/2019
3228Dover District Council724821/08/2019
3229Ian Fraser Duncan Trading As Executive Photographic Services and Survey UK (EPSASuk)724908/08/2019
3230Emlyn Gibson725008/08/2019
3231Ready Set Go Ltd725108/08/2019
3232Gary Corkell725208/10/2019
3233Surrey Search & Rescue725308/08/2019
3234Light and Imagination Ltd725408/08/2019
3235Drennan International Limited725508/09/2019
3236Christopher Thomas Trading As CT Aerial Surveys725708/09/2019
3237Emhol IT Solutions Ltd725808/09/2019
3238Nigel Kyle Trading As Surface to Air Photography725921/08/2019
3239Knowlton Project Support Limited Trading726008/09/2019
3240Marta Hawrylow Trading As Blue View Studio726108/09/2019
3241Halo Imagery Limited Trading As Halo Imagery726208/09/2019
3242Daniells Harrison Surveyors LLP726313/08/2019
3243Fusion Brickwork Limited726408/10/2019
3244Alasdair Purkis Trading As Alasdair Purkis Photography And Video726630/08/2019
3245Marcin Rydlinski726721/08/2019
3246Shafiq-Ali Pradhan Trading As S Pradhan Photography726908/09/2019
3247Chris Fletcher Trading As DucksFly727022/08/2019
3248Weblab Media Ltd727208/10/2019
3249Total Solutions Aerial Survey Division Ltd727327/08/2019
3250Nile Kevis-Stirling Trading As Kevis-Stirling Marine Services727408/10/2019
3251Christian Leinster Trading As Lucky 7 Video727508/10/2019
3252Ed Bray Trading As Smooth Turtle Productions727621/08/2019
3253Maple Associates Limited727708/12/2019
3254Buro Happold Limited Trading As BuroHappold727808/12/2019
3255HCVF (Inverness) Limited727922/08/2019
3256Autonomous Devices Limited728023/08/2019
3257Peter Laws Trading As Pdl Aerial Imagery728116/08/2019
3258Ty Redif Trading As T. Redphotography728215/08/2019
3259Tybalt Peake728315/08/2019
3260Air Visual Ltd728413/08/2019
3261Miroslav Golias Trading As Miro Photography728520/08/2019
3262Michael Garner728615/08/2019
3263Daniel Waring Trading As EideticEye728713/08/2019
3264Michael Porter Trading As MPM728813/08/2019
3265Grant Roets Trading As Fish Eagle Films728914/08/2019
3266RDF Television Limited729016/08/2019
3267Geomatica Ltd729123/08/2019
3268David Richardson Trading As Rich TV729216/08/2019
3269Slung Low Limited729315/08/2019
3270Shaun Lawson Trading As shaunlawson.video729514/08/2019
3271George Neville729614/08/2019
3272Josh Jackson Trading As BrightSky Drones729714/08/2019
3273Page One Photography Limited Trading As Page One Media729824/08/2019
3274Site Computers Ltd Trading As Site-Eye729915/08/2019
3275Mike Bell730015/08/2019
3276John Barrett730115/08/2019
3277HL Metals Limited730223/08/2019
3278Drone Air Limited730321/08/2019
3279The Property Butler Company Limited730415/08/2019
3280Gary Knowles Trading As The Skycam730520/08/2019
3281Amber Tiger Holdings Ltd730616/08/2019
3282Tide (Scotland) Limited Trading As Tide730716/08/2019
3283Jordan Courtney Trading As Jordan R H C Photography730816/08/2019
3284Mad Eye Ltd730916/08/2019
3285Thin Reel Media Limited731123/08/2019
3286Paul Whittam Trading As InFlight Imaging731217/08/2019
3287Michael Tucker Trading As Matchcut Videography731317/08/2019
3288Greater Manchester Combined Authority731420/08/2019
3289Sam Bartholomew Trading As Tower Aerial Imagery731523/08/2019
3290Andrew Caira Trading As Horizon Visuals731617/08/2019
3291Dodington Commercial Properties Limited731717/08/2019
3292Jack Close731817/08/2019
3293Pete Jones Trading As Shot 67731917/08/2019
3294Survey Roofing Group Limited732022/08/2019
3295James Cook732109/01/2019
3296Chris Hornby Trading As Anglia Aviation732217/08/2019
3297Igloo Media Ltd732323/08/2019
3298The Ultimate Drone Company Ltd732424/08/2019
3299Jonathan Davies732523/08/2019
3300Stephen Anstey Trading As Steve Anstey Drone Services732723/08/2019
3301Kyle Garside And Daniel Riley Trading As Flyover Aerial Imaging Solutions732823/08/2019
3302Andrew Braid Trading As Andy Braid Aerial Video & Photography732922/08/2019
3303Sellafield Limited733023/08/2019
3304Axiom Aerial Surveys Ltd733123/08/2019
3305Thomas Aslanian733220/08/2019
3306Deadwood Services Limited733323/08/2019
3307Graham Perry Trading As DroneXscape Media733420/08/2019
3308SMD Management (North West) Ltd733520/08/2019
3309Skyfade Ltd733620/08/2019
3310Stephen Debie Trading As Uplifting Media733729/08/2019
3311Andrew B Milne Ltd733821/08/2019
3312Aerial Insights Ltd733921/08/2019
3313Alexander Pinsky734021/08/2019
3314Westcountry Resorts Limited734124/08/2019
3315Furred Ear Productions Limited734209/07/2019
3316Chris Welch Trading As Chris Welch Photography734323/08/2019
3317Chris Gloag Photography Ltd734421/08/2019
3318EPC United Kingdom PLC Trading As EPC UK734522/08/2019
3319Missile Limited Trading As Missile Digital Studios734621/08/2019
3320Debonair Sky Services Ltd734721/08/2019
3321JayJay Media Ltd734823/08/2019
3322Beguiled Productions Limited735010/08/2019
3323Oliver Wright Trading As OJW Aerial Photography735122/08/2019
3324A Thousand Threads Limited735322/08/2019
3325InspecServ UK Ltd Trading As InspecServ UK735431/08/2019
3326Kent Aerial Photography Limited735523/08/2019
3327Ben Pipe Photography Ltd735622/08/2019
3328Drone Minds BVBA735716/10/2019
3329NicK Whitworth Trading As Nick Whitworth Film735822/08/2019
3330John Mchugh Trading As LKDWN Videography735923/08/2019
3331Anthony Whitford Trading As Precision Aerial Photography736209/07/2019
3332Synergy 3 Limited736323/08/2019
3333Sea Lane Media Ltd736509/11/2019
3334Steelforce Security Uk Ltd736622/08/2019
3335Geosphere Environmental Limited736723/08/2019
3336Thomas Cunningham Trading As Baby Bond Films736823/08/2019
3337Donal Phair736924/08/2019
3338Hyett Education Ltd737027/08/2019
3339Philip Glenny Trading As Phil Glenny Aerial Imagery737127/08/2019
3340IRISNDT Limited737229/08/2019
3341David Anderson Trading As Blackstaff Aerial Imaging737323/08/2019
3342First Photographics Limited737423/08/2019
3343AP Land Surveys Limited737527/08/2019
3344Ryan Johnson737624/08/2019
3345Keith Eagles and Peter Eagles Trading As Eagles Eye737724/08/2019
3346AOO Media Ltd737824/08/2019
3347Dean Dunkey Trading As Hilton Drones737931/08/2019
3348In Perspective Solutions Ltd738029/08/2019
3349Evolved Media Solutions (UK) Limited738109/01/2019
3350Avalon Sky Limited Trading As Avalon Sky738209/04/2019
3351Gwilym Huws Limited738330/08/2019
3352Bradley Jadir738425/08/2019
3353Applehead Media Ltd Trading As Applehead Media738509/03/2019
3354Anthony Wilson Trading As AEROGUYS UK738629/08/2019
3355David Lewis Trading As David Lewis Photography738730/08/2019
3356James Lamey Trading As World Of Motion Aerial Imagery738929/08/2019
3357Dennis Webb Trading As Alden Aerial Media739029/08/2019
3358Ordinary Man Media Ltd739229/08/2019
3359Pixillion Limited739327/08/2019
3360Yoann Desmoyers-Davis739429/08/2019
3361Sam Morris Trading As Zephyr Drone Works739529/08/2019
3362S E I Solutions Ltd739627/08/2019
3363Ramon de Juan Trading As TRNSMT Films739727/08/2019
3364Mulholland Contracts Limited739827/08/2019
3365Kier Group Plc739927/08/2019
3366Geckotech Solutions Limited740009/03/2019
3367Andy Parkin Trading As Drone Earth740128/08/2019
3368Lee Martin740228/08/2019
3369Alexander Roberts740328/08/2019
3370Crofts & Kowalczyk Photography740409/04/2019
3371Callcott Engineering Surveying LTD740530/08/2019
3372Hayley Watkins Trading As Hayley Watkins Photography740631/08/2019
3373Jonathan Carter740729/08/2019
3374DroneHigher Ltd740830/08/2019
3375Richard Halton Trading As The Sky Cam - Ormskirk740928/08/2019
3376Jason Neilus741028/08/2019
3377Kerry King741128/08/2019
3378Footage From Above Limited741230/08/2019
3379John Arthur Trading As Depictive741328/08/2019
3380Red Root Pictures Ltd741428/08/2019
3381Steve Wright Trading As Oxfordshire Drone Filming741528/08/2019
3382Alexios Zachariadis Trading As Alpha Zulu Productions741628/08/2019
3383Delano Whittle741709/03/2019
3384Alexander McDowall Trading As Eastgate Surveying741809/07/2019
3385Matthew Pyke Trading As PS Visuals741929/08/2019
3386Agriculture and Horticulture Development742029/08/2019
3387Chris Higgins UK Limited742129/08/2019
3388Unmanned Survey Solutions Ltd742229/08/2019
3389Jamie Wells742329/08/2019
3390Skypix Media Ltd742429/08/2019
3391Wayne Sumser-Ali Trading As Sumser Ali Solutions-UAV742529/08/2019
3392Joseph Crittenden742609/04/2019
3393Ian Lowe742729/08/2019
3394Cain Bio-Engineering Limited742829/08/2019
3395Anthony Gordon Wakefield And David Paul742921/09/2019
3396Scott Chalmers743017/09/2019
3397Andrew Cooper743130/08/2019
3398Lance Flynn743230/08/2019
3399Tom Androsiuk743330/08/2019
3400The Theory Films UK Limited Trading As Theory Films743430/08/2019
3401Andrew Bell743530/08/2019
3402Airborne Perspective Ltd743730/08/2019
3403Stephen Bloxham Trading As High And Low Video743809/10/2019
3404Raptor UAS Ltd743917/09/2019
3405University Of Leeds744009/11/2019
3406Richard Byers Trading As Byers Drone Services744109/04/2019
3407Stanton Aerial Imagery Ltd744230/08/2019
3408Sunset + Vine (London 2017) Limited744317/10/2019
3409Lubrizol Limited744409/10/2019
3410Douglas Harper Trading As Soar Alba Aerial Photography744509/05/2019
3411Neil Irwin Trading As The Drone Guys NI744731/08/2019
3412Neil Edbrooke Trading As Image-Release744809/03/2019
3413Untold Film Productions Limited Trading As Untold Films744931/08/2019
3414Spectra Asset Integrity Management745019/09/2019
3415Timothy Stock745131/08/2019
3416Ronnie Mccallum Trading As North East Remote Pilot Service745209/04/2019
3417Kirbdrones Limited745331/08/2019
3418Samantha James745409/05/2019
3419Spectrum 418 Limited745509/12/2019
3420Glen Skelton Trading As GSS745631/08/2019
3421NRA Roofing And Flooring Services Limited745809/05/2019
3422Freedom 10 Ltd745909/05/2019
3423Haseeb Akbar Trading As Xela746009/07/2019
3424Martin Hillary Trading As Martin Hillary Photography746109/05/2019
3425Simon Coram Trading As Orbit Imaging746209/05/2019
3426Tyler Major Trading As Drone Age Technology746309/03/2019
3427Quaestor2000 Limited746409/10/2019
3428Brett Thake746509/04/2019
3429PiccaFilm Ltd.746609/04/2019
3430Abseil Commercial Limited746709/04/2019
3431Warren Sloan Trading As Eye in the sky north west746809/04/2019
3432Albin Szot Trading As Drone303746909/04/2019
3433Ian Chapman Trading As Ian Chapman Photography747109/10/2019
3434Ralph Bower Ltd747209/04/2019
3435Sam Oakes Trading As Sam Oakes Films747309/04/2019
3436Newcastle University School of Engineering747409/04/2019
3437Precision Safety Services Limited747509/04/2019
3438Stuart Wilson747609/04/2019
3439NATS Limited747709/05/2019
3440Joel Earnshaw and Jordan Hunt-Brown747819/09/2019
3441Sure Claims Management Limited747909/05/2019
3442Kemp Engineering And Surveying Ltd748013/09/2019
3443Hedge-Hopper Films Ltd Trading As Hedge- Hopper Films748109/05/2019
3444Thurrock Council748209/05/2019
3445Aerial Observations Limited748309/05/2019
3446Mark Edwards Trading As Swansea Drone Services748409/05/2019
3447Sunrider Drones Limited Trading As Sunrider Drones748509/11/2019
3448Northern Archaeological Consultancy Ltd748609/11/2019
3449Roland Owen748709/05/2019
3450Surface to Air Surveys Ltd748809/05/2019
3451Max Howard Trading As Howard Industries748909/06/2019
3452Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team749026/09/2019
3453Corey Cooper749113/09/2019
3454John Seaman Trading As John Seaman Photography749209/06/2019
3455Michael Lister Trading As Mike Lister Photography749309/11/2019
3456Huw James749409/06/2019
3457Kiran Reardon749613/09/2019
3458Harlequin Group Limited749709/11/2019
3459Osbods Consultancy Limited749809/06/2019
3460Searchlight Productions Limited749909/06/2019
3461Jonathan Shelbourne Trading As Geo Drones (UK)750009/06/2019
3462Evergreen Rabbit Control Ltd Trading As Evergreen Rabbit Control750109/07/2019
3463Jack Anstey750209/07/2019
3464Gleeds Building Surveying Ltd750313/09/2019
3465Arms And Legs LTD750509/07/2019
3466AMG Engineering Services Limited750609/09/2019
3467Picture Book Films Ltd750709/09/2019
3468Red Rock Geoscience Limited750809/09/2019
3469Jonathan Maze Trading As Mourne Sky Solutions750909/09/2019
3470Stuart Savill Trading As TOPDOWN Drone Photography751009/09/2019
3471Nathan Sykes Trading As Blackbeard GIS751109/10/2019
3472KP And Son Ltd751213/09/2019
3473Metropolitan Police Service SO15 Counter751319/09/2019
3474IKM Consulting Ltd751401/02/2020
3475D C Premium Logistics and Solutions751509/10/2019
3476Stephen Sutcliffe Trading As Nightingale UAV751609/10/2019
3477Hardi International A S751709/11/2019
3478Ryan Cowan Trading As Ryan Cowan Photography751809/11/2019
3479Stephen Ward Trading As Stephen Ward Drone Services751909/11/2019
3480Bardsley Construction Limited752009/11/2019
3481Ryan O'Hara752109/11/2019
3482Peadar Curran Trading As Newry Mourne And Down District Council752219/09/2019
3483Reel High Media Ltd752309/11/2019
3484Blackstar Publishers Ltd Trading As Marcus Macaulay752509/11/2019
3485Milton Keynes Surveys Limited Trading As MK Surveys752609/11/2019
3486Stuart Walker Trading As Stuart Walker Photography752819/09/2019
3487Christopher Jones752914/09/2019
3488Steven Pope Trading As Cotswold Roof Survey753025/09/2019
3489Andrew Wilson753109/12/2019
3490Julian Wetherall Trading As Drone Building Photography753216/10/2019
3491Dennis William Herbert753309/12/2019
3492Stuart Rowe Trading As Horizon Drone Services753419/09/2019
3493Aled Gray Edwards753509/12/2019
3494Gary Durham753614/09/2019
3495Alan Evans Trading As Evans Above!753713/09/2019
3496London Fire Commissioner753819/09/2019
3497James Cobbledick Trading As Vision Airways753913/09/2019
3498Kim Foskett Trading As Aurora Drone Photography754019/09/2019
3499Callum Jenkins Trading As ESNO Media754113/09/2019
3500Hugh Small754213/09/2019
3501Mark Chapman754313/09/2019
3502Alexander James Nicol754419/09/2019
3503Andrew Gilhooly Trading As Droidepix754513/09/2019
3504Aerial Survey Systems Ltd754617/09/2019
3505Image Works (London) Ltd754714/09/2019
3506Lewcon Aerial Systems Ltd754917/09/2019
3507Glenn Johnson Trading As Prism Site Engineering755019/09/2019
3508Mark Stevens Trading As SR Drones755114/09/2019
3509Quincy Andrews And Leo Plunkett Trading755214/09/2019
3510David Chatfield Trading As Vision From Above755317/09/2019
3511First Take Video Limited Trading As First Take755416/09/2019
3512Marc-Etienne Harding755510/10/2019
3513LT Hine Limited Trading As Blades Arial Photography755610/04/2019
3514Robert McGowan755717/09/2019
3515Glyn Staley Trading As Skyeye755817/09/2019
3516Warwickshire Video Limited Trading As Warwickshire Media755919/09/2019
3517Brian Stuart Grieve Trading As sgphotographics756019/09/2019
3518Jeffrey Mason Trading As Skypix756117/09/2019
3519kevin smith Trading As Kev L Smith Productions756219/09/2019
3520Keith Atkinson Trading As KA Drone Photography756317/09/2019
3521John Hunt Photography Limited756418/09/2019
3522Matthew McNeil Trading As McNeil Aerial Photography Services756518/09/2019
3523Dennis Swanson756618/09/2019
3524Duncan Russell Trading As Yak-In-A-Box Production Solutions756718/09/2019
3525Thomas Andrew Jardine Trading As Digital Services Pro756825/09/2019
3526Stacey Tear Trading As Discover Drone Productions757025/09/2019
3527European Bank for Reconstruction And757120/09/2019
3528Route Thirty Six Ltd757219/09/2019
3529Cardiff University (Film Unit)757302/05/2020
3530Adam Bulley757426/09/2019
3531Stewart Bennett Trading As Imp Drone Services757519/09/2019
3532Currie & Brown Aero Limited757620/09/2019
3533Randall Surveys LLP Trading As Randall Surveys757725/09/2019
3534Joshua Edwards Trading As Studio 24-7757820/09/2019
3535Robert Cole Trading As Top Flight UAV757921/09/2019
3536Jack Hynes Ltd758010/03/2019
3537Precision Pilot Drones Limited758121/09/2019
3538Eseroghene George Esiri758226/09/2019
3539Vidoo Limited758328/09/2019
3540Craig Walton Trading As Visus Drone Solutions758425/09/2019
3541Enord Solutions Ltd758520/09/2019
3542Urban Air Pro Ltd758625/09/2019
3543Daniel Hester Trading As Daniel Hester Media Productions758720/09/2019
3544Ben Large758820/09/2019
3545Simon and Faye Crook758921/09/2019
3546Fletcher and Company (Properties) Limited759020/09/2019
3547Shaun Whitehead Trading As Aerial Photographic Solutions759120/09/2019
3548George Maton Trading As Crystal Vision Drone Services759221/09/2019
3549Bruce Benson Trading As 241Photography759324/09/2019
3550Caters Photographic Ltd759411/02/2019
3551Geoslam Ltd Trading As Geoslam759521/09/2019
3552Carl Green Trading As The Flying Shots Man759621/09/2019
3553SA Safety Limited759725/09/2019
3554Gareth Williams759825/09/2019
3555Tim Hills Trading As Aerial Shoots759921/09/2019
3556David Gillan760024/09/2019
3557Ascent Aerial Photography Limited760124/09/2019
3558Foundry POD Ltd760224/09/2019
3559Nicholas Hall760324/09/2019
3560Altius Images Ltd760426/09/2019
3561CJS Drones Limited760524/09/2019
3562CLH Construction Services Ltd760610/01/2019
3563Erik De Lange Trading As Bob - Drone Surveys760726/09/2019
3564Digital Moxie Limited760825/09/2019
3565Drone Evolution Limited Trading as Drone Evolution760924/09/2019
3566Lawrence Rodrigues Trading As Emilitek Aerosystems761025/09/2019
3567Matthew Popple Trading As Orbit My Business761124/09/2019
3568Clayton Creative Limited761224/09/2019
3569Angus Ullyott And Owen Clarke Trading As Northern Visuals761324/09/2019
3570Chocolate Films (Commercial Production)761424/09/2019
3571Mekdem Ltd761525/09/2019
3572Benjamin Oates Trading As Ben Oates Tree and Garden Services - ArboricAir761626/09/2019
3573Peter Williamson Trading As Dizzy761710/02/2019
3574Dragoneye Drone Services Ltd761825/09/2019
3575Michael Farrelly761925/09/2019
3576Aerial Media solutions Ltd762025/09/2019
3577GBiTech Limited762125/09/2019
3578Christopher Jackson Trading As Beezom Productions762210/08/2019
3579Hummingbird Airborne DATA Specialists762310/03/2019
3580Hospital Records LTD762527/09/2019
3581Gwyneth G C Morgan762625/09/2019
3582Jack Hickie Trading As Unmanned Imagery762710/02/2019
3583Eric Hulme Trading As Greenshots762825/09/2019
3584Sebastian Hibbs Trading As EagleFilming762926/09/2019
3585Airwave Solutions Limited763010/03/2019
3586TopLine Communications Limited Trading763126/09/2019
3587Anthony Liggi Trading As 360yourspace763230/10/2019
3588Michael Whittaker Trading As AP&I Drone Services763310/02/2019
3589Alex Garrett Trading As ARG Drone Surveys763426/09/2019
3590Ben Johns Trading As Aerial Visionz763527/09/2019
3591Harry Lock763628/09/2019
3592Connor Magee763710/02/2019
3593Rob Hards Trading As Insitu South Coast Preservation763826/09/2019
3594Christopher Powell Trading As Fly Vue Drones763926/09/2019
3595CI Forensics Ltd764028/09/2019
3596ANNEX (FILMS) LIMITED (THE)764122/05/2020
3597Invictus Roofing Ltd764226/09/2019
3598Massimo Rowse-De Franco764328/09/2019
3599Abdul Majeed Trading As 4k Aerial View Imaging764410/09/2019
3600Michael Hopps764527/09/2019
3601David Hatton Trading As Cgsky764628/09/2019
3602John Eaton Trading As g2a Vista764710/04/2019
3603REBE Engineering Limited Trading As ElmSUA764810/02/2019
3604Simon Hunter Trading As View From The Top Drone Services764927/09/2019
3605John Kerr Visual Communications Ltd765010/02/2019
3606Christopher Newsham Trading As Airwolf Media765127/09/2019
3607Carl Pendle Trading As Carl Pendle Photography & Video765228/09/2019
3608Fat Toad Films Ltd765327/09/2019
3609Whichsys Limited Trading As Northern Heights Aerial Photography765428/09/2019
3610Flying Eye Images Ltd765530/09/2019
3611Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough765610/01/2019
3612Pernille Group Ltd Trading As OnTask Aerial765710/01/2019
3613Matthew Hamedi Trading As ABerDrone765826/10/2019
3614Pollitt And Partners Limited Trading As Pollitt And Partners765910/01/2019
3615Creaitken Limited766010/01/2019
3616Craig Hatton Trading As Visual Drone Worx766110/01/2019
3617Andrew Moore Trading As Below The Clouds766210/02/2019
3618K B P M Limited766310/01/2019
3619University of Hull766410/01/2019
3620Jack Chapman Trading As U.K. Droneography766510/01/2019
3621Gregg Smith766710/03/2019
3622ADIK Software Ltd766810/03/2019
3623Liam Manby Trading As Oaks UAV766910/02/2019
3624Sachin Kapoor767029/11/2019
3625Minds Eye Productions Limited Trading As BRS Films767118/10/2019
3626Cuav Ltd767210/08/2019
3627Allan Young Trading As AJY Aerial Photography767310/05/2019
3628Glenn Gallagher Trading As State Create767410/02/2019
3629Mewies Engineering Consultants Limited767510/03/2019
3630Alan Copson Trading As Alan Copson Pictures767610/02/2019
3631Connor Kane Trading As Propel Image Technology767710/03/2019
3632Matthew Barrett Trading As CP Aerial767810/03/2019
3633Rugby Football Union767915/10/2019
3634Rod Copeland Trading As Kestrel Eye Survey768010/03/2019
3635Clifford Harris Trading As Plus One Productions768110/10/2019
3636Electric Light Studios Ltd768210/03/2019
3637Origin Structures Limited768310/03/2019
3638360 RI LTD768410/03/2019
3639Marcus Jones Trading As Affinity Media768510/03/2019
3640Expert Roofing and Guttering Ltd768610/05/2019
3641James Spencer768710/03/2019
3642V2 Studios Limited Trading As V2 Studios768810/03/2019
3643Josh McCarter768910/03/2019
3644David Egan Trading As EganAir769022/11/2019
3645Fly-Safe Drone Solutions Ltd769110/03/2019
3646Robert Castle Trading As Dog And Drone Man769210/03/2019
3647Pawel Zgondek Trading As Olive-Air769310/09/2019
3648Graham Scambler Photography Ltd769410/04/2019
3649Tom Baker Trading As Tom Baker Photography769510/04/2019
3650Jacobs U.K. Limited769610/09/2019
3651Lee Brimble Photographer Ltd Trading As SkyShots UK769710/04/2019
3652Raven Drones Ltd769810/08/2019
3653Pryor & Rickett Silviculture Ltd770010/09/2019
3654Robert Walls Trading As ARRAP Aerial Photography770110/10/2019
3655Jeff Taylor Trading As J Media Films770210/12/2019
3656Daniel Brown770310/04/2019
3657Cockrell Consulting Ltd770510/05/2019
3658Geoffrey Hirst Trading As Fly The Sky770610/05/2019
3659Karl Bianchini Trading As Oxcopter-UAV770710/05/2019
3660HAL. AIR Limited770810/05/2019
3661Milestone Drones Limited770910/05/2019
3662Wigley Contracts (Barby) Limited771017/10/2019
3663Ahad Ltd Trading As Ahad Group771110/05/2019
3664Elliot Ward Trading As UAOps771210/05/2019
3665Housemartins Surveyors Ltd Trading As Housemaritns Chartered Surveyors771310/08/2019
3666Steven Trick Trading As Neroche Surveys771410/08/2019
3667Siemens Transmission And Distribution771510/06/2019
3668Anthony Haworth771610/06/2019
3669Richard Stark Trading As Starkcoast771810/07/2019
3670Dustoff Films Limited Trading As Dustoff Films771910/08/2019
3671Aurelie Harrison Trading As GAHarrison Creative Media Productions772010/08/2019
3672Howard Surveying Ltd772110/10/2019
3673Darren Francombe Trading As Fab 2 Fly772210/12/2019
3674John Griffiths Trading As SkyCam Imaging772310/09/2019
3675Nathan Williams Trading As AirtimeUK772410/08/2019
3677Destiny Drones Ltd772610/08/2019
3678Brunel Surveys Limited772710/08/2019
3679ProFly Ltd Trading As ProFly772810/08/2019
3680Ronan Gillespie Trading As NI Surveys772910/08/2019
3681ZS Surveys Ltd773010/08/2019
3682Lucas Coombs773110/08/2019
3683Ascension Drone Works Limited773210/08/2019
3684James Reed Trading As Calopteryx UAV Services773310/08/2019
3685Graeme Giesecke Trading As Tomahawk Aerial Imaging773410/08/2019
3686Wight Flight Ltd773510/09/2019
3687Height Tasks Ltd773610/08/2019
3688William Shephard Trading As Selectairscapes773710/10/2019
3689Wind Planning Ltd773810/09/2019
3690Marshall Property and Construction773910/09/2019
3691Bright Sky Apps Ltd Trading As Bright SkyApps774010/10/2019
3692Permicoat Limited774111/01/2019
3693Jamie Walker Trading As JW Aerial Photography And Video774210/12/2019
3694Centara Ltd774410/09/2019
3695Thomas Midgley Trading As Midgley774510/09/2019
3696Shahid Malek774610/10/2019
3697William Barber Trading As Wil Barber Photography & Film774710/09/2019
3698Callum MacDonald Trading As Falcon Media774810/12/2019
3699Mark Hemingway Trading As Blue Sky Aerial Images774910/10/2019
3700Bellwether Group Ltd775010/10/2019
3701Lloyd Warwick International (London)775117/10/2019
3702Sharon Lewis Trading As 9 Images Photography775215/10/2019
3703Owen Farm Services Limited775310/10/2019
3704Bullsi Ltd775410/10/2019
3705Joseph Mander775516/11/2019
3706Wayne Frost Trading As AV Drone Solutions775610/12/2019
3707Air Drones South West Limited775717/10/2019
3708ZOOMD Ltd775810/11/2019
3709Nicholas Bull775910/12/2019
3710Harper Adams University - Marketing776022/10/2019
3711PM Surveys UK Limited776110/12/2019
3712INEOS Aviation Limited776210/12/2019
3713Edmund Geoffrey Oldfield And Neil Fletcher776319/10/2019
3714Luke Dell Trading As Sankofa Drone Services776415/10/2019
3715Sean Crossan776510/12/2019
3716Colin Keldie Trading As K4 Graphics776618/10/2019
3717Aurimas Slavickis Trading As AS Drone Services776719/10/2019
3718Phoenix Airborne Ltd776810/12/2019
3719Michael Paul Kirstein776910/12/2019
3720University of Bolton777017/10/2019
3721David Hickie Trading As Airborne Imagery Solutions777111/02/2019
3722Lee Alcock777210/12/2019
3723Ben Sturge Trading As Cloud9elements777318/10/2019
3724Steve Davies Trading As Inspired Drone Imaging777410/12/2019
3725James Guthrie777517/10/2019
3726Maciej Komor Trading As photokomoro.com777615/10/2019
3727Petrographics Ltd777715/10/2019
3728Jason Marsh777923/10/2019
3729Sian Formwork Ltd778015/10/2019
3730Andrew Trevan Trading As Vision Drones778117/10/2019
3731Sam Alsop Trading As Sam Alsop Creative778211/06/2019
3732Dragon Claw Studio Ltd778322/10/2019
3733Tiny Wolf Limited778424/10/2019
3734James Bain Trading As Moonscape Drone Company778617/10/2019
3735Hector Angel Ortiz Martinez Trading As Drone-it UK778716/10/2019
3736Richard Wilson Trading As Richard Wilson Photography778818/10/2019
3737Gallaher Solutions Limited779016/10/2019
3738Airbus Defence And Space Limited - Earth779116/10/2019
3739Austhorpe Solutions Limited779218/10/2019
3740Gary Allen779316/10/2019
3741Mark Copeland Trading As Envision Images779416/10/2019
3742Engage Digital Partners Limited Trading As Engage Digital Partners779516/10/2019
3743Ian Plested Trading As Redhouse Photography and Film779616/10/2019
3744Lindum Group Limited779824/10/2019
3745Paragon Building Consultancy Limited779917/10/2019
3746Grisha Nikolsky780019/10/2019
3747Alan Davies Services Limited780111/12/2019
3748Psyona Williams780217/10/2019
3749MHA Building Consultancy Limited Trading780317/10/2019
3750Victoria Angel Trading As Swoop Photography780417/10/2019
3751Niall McCrickard Trading As The SoundHouse NI780517/10/2019
3752Borough of Broxbourne Council780611/02/2019
3753Skyshutter Ltd780718/10/2019
3754Property Maintenance Services (North780822/10/2019
3755Harlow Council780919/10/2019
3756Michael Alan Cranfield781024/10/2019
3757Andrew Panatti781123/10/2019
3758Thornley Consulting Ltd781219/10/2019
3759Communications Directorate, Public Health781323/10/2019
3760Econodrone Ltd781419/10/2019
3761Skibro Technologies Limited781511/08/2019
3762Sarah Patchett Trading As Patchwork Property Photography781623/10/2019
3763Marcus Perkins Trading As MarcusPerkins.net781819/10/2019
3764Red Fox Drones Ltd781919/10/2019
3765Orcombe Ltd782019/10/2019
3766Haley Vittorio782120/12/2019
3767Megan James782211/01/2019
3768High Click Ltd782322/10/2019
3769Celtic Sky Ltd782422/10/2019
3770Ollie Sykes Trading As ORS Drones782529/10/2019
3771Michael Power Trading As Eyes Up High782626/10/2019
3772Qopter360 Ltd782823/10/2019
3773Imeleon Limited782924/10/2019
3774Glyn Smith783024/10/2019
3775Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board783129/10/2019
3776GHD Livigunn Limited783223/10/2019
3777Daniel Fish Trading As D C F Commercial783312/06/2019
3778WCEC Group Limited Trading As Whittam Cox Architects783426/10/2019
3779Ogilvy & Mather Group (Holdings) Limited783523/10/2019
3780Ben Cumming Trading As Ben Cumming Drone Photography783624/10/2019
3781Ben Nicholson Photographer Limited783724/10/2019
3782Cyient Europe Limited783812/07/2019
3783Nick Sharp Trading As Infinity Drones783924/10/2019
3784Adam Fearns784120/11/2019
3785Oliver King784230/10/2019
3786Andrew Cook Trading As Need a Drone784326/10/2019
3787Sam Morris784424/10/2019
3788Sandy Watt784526/10/2019
3789Stewart Rouse-Ross784626/10/2019
3790Kinetik Visual Solutions Ltd784729/10/2019
3791Gareth Davies Trading As Gareth Richard Davies784811/02/2019
3792Team Scorpio Ltd784926/10/2019
3793Martin Diver Trading As Martin Diver Photography785025/10/2019
3794University of York - Centre for the Study of785211/02/2019
3795189 Productions Ltd785329/10/2019
3796Mike Duncan Trading As The Skycam (Bishop's Stortford & Braintree)785425/10/2019
3797Peter Price Trading As Peter Price Media785530/10/2019
3798Andy Ditchfield Trading As Skyward Aerial785625/10/2019
37993D Mapping Ltd785726/10/2019
3800Robert Zyborski785825/10/2019
3801Go 2 Drones Ltd785929/10/2019
3802GPR Communications Ltd786026/10/2019
3803Michael Simms Trading As True Exposure786131/10/2019
3804Stephane Bounous786211/01/2019
3805Ross Nicholls And Alan Roder786315/11/2019
3806Wilkinson Hardware Stores, Limited786411/06/2019
3807Ellis Crompton-Brown Trading As Flightscapes786526/10/2019
3808Stephen Sangster Trading As Hire Vision786629/10/2019
3809N-COMP Limited786729/10/2019
3810Brodie Hood Trading As Brodie Hood786815/11/2019
3811Shoot2Edit Limited786929/10/2019
3812Meirion John Lewis Trading As Mission Photographic787029/10/2019
3813Anthology (Belfast) Limited Trading As Pivotal Film787131/10/2019
3814Splitlath Building Conservation Ltd787229/10/2019
3815Luke Deasy787311/08/2019
3816Robert Duncalf Trading As Cumbrian Aerial Photography787430/10/2019
3817Ashley Coles And Natalle Etches Trading As Skyview Anglia787531/10/2019
3818Driftwood Media Productions Ltd787631/10/2019
3819Matthew Palmer Trading As Somerset Drone Services787730/10/2019
3820Rich Cove Photo Ltd Trading As The SkyCam787830/10/2019
3821Samuel Horton Trading As RenderingImpossibilities787930/10/2019
3822Michael Straw Trading As The Media Straw788030/10/2019
3823Jak Spedding Photography Limited788111/08/2019
3824Alan Roche Trading As Clear Flight Drones788216/11/2019
3825Cave Creative Limited788311/12/2019
3826David Chatfield Trading As DroneWorx Media788431/10/2019
3827David Levene Limited788530/10/2019
3828Craig Alexander Ramsay Trading As Craig Ramsay Photography788711/07/2019
3829Scottish Cyclists Union Trading As Scottish Cycling Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland788811/05/2019
3830Axel Haudiquet788930/10/2019
3831Outback Films Ltd789011/01/2019
3832Zip Drone UK Ltd789130/10/2019
3833Norfilm Limited789211/01/2019
3834Salvatore Grasso789331/10/2019
3835E-Step Limited Trading As North Wales789428/11/2019
3836Overview Solutions Ltd789511/07/2019
3837Joseph Charles Trading As Ghd789631/10/2019
3838Thomas Askaroff Trading As Harrier Visuals789711/07/2019
3839PhotoTech Ltd789816/11/2019
3840David Conway Trading As David Conway Photography789931/10/2019
3841Hallum Films Ltd790011/01/2019
3842Tough Guy Productions Ltd790131/10/2019
3843Charles Nott And Tom Welch Trading As ISCA Drones790311/01/2019
3844Andre Knight Trading As DroneStore UK790431/10/2019
3845Absolute 2 Design Consultants Limited790514/11/2019
3846Ian Thorn790611/01/2019
3847Christopher Hughes Trading As Chris790719/11/2019
3848James Knowles Trading As FTN790916/11/2019
3849UAV IView Limited791011/01/2019
3850Ricardo Teixeira791111/01/2019
3851Milo Mulvagh Trading As Milo Mulvagh Visuals791211/01/2019
3852Matthew Britton791411/01/2019
3853No Ordinary Media Limited Trading As No Ordinary Films And Martin Cheung Photography791511/02/2019
3854Matthew Richardson Photography Limited791711/02/2019
3855Stefan Mallia Trading As View From Above791820/11/2019
3856Martine Blake Trading As MGB DRONE SERVICES791911/08/2019
3857Marian Adrian Mitrut792011/08/2019
3858Infinity Eight Eight Ltd792111/08/2019
38593dbox Ltd792311/08/2019
3860Jon Vennell Trading As Swift Drones792411/08/2019
3861Richard Flack Trading As Park Lane Drones792513/11/2019
3862Marubeni-Komatsu Ltd792611/07/2019
3863Aerium Drone Services Limited792719/11/2019
3864The Drone Group Ltd792811/05/2019
3865Alan Wilson Trading As Wingnut Airborne Imaging792911/06/2019
3866Matthew Gallagher Trading As Droneshots793014/11/2019
3867DW Contractors (Oxford) Ltd Trading As793112/07/2019
3868Good to Have Services Ltd793316/11/2019
3869Malcolm Rowlatt Trading As MK Aerial793411/09/2019
3870Dragados UK Limited793511/09/2019
3871James Chadwick Trading As TriCaptur793613/11/2019
3872Ian Cumming793711/07/2019
3873Russell Barnett Trading As Russell Barnett793811/09/2019
3874Oxford Archaeology Limited793913/11/2019
3875Zac Savva794011/09/2019
3876Crawford Milne Trading As Crawford Milne Moving Pictures794111/08/2019
3877XTLA Limited794211/08/2019
3878Simon Hogben794330/11/2019
3879Komatsu Europe International SA794411/12/2019
3880Sky Luxe Ltd794513/11/2019
3881Henry Davies Trading As OverFly Aviation794611/09/2019
3882Thomas Booth Trading As Friendly Fire Media794711/08/2019
3883Luke Trythall794802/09/2020
3884Graham Harris Trading As SciPhi.tv794911/12/2019
3885Ant's Flying Ants Limited795011/08/2019
3886Simon Bird Trading As The Cornwall Drone Company795211/09/2019
3887Invisible Solutions Limited795314/11/2019
3888WW Martin Ltd795427/11/2019
3889Media Circus Facilities Limited795513/11/2019
3890James Perry Trading As Pezaero Productions795614/11/2019
3891Leisure Technical Consultants Limited795722/11/2019
3892Orbital Imaging Limited795814/11/2019
3893Alan Boyle795911/12/2019
3894Simon Pilling Trading As AltoVista796011/12/2019
389552K Limited796111/12/2019
3896London I Wedding Photography796211/12/2019
3897Wessex Reserve Forces and Cadets796320/11/2019
3898JW Safety Inspection and Consultancy Ltd796414/11/2019
3899Autodesk Limited796615/11/2019
3900William John Fisher796718/12/2019
3901Ian Frost Trading As Osprey Imaging796811/12/2019
3902Ariana Resources Plc796916/11/2019
3903Mark Stonard Trading As UAV Image Works797014/11/2019
3904Jake Wadley797115/11/2019
3905Mustang Enterprises Limited797213/11/2019
3906Scantech International Ltd797326/11/2019
3907Maxime Gheysens Trading As Drona Lisa797422/11/2019
3908Kyle Lenaghen Trading As Lenaghen Aerial Images797528/11/2019
3909Sinclair Maynard Trading As Flying High Dronography797614/11/2019
3910Gail Jenkinson797714/11/2019
3911Ryan Kenwrick797816/11/2019
3912Leigh Maddern Stunts Ltd797920/11/2019
3913Aerial Imaging UK Ltd798016/11/2019
3914Jack Yates798121/11/2019
3915Harry Wallis Trading As Harry Wallis Photography798214/11/2019
3916Christian Delve798312/05/2019 Limited Trading As GMAir798415/11/2019
3918Kaizen Sports & Entertainment Limited798515/11/2019
3919Blue Whale Media Limited798615/11/2019
3920Gary Winch Trading As www.dronezonegw.com798712/06/2019
3921DLC Creative Ltd798815/11/2019
3922Damian Ashby798919/11/2019
3923Honey Bee Pictures Ltd799019/11/2019
3924Adam Scott799119/11/2019
3925Andrew David Jeremy Dougherty t/a AV8799215/11/2019
3926Precision Land Surveys Ltd799319/11/2019
3927University of Exeter (Business School)799415/11/2019
3928Skylight Studios Limited799526/11/2019
3929Sigma Surveys & Mapping Ltd799619/11/2019
3930Toffee Publications Limited799719/11/2019
3931Carré Consultancy Limited799823/11/2019
3932MedImmune Limited799920/11/2019
3933Mr Marc Smith And Mrs Ailsa Hutton800016/11/2019
3934Stephen Hooper Trading As Unmanned Images800119/11/2019
3935Paul Rhodes Trading As 361° Aerial Media800220/11/2019
3936ArtAV Ltd800416/11/2019
3937Scott Hopkins Trading As Creative Lens Aerial Imaging800519/11/2019
3938Brett Worrall Trading As Bee Drone800629/11/2019
3939Edward Groves Trading As Edward Groves Videography800719/11/2019
394033Hz Limited800819/11/2019
3941Neal Hendes Trading As Sky High Drones800919/11/2019
3942Heinrich Aerial Solutions Limited801028/11/2019
3943Philip Hamerton Trading As Oban Aerial801119/11/2019
3944NBC News Worldwide LLC Trading As NBC News801220/11/2019
3945Ernest Smith Trading As Lutterworth Drone Services801322/11/2019
3946Phil Thomas801420/11/2019
3947Jake Rishover Trading As Jakesdrones801512/06/2019
3948Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK Limited801621/11/2019
3949Ross Leek Trading As RLL Aerial Imaging801722/11/2019
3950Moviesmith Limited801826/11/2019
3951Donny Hammell Trading As Zephyr Aerial Photography801920/11/2019
3952Katarzyna Butkiewicz-Phuntsok Trading As KASKAVISUAL802020/11/2019
3953Evolve Aerial Photography Limited Trading802120/11/2019
3954Krie Media Limited Trading As Krie Media802220/11/2019
3955Cody Riedel802330/11/2019
3956Luke Szubert802421/11/2019
3957Heriot-Watt University802501/07/2020
3958Derrick Pugh Trading As P.V.P. Systems Television UAV802623/11/2019
3959Mihai Petrescu Trading As The SkyCam802721/11/2019
3960Northern Wind Power Services Ltd802826/11/2019
3961Christopher Kirk802922/11/2019
3962Omar Khan803022/11/2019
3963David Morrison Photography Limited803127/11/2019
3964Camaero Drone Services Ltd803226/11/2019
3965National Ambulance Resilience Unit (NARU)803329/11/2019
3966Dropbear Aerials Ltd803422/11/2019
3967Stone's Throw Ltd Trading As Stone's Throw Media803526/11/2019
3968Jake Patrick Trading As Propelled Vue803723/11/2019
3969Pasquale Anselmi Trading As Paco Anselmi803822/11/2019
3970Captured Heights Ltd803926/11/2019
3971Daniel Somers Trading As Dan722804026/11/2019
3972Werner Kriel804112/06/2019
3973TheAirPeople Ltd804212/05/2019
3974Maine Motor Solutions Limited Trading As MMS 360804326/11/2019
3975Sun Hill Surveying & Engineering Limited804428/11/2019
3976Oscar Smart804522/11/2019
3977All Drones Limited804626/11/2019
3978Outpost Films Limited804701/08/2020
3979Kai Murdoch Trading As Pretty Little Films804823/11/2019
3980University of Essex804912/05/2019
3981Trust Mechanical & Electrical Ltd805023/11/2019
3982Paul Doffman805126/11/2019
3983Simon Rafferty Trading As JSR Consultants805223/11/2019
3984Benjamin Tron805323/11/2019
3985Nicholas Simms & Darren Pelham Trading805428/11/2019
3986Red Forge Studios Ltd805523/11/2019
3987Skyports Limited Trading As Skyports805629/11/2019
3988Manto Films Ltd805719/12/2019
3989Geometric Surveys Ltd805823/11/2019
3990Simon Manley Trading As Red Tree805927/11/2019
3991Joe Brennan Trading As eoJ806027/11/2019
3992Stone Surveying Ltd806112/10/2019
3993Gavin S Mackay806212/04/2019
3994Martin Jenman Trading As NexJen Drone806327/11/2019
3995UK Drone Survey & 3D Mapping Ltd806426/11/2019
3996Police Service of Northern Ireland, Imaging806530/11/2019
3997Stephen Knell806626/11/2019
3998Oliver Pritchard-Barrett & Conor Purcell806727/11/2019
3999Severn Trent PLC806812/06/2019
4000Craig Goffin Trading As Isle of Man by806927/11/2019
4001Get Your Media Ltd807027/11/2019
4002Drone Hire Services Ltd807128/11/2019
4003Syntex Engineering Services Limited807228/11/2019
4004Mark Brooks Trading As Brooks Studios807430/11/2019
4005Callum Nagle807526/11/2019
4006James Unwin807628/11/2019
4007Christopher Turner Trading As Blue Sky Eye807712/03/2019
4008EASYDRONE Ltd807812/04/2019
4009Edward Ellis-Jones807927/11/2019
4010Stephen Covington and Robert Powell808028/11/2019
4011Hawks-I Ltd808128/01/2020
4012Alexander Bryant808227/11/2019
4013Patrick Nagle808327/11/2019
4014Paul Bell Trading As Paul Bell Photographic808429/11/2019
4015Billy Olley808527/11/2019
4016McDermott Building & Civil Engineering Ltd808628/11/2019
4017Roderick Ian MacBean Trading As Bluesky Dronetec808712/03/2019
4018Sonja Read Trading As Sonja Earl Photographer808830/11/2019
4019ELU Images Limited808928/11/2019
4020Scott Stephens809027/11/2019
4021Simon Wild Trading As Photopia809130/11/2019
4022Paul Taylor809201/07/2020
4023James Stephenson Trading As Jim809328/11/2019
4024Jolly Monkey Productions Limited Trading809412/04/2019
4025Regal Drone Services Ltd809530/11/2019
4026Anthony Hunt Trading As Vantage809612/07/2019
4027Acclaim Pictures Ltd809729/11/2019
4028Adam Dewhurst And Louise Dewhurst809912/03/2019
4029Matthew Houghton Trading As Reel Adventurer810030/11/2019
4030Christopher Michael Nadollek Trading As CSN Aerial Imaging810129/11/2019
4031Michael Walker810217/12/2019
4032Grey Rock Innovations Ltd Trading As Sky View Imagery810329/11/2019
4033Dean Crawford810412/11/2019
4034Katrina Festorazzi Trading As Fast2Foto810529/11/2019
4035Brett Currie810629/11/2019
4036Clere Group Limited810729/11/2019
4037Thomas Bow Limited810929/11/2019
4038Martin Hewlett811029/11/2019
4039Viewpoint Media Ltd811112/11/2019
4040Alex Bruno Ltd811212/04/2019
4041Falcon Grips Limited Trading As Falcon811330/11/2019
4042James Smith Trading As Sky Scene Media811412/10/2019
4043Eve Communications Limited811512/04/2019
4044Skeyesight Limited811612/06/2019
4045Tom Grice811712/03/2019
4046Hitec Drone Photography Ltd811819/12/2019
4047SolidPoint Limited812012/03/2019
4048Wardman Civils Limited Trading As K4 UAV812112/03/2019
4049Anthony Knight812212/03/2019
4050Roy Restell812312/03/2019
4051David Price Trading As Drone on Yorkshire812428/05/2020
4052Cambridge Geography UAV812512/05/2019
4053Merchantcantos Llp812612/04/2019
4054Geoff Wiltshire Trading As TudnoTV812712/03/2019
4055Ben Coates Trading As Benco812812/12/2019
4056Joanne Cooper Trading As Joanne Cooper812912/04/2019
4057Brusby Surveyors Limited813012/04/2019
4058Mark Wakefield and Sara Wakefield813112/05/2019
4059Simon Logan813212/05/2019
4060Nick Dempsey813312/10/2019
4061PR4Photos Ltd813412/04/2019
4062Brian Keen Trading As Height Advantage813501/11/2020
4063Roofing Consultants Group Limited813613/12/2019
4064Public Power Solutions Limited813712/06/2019
4065William McGuigan813812/04/2019
4066Camera Crew London Limited Trading As Camera Crew London813912/04/2019
4067Highview Images814012/07/2019
4068Ignite Creative Ltd814112/04/2019
4069Mark Dunne814225/12/2019
4070National Drone Services Ltd814312/06/2019
4071Andrew Boyd Trading As AJI Aerial Imaging814412/05/2019
4072James Turner Trading As James Turner814501/10/2020
4073Chris Stuart814612/05/2019
4074CineDrone Ltd814714/12/2019
4075Iridius Limited814812/06/2019
4076Helical Productions Ltd.814912/06/2019
4077Shoot 4K Limited815012/06/2019
4078Tony Ferris815112/06/2019
4079Marotori Limited815212/06/2019
4080Skyglaze Media Ltd815313/12/2019
4081Railway Drone Surveying Ltd815414/12/2019
4082Coast SUA Ltd815513/12/2019
4083Bright Blue Day Limited815612/10/2019
4084URBAN SKYZE Ltd815712/07/2019
4085Richard Lambert Trading As Quadrone - Aerial Imaging Solutions815812/07/2019
4086Hunter's UAVs Limited815904/06/2020
4087Biagiotti SRL Unipersonale Trading As816002/11/2020
4088Ian Donaldson Trading As Fifehawk816116/01/2020
4089Tekktra Ltd816212/07/2019
4090Martyn Chudley816513/12/2019
4091John Pearson Trading As Mobile Drone Hire816612/07/2019
4092Gransden Aerial Services Ltd816712/07/2019
4093Simon Witcher Trading As Educatio Media816814/12/2019
4094John Atkinson Trading As Anglia Drone Cam816912/10/2019
4095Greenjob Trading Ltd Trading As Greenjob Drone Services817012/10/2019
4096DAKONA Limited817112/10/2019
4097Pro Flying Cameras Aerial Cinematography817216/01/2020
4098Windfall Films Limited817312/11/2019
4099Mike Robinson Trading As Mike Robinson Photography817412/11/2019
4100Paul Osborne Trading As Paul Osborne Photography817512/11/2019
4101Essex County Council817614/12/2019
4102Zip World Limited817713/12/2019
4103Lawrence Williams817812/11/2019
4104Ashley Hartwell817912/11/2019
4105Brute Squad Films Limited818012/11/2019
4106Matthew Hurst Trading As Sky Hover Uk818112/11/2019
4107Ross Harvey Trading As Beacon Aerial Photography818213/12/2019
4108MMD GPHC Limited818302/08/2020
4109Swarmtech Drones Ltd818412/11/2019
4110Warner Land Surveys Limited Trading As Warner Surveys818517/12/2019
4111One Step Ahead Marketing Limited818613/12/2019
4112Total Frequency Control Limited818712/12/2019
4113Richard Begg Trading As LOFTCROFT UAV818812/12/2019
4114Matthew Madden818912/12/2019
4115Pride Magazines Limited819014/12/2019
4116Mrs Meldrum Limited819114/12/2019
4117David Jameson Roofing Services Ltd819212/12/2019
4118Brian Wakefield819313/12/2019
4119Darryl Sleath819513/12/2019
4120Hire & Higher Ltd819612/12/2019
4121Matpro Machinery Limited819712/12/2019
4122Vineet Johri819812/12/2019
4123Stephen Uzochukwu820017/12/2019
4124Lee Thomas Trading As Lee Thomas820117/12/2019
4125Stephen Alda820214/12/2019
4126Bradleigh Payne Trading As Altitude820317/12/2019
4127Police Scotland820427/02/2020
4128Rapid Surveying Limited820514/12/2019
4129Rufus Exton820614/12/2019
4130Toby Wilkinson Trading As Arkeokraft820814/12/2019
4131Grant Norman820917/12/2019
4132Harper Visuals Limited821101/10/2020
4133Sean Lee821219/12/2019
4134Double Red ACP Ltd821319/12/2019
4135Ashley Gadd Trading As Atmosphere Drone Photography821417/12/2019
4136Leon Marcus Earle Trading As The Sky's The Limit821519/12/2019
4137Minchen Liang821617/12/2019
4138Ryan Moore Trading As Alpineal821717/12/2019
4139Rossmore Civils (UK) Limited Trading As821818/01/2020
4140Inflight Surveying Ltd821917/12/2019
4141North West Leicestershire District Council822001/10/2020
4142Remote Crew Training Ltd Trading As Bizzydrones822119/12/2019
4143Milward Recruitment Services Ltd Trading822221/12/2019
4144Pembrokeshire College822304/01/2020
4145Foundlight Productions Limited822421/12/2019
4146Graeme Alcock822518/12/2019
4147Geoffrey Protheroe Trading As DurhamDrones822621/12/2019
4148Five Leaves Left Limited822718/12/2019
4149Colin Conway Trading As Drone-eye822824/01/2020
4150Bright Digital Marketing Ltd Trading As Bright Signals822918/12/2019
4151Gallagher Limited823001/04/2020
4152Stuart Allen Trading As Alba Photography823125/03/2020
4153Sam Gillespie823214/01/2020
4154Matthew Adamiak Trading As Matt Adamiak Photography823318/12/2019
4155Ian Steedman Trading As IMS Drone Photography823519/12/2019
4156Richard Stott823621/12/2019
4157Boulfruich Wind Farm Limited823701/04/2020
4158David Peacock823819/12/2019
4159Brett Butterworth Trading As Drone a823923/01/2020
4160Cambridge Aerial Works Ltd824001/11/2020
4161Blue Wigwam Limited824121/12/2019
4162Oliver Cutmore824219/12/2019
4163Luke Hayes Photography Ltd824401/08/2020
4164Stephen Perkins Trading As Stephen824506/04/2020
4165Aardvark Aerial Ltd824620/12/2019
4166Gary Lawson Trading As Gary Lawson824701/07/2020
4167Juozas Sungaila824920/12/2019
4168Airtech Images Limited825001/07/2020
4169Over Exposed LTD825220/12/2019
4170Richard Gaskell Trading As Flyte Aerial Media825321/12/2019
4171Colin Hewer825401/10/2020
4172Jörg-Peter Rewinkel Trading As825502/11/2020
4173Benjamin Harris825601/08/2020
4174Linc-Cymru Housing Association Limited825717/01/2020
417554SKYVIEWS LTD825801/02/2020
4176Reel Vision Limited825901/02/2020
4177Magnetic Eye Films Limited826001/08/2020
4178NJ Security Group Ltd826101/08/2020
4179DGA Forestry LLP826201/03/2020
4180Channel 20/20 Limited Trading As 2020826317/01/2020
4181Capital Crewing Limited826401/03/2020
4182AE Create Limited826501/08/2020
4183Leslie Basham Trading As East Anglian Drones826601/04/2020
4184Carla Regler Trading As Carla Regler Photography Tours & Workshops826701/04/2020
4185Daniel John Stevenson826801/04/2020
4186Digifish Limited Trading As Digifish Film & Animation826901/10/2020
4187Energy Control Ireland Limited Trading As 360 Energy827001/10/2020
4188Jamie Stevenson Trading As East And West Media827101/08/2020
4189Clifford Connors827201/07/2020
4190Martin Kabat Trading As AerialAction827301/07/2020
4191Justin Waring Building & Roofing Ltd827401/07/2020
4192A&R Films Limited827515/01/2020
4193Ascend Media Ltd827601/07/2020
4194Oliver McMillan Trading As Silver Book827701/11/2020
4195Mihai Preutu827801/07/2020
4196Daas Media Ltd Trading As Daas Drones827901/10/2020
4197Felicity West Trading As F.J.West Films Creative - Media - House828001/10/2020
4198Wisemove Land and Property Consultants828101/07/2020
4199Virtual Access Ltd.828201/08/2020
4200Gary Davison Trading As Pro-Motion828314/01/2020
4201KLH Architects Limited828401/10/2020
4202Nick Bond828501/09/2020
4203Robert John Aspley828618/01/2020
4204Richard Eaton828701/09/2020
4205Out Of Sync Limited828816/01/2020
4206Skyshot Global Limited828902/09/2020
4207Jamie Edward Orange Trading As Drones North East829001/09/2020
4208Whitecross Building Consultancy Limited829101/10/2020
4209Think BDW Limited829216/01/2020
4210GargoyleVFX LTD829301/10/2020
4211Stephen Kane Trading As Altocam829401/10/2020
4212Grant Pritchard Photography Limited829501/10/2020
4213Adonea Internet Limited Trading As Aerial829629/01/2020
4214Brooks-Smith Media Limited829701/11/2020
4215Richard Rawlins Trading As Bathstone Films829817/01/2020
4216John Drogan Trading As Drone On Media830017/01/2020
4217Victor Guidini830101/11/2020
4218A.I.M UAV LTD830201/11/2020
4219John Wildgoose Trading As John Wildgoose Photography830316/01/2020
4220Big Brand Ideas Limited830629/01/2020
4221Dezine Consultancy Ltd830714/01/2020
4222Coordinate Gear Limited Trading As Skyvis830802/04/2020
4223International Bible Students Association830902/04/2020
4224Branden Felton831029/01/2020
4225CEBE Drone Solutions Limited831101/11/2020
4226OscarCymru Ltd831214/01/2020
4227Prismatic Ltd831319/02/2020
4228Anglia Aerial Photography Ltd831424/01/2020
4229Fairview Films Ltd831617/01/2020
4230Oliver Kersh Trading As Photo Property831821/01/2020
4231Aurora Security Drone Services Ltd831914/02/2020
4232Martin Shakeshaft832015/01/2020
4233Kieran Smith832115/01/2020
4234Satir Europe (Ireland) Company Limited832230/01/2020
4235Quadrant Design Limited832315/01/2020
4236Peter Merifield Trading As Drone On Aerial832402/01/2020
4237Taste Bites Limited Trading As Stu Tucker832521/01/2020
4238Geometrician Limited832622/01/2020
4239Alessandro Po Trading As UK Drone Photography832816/01/2020
4240University of Hertfordshire832918/01/2020
4241Richard Watson Trading As Richard Watson833002/01/2020
4242CGS London Limited833223/01/2020
4243Sunderland City Council833328/01/2020
4244Scott Newton Trading As idroneit833517/01/2020
4245HazTeq Ltd Trading As ASIST833604/06/2020
4246Flightinsight Limited833722/01/2020
4247Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council833814/02/2020
4248Philip Thomas833904/01/2020
4249Paul Gallagher Trading As PG Videos & Photography834021/01/2020
4250Dronesview Imaging Ltd834121/01/2020
4251Carl Temme Trading As Temme English834221/01/2020
4252Ezio Taranto Trading As ZoomFilms834331/01/2020
4253Drone Imagery Ltd834423/01/2020
4254Paul Costen834521/01/2020
4255Peer Group Plc834604/02/2020
4256iLogic Design Limited834721/01/2020
4257Lewis Reading Trading As The Drone Pro834828/01/2020
4258Studio Motions Limited834902/05/2020
4259Nigel Rusby Trading As Nigel Rusby Drone835030/01/2020
4260Electric Air Media Ltd835129/01/2020
4261PBH Rail Limited835225/01/2020
4262Christopher Fisher Trading As UAV-ME UK835329/01/2020
4263Reeltake Films Limited835522/01/2020
4264Aerial Over View Ltd835629/01/2020
4265Egil Johansen Trading As UpEye Drone Productions835823/01/2020
4266Glenn Perry835902/07/2020
4267Trumpington Farm Company836029/01/2020
4268Bryan Amesbury Trading As Amesbury Aviation Services836123/01/2020
4269Christopher Smith Trading As The Film Smith836224/01/2020
4270Simon Bradley836323/01/2020
4271Ethereal Panoramic Limited836423/01/2020
4272Melvyn Cooch Trading As 88Drones836523/01/2020
4273Levitschi Films Ltd836629/01/2020
4274Se7en Video Productions Limited Trading836729/01/2020
4275Stefan Wignell Trading As Lincolnshire836929/01/2020
4276Peter Brett Associates LLP837015/05/2020
4277Spore Media Ltd837129/01/2020
4278Scott Mackay And Laura Hudson Mackay837324/01/2020
4279Araam Tehrani Trading As Bleak House837430/01/2020
4280Unhinged Productions Limited837524/01/2020
4281Buxton Mountain Rescue Team837631/01/2020
4282HM Productions Ltd Trading As McGill837731/01/2020
4283JDUTOPIA LTD837824/01/2020
4284Australian Broadcasting Corporation837924/01/2020
4285Freebird Safety Systems Ltd838030/01/2020
4286UMag Solutions ApS838102/11/2020
4287Bury Associates Limited838224/01/2020
4288Aerial Surveys & Inspections Limited838324/01/2020
4289RMA Environmental Ltd838429/01/2020
4290Yorkshire Wildlife Park Limited838531/01/2020
4291Cameron Carroll Trading As RedBeard838602/07/2020
4292Tom Dalby838725/01/2020
4293Tim Holyoake Trading As Elevated Images Of Derbyshire838831/01/2020
4294Davidoff Digital Ltd Trading As Skeyeview838929/01/2020
4295Yoel Kamara Trading As YMK FILMS839031/01/2020
4296ITA-P Aerial Innovation LTD839130/01/2020
4297BlackRock Pictures Limited839228/01/2020
4298Operational Solutions Ltd839302/09/2020
4299Barwood Capital Limited839502/07/2020
4301Patrick Shipp Trading As High Road Drones839728/01/2020
4302Quadrant Surveys Limited839902/05/2020
4303Mark Barham Trading As Drone East840029/01/2020
4304David Moorse Trading As Upside Aerial View840118/02/2020
4305Owen Carter Trading As Owen J Carter840202/06/2020
4306Fourex Pictures Limited840302/01/2020
4307White Hart Carw Gwyn Limited Trading As White Hart Multimedia840431/01/2020
4308Paul Eggerton840502/08/2020
4309Nova Centric LTD Trading As Confetti Media Group840602/05/2020
4310Ben Crossley840702/01/2020
4311Edward Lynskey840802/01/2020
4312Arnel Clemente840902/04/2020
4313Specialist Drone Technology Ltd841018/02/2020
4314Mark Thompson Trading As ZEPHYR841202/09/2020
4315James Grealish Films Ltd Trading As Severnwave841302/04/2020
4316Aberystwyth University841419/02/2020
4317Little Dipper Limited841502/07/2020
4318DT Studios Visual Marketing Ltd Trading As DT Studios841602/05/2020
4319Altus Imaging Ltd841702/05/2020
4320Rob Baines Trading As Rob-cam841802/09/2020
4321John Cook Trading As Field Product Services841902/05/2020
4322Specialist Aerial Surveys Limited842002/07/2020
4323MAP NDT Inspection Services Limited842302/06/2020
4324Glanville Cleansing Limited Trading As Glanville Geospatial Services842402/06/2020
4326Gavin Horrocks Trading As Blue Eye Drones842602/08/2020
4327Dan Boyington842702/07/2020
4328Civil Engineer Hendy Ltd842814/02/2020
4329C&Y Drones Ltd842902/06/2020
4330Benchmark South West Ltd843020/02/2020
4331Crow Drones Limited843203/06/2020
4332Rhys Green Trading As GreenHouse Media843302/06/2020
4333William Miller Trading As Hire A Drone843418/02/2020
4334Richard Berry843502/07/2020
4335UAVTEK Limited Trading As UAVTEK843602/08/2020
4336Skyline Rope Access Limited843718/02/2020
4337IB Safety Training & Aerial Imagery Limited843802/09/2020
4338Alan Edwards Trading As uvadrone.com844018/02/2020
4339Northumberland National Park Mountain844103/05/2020
4340John Clarke844218/02/2020
4341Nigel Francis Photography Limited844424/04/2020
4342Bryan Steedman Trading As Velocity Drones844514/02/2020
4343James Barry Trading As James Barry Photography844602/09/2020
4344Optrix Media Limited844718/02/2020
4345Ronnie Mellis Trading As Alba Drone844802/10/2020
4346Sophie Dean844902/10/2020
4347Michael (Mike) Harris Trading As Mike845013/03/2020
4348Tim Hughes845102/11/2020
4349Richard Eccles Trading As New View845222/02/2020
4350Wolf And Young Limited845302/10/2020
4351Lenn Bennett Trading As EAGLEDRONES845421/02/2020
4352Neil Myers Trading As Boots4pigeons845514/02/2020
4353WHISKY-ME LIMITED845602/10/2020
4354Ray Cox845702/12/2020
4355South Gloucestershire Council845825/03/2020
4356Phil Webster Trading As Inverness Drone Services845902/11/2020
4357Donald Ng846002/12/2020
4358Andrew Beavis Trading As Orbital View Photography846102/12/2020
4359Altoshot Ltd Trading As Altoshot846202/12/2020
4360Autumn Townsend846315/02/2020
4361AC Electrical (Rochdale) Ltd846402/12/2020
4362G Belle Creative Ltd846514/02/2020
4363Anthony Fishenden Trading As FreshAerials Aerial Media Solutions846602/12/2020
4364NETWORX3 GROUP LIMITED846714/02/2020
4365Conor Ross Trading As Conor Ross Media846803/03/2020
4366Ralph Harris846914/02/2020
4367Altitec Limited847114/02/2020
4368AVP Services Ltd Trading As Drone Pros847219/02/2020
4369The James Hutton Institute847303/05/2020
4370JCM Engineering Limited Trading As JCM Drone Surveys847514/02/2020
4371Tristan Adams Trading As Tristan Adams Photography and Videography847613/02/2020
4372Eighth Ladder Ltd847714/02/2020
4373Kestrel Imaging Limited847814/02/2020
4374Richard Dean847915/02/2020
4375William Moulton848003/03/2020
4376Reeltime Limited848103/03/2020
4377Andrew Salsbury Trading As Avalon Drone Service848215/02/2020
4378Sentinel Small Unmanned Aviation848322/03/2020
4379Sean Francis848420/02/2020
4380Jonathan Williams848525/02/2020
4381Lewis Wilkinson Trading As Alpha And Omega Drones848620/02/2020
4382Edward Manley848717/02/2020
4383Musco Lighting Europe Ltd848803/11/2020
4384Factum Foundation For Digital Technology848918/02/2020
4385Offshore Aerial Survey Services Ltd849022/02/2020
4386Double D Drones Limited849121/02/2020
4387Tony Brown849221/02/2020
4388Billy J Gregory Trading As DroneLite849322/02/2020
4389Andrew Wishardt Trading As DroneWerks849416/02/2020
4390DNA Aerial Solutions Ltd849517/02/2020
4391Richard Marsh849617/02/2020
4392Jmww PMCS Ltd Trading As Forthfotos849717/02/2020
4393EleV8 Aviation Limited Trading As EleV8849826/02/2020
4394Wolfshoulder Limited Trading As Wolfshoulder Films849921/02/2020
4395Red Call Limited850021/02/2020
4396Daniel Callen Trading As Daniel C Films850103/06/2020
4397William Hancox Trading As Drone Man850222/02/2020
4398Durham County Council - North Pennines850317/03/2020
4399Darren Pullen Trading As The Flying Camera Company850621/02/2020
4400Chris Knight Trading As Knightpics Air850722/02/2020
4401Paul Sims Trading As Paul Sims Aerial850803/05/2020
4402Team Locals Ltd851003/03/2020
4403Iain Elliott Trading As Portside aerial851113/03/2020
4404Port of Tyne Authority851204/09/2020
4405PAH Media Limited Trading As Paul Hawkins851322/02/2020
4406Lance Njoroge851421/02/2020
4407Stuart Wagstaff Trading As The Skycam851521/02/2020
4408J F Brown UAV Limited851619/03/2020
4409Jamie MacPherson851721/02/2020
4410Aerial Mapping Solutions Limited851827/02/2020
4411James Bebbington851922/02/2020
4412Shaun French Trading As Skyscopic852025/02/2020
4413Tarmo Barker Trading As Sky Works Drones852125/02/2020
4414Clinton Reynolds Trading As MINT Services852222/02/2020
4415Above and Beyond Drone Servies Ltd852303/11/2020
4416Paul Feeney Trading As Journeyman Drone Services852422/02/2020
4417Samuel Gonzalez852522/02/2020
441820/20 Productions Europe Ltd852622/02/2020
4419Phil MacDonald852724/02/2020
4420Jonathan Beadling Trading As ZEPHYR AERIAL852824/02/2020
4421Skymatics Ltd852903/04/2020
4422CORMAC Solutions Limited853026/04/2020
4423Duff Company Productions Limited853213/03/2020
4424Drew Jackson Trading As Jaxn Visuals853303/05/2020
4425Scott Rafferty Groundworks Limited853426/02/2020
4426Logistics Support Services Ltd Trading As853503/07/2020
4427DTM (UK) Limited853725/02/2020
4428Andrew Shaw Trading As Andy Shaw853803/05/2020
4429Altitude Inspection Services Ltd853927/02/2020
4430David Smith854003/06/2020
4431Strathclyde Surveys Ltd854126/02/2020
4432Ingrid Abery Trading As Ingrid Abery854229/05/2020
4433Patrick Newnham854326/02/2020
4434Air Sight Aerial Drone Services Ltd854426/02/2020
4435Richard Mann Trading As RJMannPhotography854503/01/2020
4436FliteFilms Ltd854603/06/2020
4437Cobham PLC Trading As Cobham854713/03/2020
4438Yew Tree Farm Trading Limited Trading As Apex Photography854827/02/2020
4439Brett Van-Sant855027/02/2020
4440Iris Films Ltd855127/02/2020
4441Opera Omnia Productions Limited855227/02/2020
4442BIMTek Limited855319/03/2020
4443Michael Glyde Trading As Low Altitude855403/06/2020
4444Edward Robson Trading As Aerial Perspective Drones855527/02/2020
4445Jeff Carter Trading As MacLean855604/01/2020
4446Amica Technology Ltd Trading As Amica855725/03/2020
4447Image Creative Partnership Limited855920/03/2020
4448Hamza Yassin Film And Photography Ltd856017/03/2020
4449Standsure PM Limited Trading As856103/06/2020
4450Unified Media Films Ltd856228/02/2020
4451Storm Video Productions Ltd Trading As856304/01/2020
4452Accutest International Ltd856428/02/2020
4453IC Digital Solutions Ltd856513/03/2020
4454Speller Metcalfe Limited856718/03/2020
4455Champions (UK) PLC856828/02/2020
4456Christopher Sayers856922/03/2020
4457Squashed Robot Films Ltd857003/07/2020
4458Richard Warren Trading As Flighthaven857125/03/2020
4459Isla Duporge Trading As Duporge Drones857203/07/2020
4460Haden Kingsland Trading As Kingsland UAV Cloud Surveys857303/01/2020
4461John Davis Trading As High In The Sky857417/03/2020
4462Simon Richards Trading As Dronevue857519/03/2020
4463Christopher Jones Trading As Chris Jones857617/03/2020
4464Catherine Luther Trading As One Eagle857717/03/2020
4465Mike Jones857803/03/2020
4466Roger Harris857903/03/2020
4467Heart of Worcestershire College858027/03/2020
4468Paul Smith Trading As Smith's UAV Cloud Surveys858103/07/2020
4469GoLondon Building And Surveying Ltd858203/04/2020
4470Coopers Roof Surveys and Inspections Ltd858319/03/2020
4471Simon Huntley Trading As Santori Films858403/04/2020
4472David Hodgson Lorente858522/03/2020
4473Outhouse Creative Limited Trading As858718/03/2020
4474Isothane Limited858803/05/2020
4475CMS Distribution Limited858927/03/2020
4476Marcin Kantarowski859003/05/2020
4477Joe Watson Trading As Droning on Media859115/03/2020
4478Calliope Aerial Imagery Ltd859215/03/2020
4479Tower Staff Construction Ltd859318/03/2020
4480Unmanned Productions Limited859403/06/2020
4481Brecon Mountain Rescue Team859504/01/2020
4482Forster Tullett Limited859603/06/2020
4483The Promotional Video Company Ltd859703/06/2020
4484VolkerFitzpatrick Limited859825/04/2020
4485Jake Mckenna Trading As Jake Video859919/03/2020
4486Steven Briggs Trading As Drones - iView860025/03/2020
4487James Whitehurst860103/06/2020
4488Simon Morley Photography Limited860213/03/2020
4489Floating Focus Facilities Ltd860325/03/2020
4490Mountain Rescue England And Wales860403/07/2020
4491Perspective Media Ltd860503/07/2020
4492Marcin Zielonka Trading As Drone Eye Perspective860603/08/2020
4494The Property Photography Company Ltd861122/03/2020
4495Alban Roinard861217/03/2020
4496Graham Knight Trading As Knights-skyview861322/03/2020
4497Influence Incorporated Ltd Trading As Influence Media861403/08/2020
4498Richard Howle Trading As Potteries Images861503/08/2020
4499Graham Thorpe Trading As AVI Aerial861604/01/2020
4500Oblique Secure Solutions Limited861703/10/2020
4501Roads Consultancy Limited861803/12/2020
4502DMD Drone Services Ltd861904/05/2020
4503Mick Foley Trading As One Minute Wonders862027/03/2020
4504Martin Darby Trading As West Wales Drones862103/11/2020
4505KR Wind Turbine Ltd Trading As KRV862219/03/2020
4506Peter Guy Trading As PG Aerial862303/11/2020
4507Frank Henshall Trading As Frank Henshall862405/10/2020
4508Aerial Solutions Ltd Trading As Aetos862519/03/2020
4509Robbie Labanowski Trading As RobbieLab Media862603/11/2020
4510Scottish Power Energy Networks Holdings862704/10/2020
4511Graphed Ltd862803/11/2020
4512Signal Surveyors Limited862925/03/2020
4513DJS Digital Limited Trading As Fat Fox Photography863003/11/2020
4514Fusion Drones Limited863119/03/2020
4515Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue863204/01/2020
4516John McCreesh863322/03/2020
4517Elliot Davies Trading As Elliot Davies Video863425/03/2020
4518Martin Link863527/03/2020
4519Sean C Reed Limited863627/03/2020
4520Vertu Motors Plc863703/12/2020
4521Callum Whiteley863803/12/2020
4522Darren Williams Trading As DR Williams864022/03/2020
4523Phillip Allott Trading As DR Productions864119/03/2020
4524Lee Contracting Limited864219/03/2020
4525Flying Eye (Surrey) LTD864313/03/2020
4526Nicky Cordiner864425/03/2020
4527David Taylor Events Limited864514/03/2020
4528Daniel Davies864620/03/2020
4529Gower College Swansea864914/03/2020
4530Scott Mackenzie865027/03/2020
4531Navtech Radar Limited865104/01/2020
4532Shaunn Belfield865214/03/2020
4533Martin Harris Trading As MH Photography865314/03/2020
4534Peter Campbell Trading As Idroneimages865414/03/2020
4535Stephen Harris865520/03/2020
4536Jack Handley Trading As South West Aerial865622/03/2020
4537Roydon Hann Trading As Oculum865729/03/2020
4538Bournemouth Borough Council865815/03/2020
4539Oliver Lee Trading As Olly Lee Film865915/03/2020
4540Derwen College866015/03/2020
4541Terry And Carr Ltd866115/03/2020
4542Rose Fire & Security Limited866227/03/2020
4543Alexander Cleave866315/03/2020
4544Lee Whitehead Trading As PHOTOLOUNGE866415/03/2020
4545Brandon del Rosario Trading As Brand One Visuals866515/03/2020
4546David Young Trading As West Coast Productions866615/03/2020
4547The Midnight Club Limited866717/03/2020
4548David Marsland Trading As DM Helicopters866804/01/2020
4549Tony Lewis866916/03/2020
4550Joshua Smith867016/03/2020
4551Start! Consultants Ltd867104/02/2020
4552Thomas Scotton867217/03/2020
4553Julian Bridgewater867304/01/2020
4554Adithya Sambamurthy867404/05/2020
4555David Lee Trading As All Aerial Matters867516/03/2020
4556Craig Lonie Trading As C Lonie Photography867616/03/2020
4557Thomas Cook Trading As Cooked Films867731/03/2020
4558Peter Everett867817/03/2020
4559Paul Hubbard Trading As Paul Hubbard Photo & Video867917/03/2020
4560EPC Limited868004/02/2020
4561Clyde Photography Ltd.868125/03/2020
4562Robin Kay868218/03/2020
4563Katex Limited868318/03/2020
4564Simon Lee Limited868527/03/2020
4565BNP Paribas Real Estate Advisory &868604/02/2020
4566DPDGroup UK Ltd868719/03/2020
4567Mark Bradley Trading As Mark Bradley Films868819/03/2020
4568The Save The Children Fund868916/04/2020
4569Drone Photo Film Ltd869022/03/2020
4570Marc Wiltshire Trading As AVP - Aerial View Photography Drone Services869119/03/2020
4571Pixeltree Media Ltd869204/01/2020
4572Henry Hayhurst869304/01/2020
4573Kelvyn Warne Trading As Kelvyn Warne,869404/01/2020
4574Alan Turner869520/03/2020
4575Matt Webb Trading As See Drone Solutions869631/03/2020
4576Ashley Skett869704/02/2020
4577Giles Atkinson869821/03/2020
4578Steven Stewart869920/03/2020
4579John Graham Holdings Limited870025/03/2020
4580SG Access Solutions Ltd870115/04/2020
4581John McMahon Trading As Jam Packed870204/01/2020
4582Forestry Commission870321/03/2020
4583Horizon Data Services870425/03/2020
4584Adam Shimmen Trading As Titan Pictures870525/03/2020
4585Andrew Poole Trading As A P Aerial Imagery870621/03/2020
4586Andy Farrer Trading As Andy Farrer Photography870821/03/2020
4587Paul Anthony Woodhouse Trading As Anthony Woodhouse Photography870922/03/2020
4588Mark Patterson Trading As Marked Man Films871022/03/2020
4589Richard Eveleigh871104/01/2020
4590Matthew Mann871318/04/2020
4591Aerial Imagery Solutions Ltd Trading As Aerial Imagery Solutions871425/03/2020
4592Blue Yonder Imagery Ltd871525/03/2020
4593Bear Structures Ltd871624/03/2020
4594Matthew Carbine Trading As Motion Magic UK871725/03/2020
4595Jonathan Glastonbury871825/03/2020
4596Larch Gauld Trading As The Silver Nomad871904/08/2020
4597James Cryan872025/03/2020
4598Fotographink Ltd872125/03/2020
4599Sam Anderson Trading As DiCE Imaging872204/04/2020
4600Greg Thomlinson Trading As GT Visuals872304/01/2020
4601Lucy Richards Trading As Blackfly Drones872427/03/2020
4602Airone Photography Ltd872504/01/2020
4603Rupert Gordon And Michael Walkden872715/04/2020
4604Brian Ford Trading As Brian Ford Drone Service873004/02/2020
4605Crawford Energy Resources Limited873127/03/2020
4606Ayrshire College873227/03/2020
4607Thomas Powell873427/03/2020
4608Helmworks Film Ltd873528/03/2020
4609John Edwards873628/03/2020
4610Gregor MacKenzie873827/03/2020
4611Lee Blakemore Trading As Airborne Cameras873904/04/2020
4612Brandon Passingham Trading As Magpie Drone Services874004/08/2020
4613Ioannis Giannopoulos Trading As Elegance Films874104/01/2020
4614Christopher Sproat874229/03/2020
4615Gustav Ellis874329/03/2020
4616Adam Mullender Trading As UK Air Media874529/03/2020
4617Fiona Beaumont Trading As FS Imaging874629/03/2020
4618Thomas Hewett Trading As Hawaiian Shirt874829/03/2020
4619Wayne Froome Trading As Chase875029/03/2020
4620Grant Freeman875104/04/2020
4621Piotr Pelko Trading As Drone Video Master875204/01/2020
4622James Pearce Trading As Sky Snap Aerial Photography875304/01/2020
4623Chris Scarffe Film And Photography Limited875404/02/2020
4624Matthew Porter875504/01/2020
4625Deapartment of Agriculture, Environment875604/01/2020
4626Thinking Juice Limited Trading As Thinking Juice875704/01/2020
4627Royal Veterinary College875804/01/2020
4628Studio HUTCH Ltd875904/04/2020
4629West Surrey Homes Limited Trading As Nichecom876004/05/2020
4630Flow Films Limited876104/02/2020
4631Engineering 365 Resourcing Limited876204/02/2020
4632Nicholas Read Trading As New Vision Productions876304/02/2020
4633Portcullis Site Services Limited876404/04/2020
4634JDN Applications Ltd Trading As HD Home-drone876504/02/2020
4635Paul Ottey Trading As Paul Ottey876619/04/2020
4636Reuters News & Media Limited876704/05/2020
4637Specialist Publications (UK) Limited876804/03/2020
4638Corbett Farms Limited876904/03/2020
4639Kevin Evans Trading As Ani Evans877018/04/2020
4640Adam Cruse Trading As Soaring Solutions877104/06/2020
4641Mark Lees877215/04/2020
4642Yuzuru Masuda877304/10/2020
46434K Media Limited Trading As 4K Media877404/06/2020
4644The Ecology Co-operation Ltd Trading As The Ecology Co-op877504/04/2020
4645MD Drone Services Ltd877617/04/2020
4646Eyton-Jones Media Consultancy Ltd877705/01/2020
4647Thomas Gilder Trading As Thomas Gilder Photography877804/06/2020
4648Measura Ltd877904/06/2020
4649Ikaros Antias PC878023/04/2020
4650CJP Aerial Imaging Ltd878104/09/2020
4651Glen Cairns Trading As Glen Cairns Video Productions878204/05/2020
4652Mono Wave Ltd878304/05/2020
4653Steve Sale878404/05/2020
4654SVV Trading Limited Trading As Stef's878517/04/2020
4655Aeroscan Ltd878715/04/2020
4656James David Quesnel Trading As The878816/04/2020
4657Stephen Patterson878925/04/2020
4658IM Tec Solutions Ltd879004/10/2020
4659Dronestar Filming Limited879325/04/2020
4660Planet Imaging Ltd879404/05/2020
4661Bac International Limited Trading As Crop879505/09/2020
4662BlueBolt Limited879604/05/2020
4663Saturnine Ltd879704/10/2020
4664ACE Subsea Limited879804/08/2020
4665Craig Bracefield Trading As Bracefield films879915/04/2020
4666360 South West Ltd880004/08/2020
4667Robin Slater880104/05/2020
4668John B Hitchen880204/10/2020
4669Rigour Survey Ltd Trading As Rigour880325/04/2020
4670Tin Can Island Limited Trading As Norfolk Locations880404/08/2020
4671Sand In Your Eye Ltd880504/11/2020
4672Luna Services Ltd880616/04/2020
4673Systechnica Limited880704/10/2020
4674Gwynedd Archaeological Trust Limited880818/04/2020
4675Nexus Globalnet Limited Trading As Nexus Drone Photography880904/10/2020
4676John Paul Courtney Trading As Now You881029/04/2020
4677Landhawk Drone Services Ltd881118/04/2020
4678Shackle Pin Ltd881204/06/2020
4679Dark Water Exploration Ltd881304/08/2020
4680Jonathan Bond Trading As Jonathan Bond Photography881404/10/2020
4681Benjamin Bhatia881504/12/2020
4682Matthew Wain Trading As Soar Visuals881604/12/2020
4683SUEZ recycling and recovery UK Ltd881704/10/2020
4684ArtemisAi Ltd881804/10/2020
4685Rhys Davies Trading As Fleur de Lys Films882005/01/2020
4686Derek Evans Trading As Evans (Aerial-882126/04/2020
4687Wilkinson Grant & Co. Limited882204/07/2020
4688Drone Surveying Services Ltd Trading As882305/01/2020
4689EM3 Solutions Ltd882404/08/2020
4690David John Littlefield882504/08/2020
4691Sky Eyes On You Ltd882604/10/2020
4692Darren Harper Trading as Harper Aerial882725/04/2020
4693Tadg O'Keeffe882822/04/2020
4694Cloud-Conversion Ltd882904/08/2020
4695Beacon Heights Digital Limited883004/12/2020
4696Gary Beglin Trading As GB Drones883104/08/2020
4697Flying Pix Ltd883204/09/2020
4698George Crerar883304/12/2020
4699Ian Richardson Trading As Dronevizionuk883426/04/2020
4700Pedro Portela Trading As Pedro Portela Films883504/09/2020
4701Andrew Maslen883604/09/2020
4702Matt Mayatt Trading As i-fly883905/07/2020
4703David Farrow Trading As AloneWith!aDrone884025/04/2020
4704Ebbsfleet Engineering Services Limited884117/04/2020
4705Stuart Beaumont884216/04/2020
4706Elevated Lens Limited884325/04/2020
4707Craftasmic Ltd Trading As Monument Drones884404/10/2020
4708Damian White Trading As Dronehawkpro884504/10/2020
4709Jonathan Creative Ltd884604/11/2020
4710Kye Corfield Trading As AnOtherFilm Company884804/11/2020
4711Andrew Oakley Trading As Imagehouse884925/04/2020
4712Airis Industries Ltd885004/12/2020
4713Bradley Allen885104/12/2020
4714Rob Lloyd Trading As Nice Cat Media885225/04/2020
4715Peacock Precision Services Limited885304/12/2020
4716Bruce Adams885423/04/2020
4717Daniel Walker885504/12/2020
4718David Hawkins Trading As Essex885724/04/2020
4719James Edwards Trading As Exmoor Drones885804/12/2020
4720John Carnegie-Brown885904/12/2020
4721Stirling City Heritage Trust886024/04/2020
4722LLP Maintenance Limited Trading As886123/04/2020
4723The Camera Guy Limited886224/04/2020
4724Brand Enable Limited886318/04/2020
4725Jeremy Mellors Trading As AstraDrones886515/04/2020
4726Crimson Creative Productions LTD886624/04/2020
4727William Blake Trading As Bill Blake886724/04/2020
4728John Banner Trading As Glideslope UAV886826/04/2020
4729Oliver Payne887015/04/2020
4730Tom Sykes887113/05/2020
4731Ralph Vincent Hogg887305/01/2020
4732Blackboard Films Limited887415/04/2020
4733DRONEography London Ltd887505/07/2020
4734Adarak Ltd887616/04/2020
4735Angus Mackay Trading As Angus Mackay887825/04/2020
4736Debrouillard Limited887916/04/2020
4737Rod Uzzell Trading As Aerial Media Worx888025/04/2020
4738131 Images Ltd888117/04/2020
4739Paul Kemp Trading As Asset4air888223/04/2020
4740Andy Thompson Trading As Andy Thompson Photography888317/04/2020
4741James Wray-Lang Trading As James Wray888426/04/2020
4742Drone Tech Solutions Ltd888526/04/2020
4744GHB Roofing Limited888718/04/2020
4745Nils Haigh888818/04/2020
4746Richard Greenly Photography Limited888918/04/2020
4747Sweetberry Tech Limited889018/04/2020
4748Stuart J. Green Digital Engineering Limited889118/04/2020
4749Pembrokeshire Local Action Network For889225/04/2020
4750Adam Woodhams Trading As FlyTechniq889305/01/2020
4751Danny Hart Trading As Hart Video889405/07/2020
4752Cube Property Services Limited Trading As CUBE889523/04/2020
4753Jeremy McCluskey Trading As Reflexeye Photography Film Aerial889829/04/2020
4754Airborne Creative Ltd889924/04/2020
4755Michael Critchley Trading As Movement Media890005/01/2020
4756Ashanti Nindi Trading As Skycam890105/01/2020
4757Sanjay D Gohil Photography Ltd890229/04/2020
4758Collar & Tie Limited890324/04/2020
4759James Leslie Jones Trading As J.L. Jones890423/05/2020
4760Rhidian McCann Trading As SKiY Aerial Services890525/04/2020
4761Ciaran Carney Trading As Escape the Smoke Productions890629/04/2020
4762Colin Torney890725/04/2020
4763IT All Figures Limited890825/04/2020
4764Prism Measured Surveys Ltd890905/01/2020
4765The Business Debate Limited891022/05/2020
4766Paul Baker891125/04/2020
4767Phil Proffit Trading As Captain Dronut891225/04/2020
4768Osborne Irish Associates Limited891425/04/2020
4769Property Lens Limited891505/02/2020
4770The Flying Gammon Ltd891706/03/2020
4771Williams Lea Limited891826/04/2020
4772Ian David Hampson Trading As iCADworx891905/01/2020
4773Louis Mas892005/07/2020
4774TV Camera Crew Limited892126/04/2020
4775Nicholas May Trading As NMay Photo & Video892226/04/2020
4776David Moffett Trading As DJM Drone Photography892305/01/2020
4777Philip Skillen Trading As Angel Eye Drone Solutions892405/01/2020
4778RTER Limited892526/04/2020
4779Douglas Martin Trading As DSM Photography892626/04/2020
4780Gavin Mccormick892805/07/2020
4781Danny Watson892905/03/2020
4782Turnerround Productions Ltd893005/10/2020
4783Craba Limited893105/01/2020
4784The Local Marketing Team Ltd893205/02/2020
4785Greenstone FHL Limited Trading As Luxury893305/07/2020
4786Clarke Energy Limited893430/04/2020
4787LAUNCHED LTD893530/04/2020
4788Petramode Limited893630/04/2020
4789Steve Cook Trading As Asmer Drone893705/07/2020
4790Unique Wedding Photography Limited893805/02/2020
4791Oskie Creative Limited893930/04/2020
4792Parkers of Leicester Limited894030/04/2020
4793Mandian Ltd Trading As IDS Drone PIlot894105/01/2020
4794Neville Stanikk Trading As Neville Stanikk894205/09/2020
4795Gary Akers Trading As Pro Drone Arial Media894305/01/2020
4796Thomas Frost Trading As Thomas Frost Photography894505/01/2020
4797iDM Design Limited894605/01/2020
4798Oliver & Akers Ltd894705/07/2020
4799Wanderlust Action Films Ltd894805/01/2020
4800Matthew Harrisson Trading As Harrisson TV894905/01/2020
4801Denham Productions Limited895005/02/2020
4802Mitrepoint Limited Trading As Roofclad Systems895105/02/2020
4803Michael Sannwald895213/05/2020
4804Flying Cameraman Ltd895314/05/2020
4805Star Media Group Ltd Trading As 360895422/05/2020
4806Claire Eason Trading As HiVuDrones895505/02/2020
4807Shaun Jenkinson Trading As Skyhigh895705/07/2020
4808ORB 3D Ltd Trading As Orb 3D895805/03/2020
4809Evolve Aerial Solutions895916/05/2020
4810Mark Saunders Trading As Mark Saunders Photography896005/02/2020
4811Josh Jaggard Trading As Josh Jaggard Josh Jaggard T896105/02/2020
4812Christopher Higgins Trading As West Coast Drones896205/02/2020
4813Seagull Aerial Survey And Photography Ltd896305/03/2020
4814Terry Crabb Trading As Southern Sky Drones896405/03/2020
4815Chetan Mayekar Trading As JAC UAV896505/07/2020
4816Dennis Dean Trading As Deanabean Media896605/03/2020
4817Adam Tarrant Trading As From Above UAV896722/05/2020
4818Colin Bowdery Trading As RemCom UAV896814/05/2020
4819Alexander Bray896905/07/2020
4820Glenn Jones Trading As Airstream Media897013/05/2020
4821Andy Hardwick Trading As UK Drone Ops897105/07/2020
4822Adam Hutton897205/07/2020
4823Elliott Vanloo Trading As AirshotmediaUK897315/05/2020
4824John Warhurst Trading As New Venture Productions897405/08/2020
4825Ralph Bonino Trading As Drones Derbyshire897513/05/2020
4826Luke Singleton Trading As Aero Cinematics897605/07/2020
4827Barry Hughes Trading As bazza.com897805/08/2020
4828George Gilchrist Trading As Prodci Video &897917/05/2020
4829Nico Russell Trading As Surrey Drones898005/08/2020
4830Philip Amuzu898105/09/2020
4831Like an Egg Productions Limited898205/08/2020
4832BC Media Essex Ltd Trading As BC Media898405/08/2020
4833Joanna Robbings898505/08/2020
4834Ryan Ward Trading As Ryan Ward Film & Photography898605/08/2020
4835Oropendola Productions Ltd898705/09/2020
4836Nicholas Scarlett898816/05/2020
4837Daniel Everett898905/09/2020
4838HyBird Ltd899005/10/2020
4839Ikenna Ezea Trading As LEVIT8899105/09/2020
4840Peter Lymn Trading As Windborne Aerial Solutions899205/09/2020
4841Andrew Preston Trading As Andrew899322/05/2020
4842Benjamin Laverick Trading As Benjamin899513/05/2020
4843Nicholas Perry Trading As Rusty Pig899624/05/2020
4844Christiaan Le Roux Trading As No Limits899714/05/2020
4845MDF Technical Services Limited899805/09/2020
4846Jay Bleach Trading As Eyes in the sky899924/05/2020
4847Tendring District Council900106/04/2020
4848The Zoological Society of London900214/05/2020
4849Orbit Lens Ltd900424/05/2020
4850Simon Croft Trading As SBC900516/05/2020
4851Michael Collyer Trading As MAC Videography900605/10/2020
4852Droneworksnortheast Limited900714/05/2020
4853Michael Dewey Trading As Digisky900820/05/2020
4854University of Leeds - Field Robotics Lab900905/10/2020
4855Declan Robinson901005/10/2020
4856Ross Andrews Trading As Blue Sky Camera901105/10/2020
4857Pashby Ltd901205/10/2020
4858Gloucestershire Constabulary Drone Unit901314/05/2020
4859CBrennan Engineering Ltd Trading As CBE Surveys901413/05/2020
4860uVue Drones Ltd901513/05/2020
4861Roy Cook Trading As Iridescent Sky Cinematography901613/05/2020
4862David Alderson Trading As Aldo-air Uas Services901713/05/2020
4863Mark Thomas Trading As N and M Dro-901824/05/2020
4864Leo Lightfoot Limited901913/05/2020
4865Wecorp Ltd902022/05/2020
4866Nicholsons Nurseries Limited Trading As902120/05/2020
4867Anthony Sharp Trading As Eye-Drone902213/05/2020
4868SimplyGreatShots Ltd902314/05/2020
4869Kingsway Design & Advertising Ltd902414/05/2020
4870Matthew Pearson-Miles Trading As MPM902617/05/2020
4871Melissa Thomson902723/05/2020
4872Aerial Explore Ltd Trading As Aerial Explore902814/05/2020
4873My Genderation CIC902924/05/2020
4874Double Negative Limited903014/05/2020
4875Inverness Glass Company Limited903322/05/2020
4876Acre And Tweed Limited903415/05/2020
4877RMR Services Limited Trading As MYC Media903515/05/2020
4878P C E Limited903617/05/2020
4879James Goodall Trading As JAG Productions903715/05/2020
4880Jeremy du Toit903917/05/2020
4881Ian Maddison Trading As MDN aviation904015/05/2020
4882Joseph Cook904115/05/2020
4883B & Combes LLP904216/05/2020
4884Richard Crouch Trading As Drone.Pix904315/05/2020
4885CKOS Solutions Limited904416/05/2020
4886Scott Merrylees904516/05/2020
4887Martin Case904623/05/2020
4888Sean Fry Trading As Griffin5.4904816/05/2020
4889Infinite 3D Limited905030/05/2020
4890Calum Mochrie Trading As Calair UAV Services905122/05/2020
4891SkyCloud Robotics Limited905216/05/2020
4892AZ Films Inc Ltd905316/05/2020
4893Newbizinfo Ltd Trading As Xdronz905416/05/2020
4894Simon Muskett905516/05/2020
4895Amanda Leeming Trading As Amanda Leeming Photography905616/05/2020
4896Jamie Niblock905716/05/2020
4897Jonathan Constantinou Trading As jonconvisuals905823/05/2020
4898Kent Ward Trading As A View From Above905917/05/2020
4899Danny Lavalette Trading As Lavalette Productions906017/05/2020
4900Andrew Jess906117/05/2020
4901Everglow Consulting Limited Trading As Everglow Media906220/05/2020
4902Luke Armstrong Trading As LUKEFILM906321/05/2020
4903Konrad Paruch906420/05/2020
4904Warren Peters Trading As WGP Digital906629/05/2020
4905The English Heritage Trust Trading As English Heritage906721/05/2020
4906Simon Martin Trading As The Sky Cam Cardiff And Barry906922/05/2020
4907P.J. Carey Plant Hire (Oval) Limited907023/05/2020
4908David Martell907121/05/2020
4909Steven James Weaver907221/05/2020
4910Graham Gaunt Trading As Photowork907328/05/2020
4911Alasdair Blair907421/05/2020
4912Andrea Verenini Ltd907521/05/2020
4913Jason Dyson907721/05/2020
4914Daniel Radulescu907823/05/2020
4915Martin Young907921/05/2020
4916MAG TV Limited908023/05/2020
4917Paul Parsons908121/05/2020
4918Analog Films Ltd908230/05/2020
4919Stuart Jackson Trading As BlackBird Drones908330/05/2020
4920London Energy Surveys Limited Trading As908428/05/2020
4921Luke Quine Trading As Juke Media908924/05/2020
4922Philip Fuller Trading As Newmarket Aerial Photography909123/05/2020
4923Launch Fly Capture Technologies Ltd909223/05/2020
4924Ecosulis Ltd909429/05/2020
4925Carl Bottomley Trading As Drone Pixel909629/05/2020
4926Joseph Reed Trading As J Reed Productions909829/05/2020
4927Bruce Embury Trading As Emburs Imagery909924/05/2020
4928Michael Walker Trading As Altitude Drone Productions910024/05/2020
4929SuperReel Productions Ltd910124/05/2020
4930Ramsay TS Limited910224/05/2020
4931Matt Warren Trading As Kernow From Above910524/05/2020
4932Adam Stansfield Trading As A Stansfield910606/04/2020
4933Tritonia Scientific Ltd910729/05/2020
4934Crows Nest Films Limited910824/05/2020
4935Robertson Group Limited911029/05/2020
4936Apeography Ltd911106/04/2020
4937David Brown Trading As Ecossair Imaging911229/05/2020
4938Tony Welch And Denise Welch Trading As DAndT Video Services911430/05/2020
4939AgriBriefing Limited911724/05/2020
4940EJW Planning Limited911824/05/2020
4941Global Media & Entertainment Limited911929/05/2020
4942Adrian Jackson Trading As Luna Rising912028/05/2020
4943David Plaice Trading As HAI912128/05/2020
4944Nick Hanson Trading As Nick Hanson912228/05/2020
4945Forestry Commission Research Agency912328/05/2020
4946Harrison Blowers Trading As Vertical Views912428/05/2020
4947Marc Fisher Trading As Invicta Drones912628/05/2020
4948Tony Cashen Trading As Chilmark912728/05/2020
4949MacLean Highland Ltd912828/05/2020
4950Andrew Vokes Trading As In The Moment Media912929/05/2020
4951London And Quadrant Housing Trust913029/05/2020
4952Sean Jefferys Ltd.913128/05/2020
4953Mark Stansfield Trading As MSPhotographic913228/05/2020
4954Jamie Leeming Trading As Upshot Photos913329/05/2020
4955Catonine Ltd913428/05/2020
4956Basil Hayes913528/05/2020
4957Ahmed Abdu Trading As AH-Drones913606/03/2020
4958Douglas Churchyard Trading As Douglas913706/05/2020
4959Cider Barn Studios Ltd913829/05/2020
4960Alden Yau Trading As Alden Yau Visual913929/05/2020
4961Jamie Jewell Trading As Oculi Drone Photography914129/05/2020
4962Greg Wright And Nigel Wright914231/05/2020
4963Thomas Abraham - Roth Trading As From914331/05/2020
4964Mija Survey Ltd914630/05/2020
4965Seatrek Marine Limited914806/06/2020
4966Janrae Management Services Ltd Trading914931/05/2020
4967Sebastien Peresse915006/03/2020
4968Andrew Barlow Trading As High Vantage915106/06/2020
4969Wolf Rock Media Limited Trading As Wolf Rock Media915230/05/2020 Ltd915430/05/2020
4971James Abbott Trading As James Abbott915531/05/2020
4972David Bennison Trading As Aire Drone915606/04/2020
4973Great Ayton Safety Services Ltd915706/05/2020
4974Ian Wells916130/05/2020
4975Overhead Drone Services Ltd916331/05/2020
4976Lee Heyes916531/05/2020
4977Adrian Hin Bon Tsang Trading As scaleruler.co916631/05/2020
4978IE-TECH Ltd916731/05/2020
4979Inov8 Film Llp916806/04/2020
4980Matthew Joiner Trading As Spatial Awareness Media917106/03/2020
4981Technative Solutions Ltd917206/03/2020
4982Andrew Greenhough Trading As AG Drone Services917306/03/2020
4983Graham Colling Trading As Graham Colling Photography917406/03/2020
4984Matthew Ellison Trading As RotoPic Aerial Imaging Solutions917606/06/2020
4985CJK Drones Limited917706/04/2020
4986Glen Neilson Trading As Memory Drone917906/06/2020
4987Paul Hawkins Trading As Paul Hawkins Photography918006/04/2020
4988Alan Fisher Trading As The SkyCam Kirkcaldy & Glenrothes918106/04/2020
4989Aerosparx Limited Trading As AeroSparx918506/05/2020
4990City-Archive Limited918606/05/2020
4991RSA-UK Ltd918806/06/2020
4992Gregory Leach918906/05/2020
4993Ciel Aerial Imagery Limited919306/05/2020
4994Dragoncat Drones Ltd919606/06/2020

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