In the latter part of 2008 we as a company were looking for an investment opportunity and diversification of the company support services. We looked around for interesting support service opportunities linked to our experience and knowledge.

It was a long and complicated decision making process but the area we decide on was security and engineering surveys using a remotely controlled vehicle.

At this point we needed to source equipment and its support. The equipment required to fulfil this role needed to have many physical and functional attributes. The key ones were: to be able to operate in UK weather conditions and in sensitive populated areas. It should also be capable of stills and video imagery, with a method of viewing the live images remotely.

During our research it was evident that this was an interesting and fast moving technology area. This would require a support company local preferably in UK. We devoted many months looking around for equipment that would fulfil this task all of which were non UK manufactured equipments. In the end after a brief demonstration on 24 April 09, we opted for the microdrones GmbH MD4-200 primarily because it had a UK distributor.


The MD4-200 came with promising specifications:drone001a

empty weight  – 585g

payload capacity  – 200g

take-off weight                 – 1000g *

size  – < 70cm (rotor axis/rotor axis)

flight duration max –  30 min *

operating distance  – 500 – 2000m *

power supply  – LiPo 2300mAh

humidity  – < 80%

temperature  – 0 – 40°C

wind speed  – 4m/s (for sharp pictures)

altitude  – < 150m

start level  – < 3000m above sea level


The UAS is powered by brushless electric motors and rechargeable battery packs. It is environmentally friendly and very quiet.gt_small



camera_ccdThe UAS is designed to carry a range of imagery devices providing a range of support solutions to satisfy our customers requirements. Solutions include still and video cameras, plus options for low light still and video devices.