UK CAA – Drone Registration

The UK CAA’s website for registering as an operator of drones that are between 250g and 20kg is now live at

Anyone who operates a drone, either as a hobby, or commercially must register as a drone operator with the CAA, and take the online test.

This becomes law on 30 November 2019.

If you operate commercially and therefore hold a PFCO, you are exempt from the online test, but you must still register as an operator.

If you are a member of the following organisations; BMFA, LMA, SAA, ARPAS-UK and FPV UK, then you are exempt from registration until 31 Jan 2020 – when your membership renewal within the organisations above, will include drone operator registration (see here for further details)

The UK CAA have also launched ‘Drones Reunited’ – a website to report lost and found drones –