UK CAA Update – ORS4 No.1277





If you are a current RPAS operator that is operating under a UK CAA PfCO you may wish to read this current amendment that allows flight at night and in a congested area with specific caveats.

For information, a general permission has now been published regarding night flying and operations in congested areas.

This general permission removes differences in permissions where:

– Anyone holding a standard permission can operate at night – there is no differentiation between day and night because the key requirements is to maintain VLOS (ie. you must be able to see the aircraft)

– Anyone holding a standard permission can operate within a congested area – there is no longer a differentiation between aircraft that are 7kg or less and those that are over 7kg

Reference: ORS4 No.1277

Title: Small Unmanned Aircraft – Night Operations and Operations within Congested Areas by SUA Operators Holding Permissions issued Prior to 30 July 2018

Description: General Permission which amends current small UAS ‘standard’ operating permissions to enable operations at night and operations within congested areas for small UAS with a mass greater than 7kg. Aligns previously issued permissions with revised policy.

Date:17 August 2018

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